Hi Kim,

Fred Bodin was a very interesting photographer and I was shocked to hear of his sudden passing. Fred was a member of the Cape Ann Photographic Society and the RAA Photographic Group. Fred and I worked together at RAA to found this group as many artists were opposed to photographers although a few of them used cameras to record their scenes. Fred was one of the hardest workers in this effort. I became acquainted with Fred when he joined the CAPS club in 1982. Fred gave workshops with his new book Travel and Stock Photography. Could not get Fred to a portrait session as he most likely was in his darkroom. The only photo of Fred is in a 1986 Christmas annual group photo at the Moose Hall where the monthly meetings were held. CAPS was disbanded in 1989…

Gordon Osborne

Newport, VT

CAPS Annual Group Photo c1984Here is the photograph, c1984, I mentioned in the FB message. Fred is in the back row on right.



Myfanwy Collins is author of the new young adult novel The Book of Laney (March 2015), a novel, Echolocation, and a collection of short fiction, I Am Holding Your Hand. She lives in Massachusetts with her husband and son.

Professor Harp This Thursday @ The Rhumb Line’s Dave Sag’s Blues Party ~ 8:30-11:30pm 9.10.2015

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Dave says,

We’re practicing Mindful Chaos this Thursday with the return of the affable Mr. Professor Harp. He was here a few months back and just riveted the crowd with his intense souped-up brand of Chicago blues. He’s got gizmos on his harmonica that make sounds like electric razors or garage door openers or even psionic kazoos. It’s mesmerizing!

Proffessor Harp

Tagging along will be that fabulous glitarist and horseshoe champ, Mr. Mike DiBari. A wonder in itself! Breast beating by our favorite bald-headed eggbeater, Mr. Steevee Chaggaris. Gonna be a swell time in Fishtown. Will cure moderate to severe rambunction.

40 Railroad Avenue
Gloucester, MA 01930
(978) 283-9732

Cape Ann Symphony Welcomes New Singers

Singers Invited to Join Chorus

The Cape Ann Symphony Chorus begins their rehearsals on Tuesday, September 15 for their upcoming performance with the Cape Ann Symphony in November. All singers are welcome.
Singers in all voice parts are invited to join ranks with the Cape Ann Symphony Chorus, under the direction of Wendy Betts, for the Holiday Pops concerts on Thanksgiving weekend. Rehearsals are 7PM Tuesday evenings September 15 through November 17 in St. Paul Lutheran Church, 1123 Washington Street, Gloucester. The singers rehearse with the orchestra are November 24 and 27.
The Cape Ann Symphony Holiday Pops Concert  featuring the Cape Ann Symphony Chorus is November 28 and November 29 at Manchester-Essex Regional High School. .
Singer dues are $25.00, payable to Cape Ann Symphony, at the first rehearsal. New singers are advised to contact Wendy 978-546-5220 for a brief vocal audition or more information.
WendyBetts2010DavidStotzerPhotoWendy Betts, Director of the Cape Ann Symphony Chorus
Photo by David Stotzer

A Fantastic New Hockey Program for Children with Developmental Disabilities

Cape Ann Youth Hockey is proud to sponsor CHALLENGER HOCKEY.

This is a FREE program with a focus on introducing adaptive ice hockey to children with developmental disabilities.  Please see below for more information and spread the word to families that you know who may be interested.



Keep An Eye Out For Banded Gulls

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about a banded seagull that we saw down in St. Peter’s Square.  Several of you offered information with contact information for reporting seagull sightings.

I was happy to send off the details of the gull that we saw and see if it could help.

I heard back from Dr. Julie Ellis the other day.  This is what she had to say…

Thanks very much for this report. K18 was banded on Appledore island as a chick on July 10, 2011. So, we know this bird is 4 yrs old. Before your observation, we only have one other resight of this bird after it was banded: Hampton Beach, NH 9/16/2012. So, yours is only the second resight of this bird!  Very cool. These resights help us understand how long gulls live, where they go when they’re not on Appledore, how many chicks they have, what proportion return to nest on the island, and other important aspects of their biology. I have done some studies of disease in the gulls, but most of the data we get will be used for studies of population,biology and ecology of the birds.

Here is my original post…if you are interested

Here is a link for reading more about the Gulls of Appledore

Joey has captured a couple of banded gulls also….Check out his here….


Community Stuff 9/9/15

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Thursday night Sefatia kickoff

Event Details:

Join us at The Gloucester House on Thursday, Sept. 10, 2015 from 6:30PM to 8:30PM for Sefatia’s Campaign Kickoff event! No tickets and open to all but donations will be accepted. Also campaign hats will be on sale at cost for $10.


Hello Joey

I represent Cape Ann Figure Skating Club (non profit organization) — and we are looking to get the work out that Skating Lessons start soon.


The Talbot Rink (O’Maley School) on Saturday at 12 Noon!



6 Week Sessions are only $120.00

Groups run from Sept 22 – Dec 19th

Anything you can include about us in your emails to Gloucester would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you!
Diane Schoonover – Cape Ann Skating Club / Board of Directors


Rockport Police Offer Back to School Safety Tips

With a new school year now underway, Chief John Horvath and the Rockport Police Department would like to remind community members about several important safety tips and procedures.

Students in the Rockport Public Schools returned to class on Wednesday, Sept. 2.

“Transitioning back to school is an exciting and busy time for families,” Chief Horvath said. “We want to remind parents and guardians to continue to practice these safety tips to keep their children safe while returning to the daily routine of the school year.”

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health (DPH) reports that approximately 400,000 students in the state are transported to school by buses every year. While school bus travel is generally very safe, the majority of related injuries occur when boarding or exiting a bus because of passing traffic or due to walking in one of the bus driver’s blind spots. Children ages 4 to 7 are at the highest risk of injury.

Chief Horvath recommends parents follow safety procedures outlined by DPH to prevent accidents this school season:

• Educate children on safe bus riding and walking behaviors when getting on and off the bus.

• Teach young children to take five giant steps (10 feet) in front of the bus and to wait for the driver’s signal before crossing.

• Develop appropriate bus pick-up/drop-off policies.

• Closely supervise children under age 10 who must cross the street after exiting the bus.

“Our primary concern is for the safety of our residents,” Chief Horvath said.  “We are reminding drivers to be extra alert behind the wheel and watch out for children as they enter and exit the bus as well as navigate the crosswalks.”

Parents who drive their children to school are asked to please obey the traffic laws in the neighborhoods with schools. Chief Horvath would also like to remind drivers to allow extra time to get to work in the morning due to slower speed limits in school zones and school buses, which are now out on the roads making several stops.

The fine for illegally passing a school bus is a maximum of $200. Repeat offenders may have their licenses suspended.

If walking to school, or when exiting the bus, parents and guardians should educate students about safely crossing the street. The Massachusetts Department of Public Health reports that pedestrian injuries are the second leading cause of unintentional injury-related death among school-aged children 5 to 18 years old.

Most injuries to children in kindergarten through third grade occur when they run into the street mid-block, while older students are most often hurt at intersections. To prevent potential tragedies, children should

• Be aware of pedestrian hazards and how to avoid them

• Know traffic signs and signals, and safe walking zones

• Wait for the “walk” signal at a crosswalk, or for a crossing guard to signal the OK to proceed into the street

Additionally, before sending your child off to school in the morning, Rockport Police recommend checking backpacks to make sure they are a tolerable weight. The American Chiropractic Association advises that backpacks should weigh no more than 10 percent of a student’s body weight, as heavy pressure can negatively affect the skeletal and muscular development in children.

Good Morning,

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Glen McEachern


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