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My husband Jim in his GMG tech jacket while we took the harbor lighthouse cruise sponsored by the Cape Ann Museum last week.  Not the best picture in the world, but the logo is clear!  Again, it was great to meet you. Thank you for your time.   Jim and Pat Dalpiaz

Gloucester in August 019

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Beau’s Juicery & Co. At 11 Center St #GloucesterMA First Look…

Check Out Our Video-

Check it!- http://www.beausjuiceryandco.com/ and on Instagram- https://instagram.com/beausjuicery/


Beau’s Juicery & Co.

A mother and daughter offering cold pressed juices & naturally inspired items in downtown Gloucester, MA. 11 Center St. Open Mon-Sat 8-4 & Sun 8-12 www.beausjuiceryandco.com

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Bonaparte's Gulls Massachusetts ©Kim Smith 2015While recording audio for film projects this past week I was wonderfully surprised to come upon this small flock of the beautiful and graceful Bonaparte’s Gulls feeding at low tide!.Bonaparte's Gull winter plumage Massachusetts ©Kim Smith 2015Bonaparte's Gull Massachusetts Diving ©Kim Smith 2015

The water was very clear and I think in the above photo you are seeing not the gull’s reflection, but its open mouth plunge for tiny shrimp.

Bonaparte's Gulls Massachusetts ©Kim Smith 2015

Non-breeding plumage.

Bonaparte’s Gulls are exquisite creatures to observe. Appearing to delight in riding the waves, they twirl every which way before diving for krill.

In this flock you can see very clearly the changing feather patterns from breeding to non-breeding, with the signature charcoal gray smudge behind the ear on the gull on the left. Typically by mid-August they have gained their winter plumage. During breeding season the feathers of the hood become entirely black.

We see Bonaparte’s Gulls in Massachusetts in spring on their northward migration to the boreal forests of Alaska and Canada and again in the summer as they return to winter grounds along the Gulf of Mexico and southern Great Lakes region. I at first thought that these were Laughing Gulls but the pinkish-orange feet and legs and buzzy vocalizations tell us otherwise.

I ran into my friend and long-time Annisquam resident Hank Junker on Lighthouse Beach and he reports that every summer he sees at least one Bonaparte’s at Lighthouse Beach or the adjacent Cambridge Street Beach. Hank also mentioned that they are typically here earlier in the summer, around the first week of August.

Bonaparte's Gull Massachusetts ©Kim Smith 2015

Black wing-tips and pink-orange feet suggest Bonaparte’s Gulls

Bonaparte's Gull -Ring-backed Gull Massachusetts ©Kim Smith 2015

Ring-billed Gull in the background, Bonaparte’s in the fore.

The Bonaparte’s Gull is about half the size of the Ring-billed Gull. I have learned to observe closely groups of gulls because different species sometimes feed together and you never know what fascinating bird may be amongst the flock.

Bonaparte's Gull Diving ©Kim Smith 2015

Bonaparte's Gull Diving -3 Massachusetts ©Kim Smith 2015The gulls are finding a smorgasbord at dawn’s low tide, feeding on krill and other crustaceans.   They get into tussles over feeding turf and, with a flourish of wings and a sharp, rasping “keh-keh,” they give each other the business, in no uncertain terms!

Two more photos here Continue reading “BONNIE BONAPARTE’S GULLS!”

Gloucester’s 5th Annual Overdose Vigil

Some pictures from last nights 5th Annual Overdose Vigil. A time to remember those lost and to highlight the epidemic heroin addiction has become; an issue Gloucester has become a widely recognized leader for coordinating police to get help for addicts, not arrests. Speakers told about their loss, experience and hope that one day there will be no need for a vigil. With candles lit, the names of all family and friends lost was read to close out the evening.

Reason to hope

Hi Joey,

I follow the GMG and am very sad to hear of Fred’s passing.  I never got the pleasure of meeting him but enjoyed his contributes…… I have to tell a tidbit of my past weekend that

should give everyone a reason to hope……….

My husband was meeting me later a Good Harbor, so I had a bit of a load to carry.  There

were these two boys, like 9-10 years old walking a little one to the bathroom, so easier on the 

parking lot.  The little one said something funny about a mean sister and I laughed.  Then

I hear “Excuse me”…..”Excuse me, ma’am  do you need help”?  OK I”M LIKE WHAT?”

I was shocked and said no thank you, that I was good, but the smile on my face…

Greatest kids on GH that day!!!!  I thanked them, told them they were true gentlemen and they must have GREAT PARENTS.   Thank you Jesus, here is hope!  What a fantastic memory towards the end of summer.  I had a tear in my eye, my sons are in their 20″s,

I miss them and hope they pay it forward when I share this story.

Blessed Summer to All, 

Gods Blessing to Fred,

B. Kirchner

September 4th 2015 Downtown Gloucester Block Party IS FRIDAY THIS MONTH!!!!!


September 4th Block Party INFO

Friday, September 4th, Gloucester Block Parties presents Sails & Tails. Main Street will be full of free entertainment and activities for all ages. The shops will be open late and the restaurants will serve al fresco. Kicking off the Labor Day weekend and celebrating the Schooner Festival, the Sails & Tails party will feature performances by the GHS Docksiders; GHS Cheerleaders; Glosta’s Got Talent competition winners, Alexandra Grace and Josh Cominelli; The Wave; Charlee Bianchini & Friends; Carlo Cicala and Friends; Keeping Company; and The Runaround. Plus, Brent McCoy returns to Main Street with The Secret Circus Act.

When: Friday, September 4th – Sails & Tails

Time: 6:00-11:00 pm

Where: Main Street, Gloucester

Cost: Free


Fred’s Sister,Barb (“Painter Barb”) Submits

Obituary For Fred D. Bodin

(July 28,1950 -August 28, 2015)

A wise man once said, to be a good friend there are two qualities needed; to be interesting and to be interested.

Fred Bodin had both these qualities. He was interesting, having created and lived the life he wanted as an entrepreneur and artist. And he was interested, having a deep appreciation for all things in life including his community, the persons in his community, his family and his friends.

Fred, age 65, was born in New York City on July 28, 1950 and grew up in Massapequa Park on Long Island with his parents and little sister. It was there at the age of 13 that Fred started his professional photographic career. He took pictures off the TV of The Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show and sold the prints to desperate teens at school. He made a small fortune!

His career continued from there as a photographer for his high school’s newspaper. While attending Alfred G. Berner High School he also did freelance photography for The Massapequa Post. All of Fred’s early creative endeavors earned him a full scholarship to Syracuse University and subsequently a degree in photojournalism, 1972.

After graduating, he settled in Boston developing a freelance photography business and then capturing a rare opportunity to intern at the Museum of Fine Art’s Department of Photography. It was at the MFA that he was able to learn fine artistic skills of darkroom work enabling him to print museum quality images of such masters as Ansel Adams and Jerry Uelsman. He used these skills to aid him in becoming a very successful freelance photographer in the Boston area. His expertise in photographic technique was highly sought after by many major photographers. Over the years his clients included Yankee Magazine, Houghton Mifflin, Little, Brown Inc. and Stock Boston.

Fred first came to the Gloucester area in the early 1980s. He came to focus on writing a book about freelance photography and to explore the possibilities in a place where he felt a tremendous connection. During his time in Gloucester, he made many friends and became active in various artistic associations. He fell in love with Cape Ann’s history, culture and community. After publishing two books, he began teaching part-time at Essex Community College. He also showed and sold his work in a Rocky Neck cooperative gallery. A short time later, he ran his own gallery on Bearskin Neck in Rockport.

His discovery and purchase of a collection of historical glass negatives (late 19th and early 20th century) by the late Alice Curtis led to a new adventure in Fred’s life. The new historic photographs allowed him to blend his love of Gloucester with his mastery of photographic printing. He opened a new gallery, Bodin Historic Photo and Fine Arts, on Main Street in Gloucester. The Gallery remained an icon on Main Street for 30 years.

Continue reading “Fred’s Sister,Barb (“Painter Barb”) Submits”

Community Stuff 9/1/15


Dear Friends,
A little over a week ago I sent out an announcement of a project I’ve been working on for the past few months photographing Cape Ann World War II Veterans in anticipation of an exhibition at City Hall in Gloucester for Veterans Day in November.
Since then I’ve photographed an additional eight veterans ranging from a member of the Army’s 10th Mountain division; a 96-year-old Army nurse; a married couple who both served in the Navy; a 93-year-old Essex Marine who landed on Okinawa; a life-long Annisquam resident who was part of the first Army Air Corps search and rescue squad and the Mondello brothers, two of five Gloucester Mondellos who served during the war.
This project is an effort to ensure that their stories and portraits are preserved, remembered and honored.
I need the community’s help in two important ways:
• If you know of any World War II veterans living on Cape Ann (Gloucester, Rockport, Manchester, Essex) who might want to be included in this project, please let me know. I hope to have everyone photographed by the end of September. Please get in touch 978.884.7964, or email jason@jasongrow.com  There is no cost to the veterans and each will receive a print as a thank you for their participation.
• I need to raise funds for the exhibition. My target is $10,000 for printing, framing and the exhibition of the portraits (50 prints @ $200/print).  I’ve had a tremendous start with many generous donations. Thank you if you’ve already contributed. However, I am still some ways away from the goal. If I can’t raise the funds to cover the cost of the show, I won’t be able to complete the project.  Please consider giving anything you can to help make this exhibition a success.  Any funds raised above and beyond the cost of the exhibition will be donated to benefit Cape Ann veterans.
• If you would like to help support this project, or know someone who might, please consider sending a contribution (made out to Jason Grow Photography) to the address below.  I’ve also started a GoFundMe campaign if you’d prefer to contribute that way: http://www.gofund.me/ww2vetsportraits
I would be grateful for any contributions that help this project succeed.

Thank you and please forward this on to anyone you think might be interested.
Jason Grow Photography



Carol Thistle forwards-

US Department of Housing and Urban Development Selects Gloucester in Highly Competitive Grant

Mayor Sefatia Romeo Theken announced today that US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has awarded $1,285,280 to the City of Gloucester to eliminate lead paint from Gloucester’s homes. The grant is highly competitive, and Gloucester is one of only 32 communities in the country to receive funding.

Mayor Romeo Theken stated, “The funding from HUD will reduce the risk of lead paint poisoning in our children. HUD has been a great partner for the City, and these additional monies will allow us to do even more to support our families and their homes.”

“Every family deserves to live in a safe and healthy home where they can see their children thrive and excel,” said HUD Secretary Julián Castro. “Communities will use these grants to help eliminate home-related hazards in neighborhoods across the country. A healthy home is vital to the American Dream.”

The City’s Community Development Department will be working with HUD to finalize the grant agreement over the next month. The City will publicize when the program is ready to accept applications.


The Unitarian Universalist Society of Rockport’s Thrift Shop is having its end-of-season HALF PRICE SALE this Friday and Saturday, September 4 and 5.  The shop is open from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00. We will also be open Friday night from 4 to 8 for Rockport’s First Friday event, Customers will find great treasures..old tools, fine crystal, sporting equipment, games and puzzles, art and collectibles..something for all ages!
The money from the Thrift Shop goes toward the matching funds the church is required by the Community Preservation Fund to raise for the repair of the church steeple. 
Come, browse…you might be surprised at what you might find and you will be helping with the restoration of one of Rockport’s treasures.  We are located at 4 Cleaves Street in downtown Rockport.
Thank you for posting this….Liz Spaulding

It’s Schooner Festival /Block Party/ Trails and Sails Weekend!

Just in-

Please have youth interested in sailing on a schooner for the Gloucester Schooner Race contact Amanda at amappy@sbcglobal.net to signup. Please  provide name, age and cell phone number. It’s generally first come, first serve. “KIds” should be age 12 – 18 and need to be ready to go from 8:45  — 5pm on Sunday, Sept 6th.

Buckle Your Chinstraps It’s Another Jam Packed Awesome Weekend In G-Town!

If you don’t go down to Gloucester Maritime to check out the Schooners you’re just straight up bananas.  They are beautiful and it costs like nothing.

Check out some footage from our Kim Smith and Craig Kimberley-

Shot and Edited By Kim Smith

Shot and Edited By Craig Kimberley

For More Info-

31st Annual Gloucester Schooner Festival

Labor Day Weekend– September 4-6, 2015

September 2015 Downtown Gloucester Block Party

Friday Night September 4th

The Schooner Colombia was built in 1923 and sank in 1927. It was built as a racer but has a storied history in it’s short 4 year life. When it sank it lost all hands and those names are on the Cenotaph on the plaque representing 1927.

Watch the video and see the construction in which no expense was spared. What a thing of beauty.