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Thanks to Gloucester Marine Railways!

Al Bezanson submits-

Katherine Richmond of Zinc Gallery lent a deft hand at Gloucester Marine
Railways as Judge Berman prepared to address the case.  Green Dragon,
representing the Sons of Liberty, was launched just in time to get this
message to the judge, and now we all know the outcome.  Gloucester Marine
Railways has been taking on tough challenges since the mid-19th century.
This was just another day’s work.
Last Sunday, while our hero was befuddling Buffalo, Green Dragon took a few
victory laps around the harbor.
Al Bezanson

Free Brady 3Katherine Richmond paints Free Brady


Israel Horovitz Robert Walsh Gloucester Blue ©Kim Smith 2015jpgIsrael Horovitz and Robert Walsh opening night “Gloucester Blue”

Robert Walsh has been named artistic director of the Gloucester Stage Company making him only the third person to hold that title in the theater company’s 36-year history (he joins founding artistic director Israel Horovitz and Eric Engle).

See Boston Globe to read more.

Behind the Scenes at the seARTS Celebrate Wearable Art Show

2 group of modelsBehind the Scenes at the seARTS Celebrate Wearable Art Show
by Terry Weber

The talent and effort of a team of fashion & jewelry designers, models, hair stylists, makeup artists, and volunteers was on full display Sunday at the seARTS Celebrate Wearable Art show at Cruiseport. Guests enjoyed a runway show featuring over fifty designs from local artists, a Mediterranean buffet, raffles, and an auction of one-of-a-kind handmade vests.

Runway photography to come but here’s a look behind the scenes:

1 getting fitted

5 dress made from balloons3 Debra coull and martha sutyakSee More Photos Here Continue reading “Behind the Scenes at the seARTS Celebrate Wearable Art Show”

Porkcicles with baked potatoes is what’s for lunch @CaptJoeLobster

Set up the grill using the snake method for low and slow smoking which was a lot easier to control the pit Temps as less coal was burning at a time.  Cook temps on the pit were between 225-250. Two hours total. As it turns out baked potatoes cook great at the same temp/duration so just mop em with canola oil and open with Atlantic Salt Co Salt Flake and you’re good to go.
Meat and potatoes.  Mmm Mmm Good!




Special Visitor from Kansas City – Ann Kennedy

I encountered Ann on my morning walk, Ann is an avid Good Morning Gloucester reader from Kansas City, she also often submits some of her photos to GMG when she is visiting Gloucester.  It was a wonderful meeting, thank you for your kind words, and enjoy Gloucester.


Who Will Pledge To Vote With Me? (and a great reason you should) also send in your Voting Selfies Today!



Speaking to a local elected official about elections did you know that there are lists available to them that tell them exactly who gets out and votes in each election?

So I’m sure that elected officials listen to all of their constituents and volunteer their time because they truly love this place, but don’t you think that if you don’t even bother to vote and candidates know that you don’t even bother to vote then maybe your concerns might be just a teeny weeny tiny bit less important to them than someone they know is actively voting in every election?

I’m pledging to vote and I hope you will too. Leave a comment on this post if you intend to vote.

Send in your selfie from in front of your polling station on election day and I’ll post it here on the pages of GMG. Be sure not to send in pictures of your ballot.  Just you in front of the spot where you vote.

Be counted!


Kate and I voted! 2 minutes, and don’t forget to bring some money for the East Gloucester Elementary Bake Sale!

Chance Encounter

We met the nicest lady while riding the T from the TD Garden to Fenway Park yesterday. I can’t stop thinking about her.  I wish I had a photo.

She climbed on the T when it still wasn’t quite so full and took a seat kind of far away from us.  She caught my eye immediately.  She was a tiny little thing.  Maybe 5 feet tall…but I’m guessing still in the 4s.  She was dressed like Richard Simmons meets Punky Brewster and made me smile instantly.  There wasn’t a shade or hue of any color that she was wearing somewhere. She was rocking head phones and a fanny pack.  She had to be in her 70s.

The car got really full….and then started to empty out again.  As it did, she changed seats, and landed right next to one of my boys.  She immediately started to chat them up.  Not super familiar with riding the T and maybe a bit overwhelmed by it all, they were hesitant to offer more than one word answers at first.  But soon, even they, were under her spell.  She was equal parts quirky and charming.  A total breath of fresh air….and on a crowded T…that is a pretty big compliment.

Talking with the boys seemed to remind her of her own….and she was quickly telling us about them.  The youngest of which is now 43.  Exactly my age.  In the 10 minutes tops that we sat with her, we learned more than I know about some people who I have known for years.  I regret, that due to the noise on the subway, I missed key bits and pieces of what she said and found myself merely nodding and smiling. There were times when I could tell that she wanted more of a response, and I was sad that I couldn’t offer one.

What I could gather and hear was completely heartwarming…and a little bit “Cat’s in the Cradle”.  It made me smile and be sad all at the same time.

Grown children, birthday yesterday, one son can’t get time off, her husband used to know his boss years ago so she was able to arrange for him to not work yesterday, a special day together, something about Kentucky Fried Chicken, went to a place full of long ago Mother’s Day memories, should they invite the other children?, “no” someone will have complications, someone will have to be late, let’s just spend it together, a quick trip to Nantasket Beach, before they knew it 9 hours had gone by, his girlfriend had called several times, played games they used to play in the sand (I have to admit that image made me chuckle), how did it go by so fast, she feels like she woke up one morning and was old, there are years she is happy to not remember, yesterday was a great, great day.

It was time for us to get off and she smiled and said, “Boys, you be good to your mother.  Even when you think she is wrong, tell her she is right.  Mom, you try to be good too.  There’ll be times you know they’re wrong, but they need you to believe in them anyway.”

After we got off and were in the daylight of Kenmore Square, Thatcher said, “That lady was nice.  But, was she happy or sad?”   I told him I figured she was a little bit of both. I can’t stop thinking about her.



For Immediate Release
September 24, 2015

Mayor Romeo Theken Announces Public Art Policy Meeting

Art consultant Elizabeth Keithline to present options for the presentation of contemporary public art of all types and discuss best practices.

(Gloucester, MA) –The City of Gloucester and the Gloucester Committee for the Arts will present the first of three meetings on public art policy on Wednesday, September 30th at 7:00 pm at City Hall, 9 Dale Avenue. The meetings will be led by public art consultant Elizabeth Keithline of Wheel Arts Administration. The public is encouraged to attend.In order to formulate how the City of Gloucester’s public art policy can best serve its residents, Keithline and her advisory committee have developed the following questions:

· What is your vision for public art in Gloucester? What would you like to see happen here?
· Do you have any recommendations on how that vision can become a reality?
· Name and/or describe public art in Gloucester that you like or don’t like.
· Do you have any recommendations on how Gloucester can improve its public art processes?
· Do you have any specific recommendations on what a public art policy for Gloucester should contain?

Over the past month, Keithline has interviewed many residents. At the meeting on September 30th, she will report on the results of those interviews, present options for the presentation of contemporary public art of all types and discuss best practices.

On Tuesday, October 30th at 7:00 pm at City Hall, Keithline will present to the Gloucester City Council on regional developments in public art policy and will seek the opinions on various issues such as Percent For Art programs, (for both private developers and municipal initiatives), gifts of art, deaccession, process of selection and decision-making.

Keithline will present her final recommendations at a third public meeting will take place on Tuesday, November 10th at 7:00 pm at City Hall.

For further information on public art: http://www.americansforthearts.org/by-topic/public-art

Contact: Elizabeth Keithline
Wheel Arts Administration


Rebecca Borden Ward 1 Candidate Statement

Boilerplate GMG Political Statement:

Good Morning Gloucester Does Not Endorse Candidates and this press release should not be indicative of a an endorsement or non endorsement of any candidates:

I want to be your next Ward 1 City Councilor. I am running because I believe in public service and I want to more for Gloucester…because of Gloucester.

The Ward 1 boundary includes everything from the Jodrey State Fish Pier, Eastern Point Lighthouse, Blackburn Industrial Park, Pond Road businesses, Good Harbor Beach and the Back Shore. In such a small region, Ward 1 shows how well industrial and marine industries can operate alongside residential areas, naturally protected areas, and businesses – many based upon tourism – in true symbiotic harmony. Much of East Gloucester was removed from the DPA but still remain as Marine Industrial designated areas. I want to work to continue to find a happy balance between marine, recreational, and water-based industries.

Many people before me have worked very hard to conserve the natural landscape that exists in Ward 1. From Essex County Green Belt’s Seine Field, Niles Pond, Cripple Cove and the great salt mash of Good Harbor Beach, all can enjoy these protected open and green spaces, but they are not without other dangers. As a City, I feel we should be better prepared for rising sea levels and a direct hit from the next Perfect Storm, super-storm or hurricane. I believe the City should to do more to update key Ward 1 infrastructure systems from storm drains to hobbled roads and non existent sidewalks. As residents, we can do much more to retain excess run-off rainwater on our properties from existing weather patterns through simple backyard landscaping techniques and sidewalk enhancements. As citizens, we can do more to clean up after each other by participating in volunteer community movements like The One Hour at a Time Gang where I’ve helped them pick up harbor detritus on the pier to Ocean Alliance (aka The Paint Factory) on several occasions.

One of the things I love about living in Ward 1 is the beaches: Good Harbor, Niles, Wonson and Brace Cove – what riches! Even if some of them are not public, I still enjoy the fact that anyone can walk and enjoy them, especially at sunset. But the City can and should do more to enforce beach visitors who park illegally in Ward 1. I fully support the amazing work that The Friends of Good Harbor Beach is doing to protect its sand dunes and salt marsh and to make the beach more accessible for visitors on foot.  And lots of people come to Gloucester in the summer for the beaches, which in turn generates a lot of auxiliary income for the City.  

When people to come here they need places to stay. I was an outspoken advocate for the Beauport Hotel on Pavilion Beach, publishing letters in the paper and participating in the community forums because I believe that blighted property should be made bright again. And still, Ward 1 has some of the best and busiest accommodations in the City. I am a strong supporter of cultural tourism and applaud the City’s decision to allot 30% of the revenue from the hotel tax to the fund the implementation of the City’s new tourism plan. I’ve served as an officer of Gloucester’s Harbortown Cultural District for two-years and helped co-lead a free mobile app project which helps promote and connect visitors to everything that our four Cape Ann Cultural Districts have to offer. When people new to our area see how much amazing stuff is happening here, they want to find ways to extend their stay, plan to come back and/or tell their friends how amazing their stay in Gloucester was.

Gloucester is awash in culture and heritage and I believe the creative capital of Ward 1 is boundless. It’s one of the other things I love most about living in Ward 1 because it boasts an exceptional cultural corridor that extends from Cripple Cove to Historic New England’s Sleeper-McCann House, with our newest addition being the T. S. Eliot House. On any given day, I can find one of my neighbors performing on stage, hosting a gallery opening, teaching Montessori art classes to young hands and impressionable minds, hanging new artwork at a local coffee shop, building her business by making bags from old sails, crafting a new gourmet farm-to-table menu in one of the City’s best restaurants, or working on a blog or online portal that both garners national attention and builds a sense of community connectedness at the same time (GMG, GloucesterClam, “Because Gloucester”). The list goes on and on.  So many residents in Ward 1 cannot NOT express themselves. To us, it’s nothing special. It’s who we are. And I found my tribe – which is another reason why I want to become the next City Councilor for Ward 1.

I know I can do more for Gloucester because of Ward 1.

Respectfully submitted,

Rebecca Borden