Gloucester Schooner Festival 2015 Parade of Sail with time lapse ~

A perfect day for the Parade of Sail, the 31st annual Gloucester Schooner Festival was the most highly attended festival to date, with 23 schooners participating and thousands of spectators perched all around the beaches and boulevards surrounding the harbor.

You’ll see parading through the inner harbor the smallest rowboats to the grand three-masted 169-foot Schooner Mystic, with the Roderick McAllister chugging through the scene. Look for Gloucester schooners the Adventure at 2:10, the Thomas E. Lannon hoisting her sails at about 3:10, and the Ardelle at 3:30. GMG FOB Al Bezanson’s Green Dragon is seen at 4:51. Out by the Dogbar breakwater the 610-foot Navy’s USS Fort McHenry was positioned and surrounded by sailboats and schooners, you really get a sense of the size of this ship.

The parade time lapse footage was shot in real time and is one hour and 23 minutes long, compressed into roughly six minutes at 1000 percent.

Schooner identification provided by Green Dragon Captain Al Bezanson. Thank you Al!







3:54 LETTIE G HOWARD (w/o sails)

3:54 HINDU (hoisting)

4:51 GREEN DRAGON (into and out of Harbor Cove)




5:31 LIBERTY CLIPPER (inbound)








Kate Willwerth sends us the following ~

The Seaside Garden Club kicks off their 46th Season on September 8th at the Manchester Community Center with Propagating Perennials Demonstration presented by Joan Butler and Cherry Fenton of Enchanted Gardens ( Social time begins at 7:00 pm and program starts promptly at 7:30 pm. Light refreshments will be served.

Increase your perennial collection, replace mature plants, grow varieties that may not be offered for sale, and even produce new hybrids! Learn different propagation skills including growing from seed, cuttings, and divisions of a wide range of perennials in this combination lecture and demonstration.This is a perfect time of year to propagate your perennials and what better way to learn than to have experts show you how!

Joan Butler, lecturer, has been an enthusiastic gardener for over 30 years, and believes gardens should invite you to linger in the world outside your door. Her gardens have been included on several garden tours, and feature exciting plant combinations, dramatic horticultural specimens, and collections of hosta, heuchera and epimedium. Joan has worked as a horticulturalist at Weston Nurseries, and is the immediate past Chairman of the Massachusetts Landscape Design Council. She is also an accredited Flower Show Judge, and was Chairman of the floral design Division I competition at the Boston Flower and Garden Show 2014-2015.
Make sure to sign up for your 2015/2016 Seaside Garden Club Membership – still on $25 for the entire season!  Sign up by the September program in time to get your listing published in our beautiful yearbook created by our own graphic artist, Maureen Terrill.  Or send your check (made out to Seaside Garden Club) to Lisa Willwerth, 15 Fern Street, Beverly,MA 01915.
The Seaside Garden Club has some great programs on tap for this season!  Organic Lawn Care, Life Story of the Black Swallowtail Butterfly, a film by Kim Smith, Pressed Flower Card Workshop and The Art of Ikebana are just some of the exciting programs we have arranged for club members. We meet the 2nd Tuesday of the Month (September through June) and are always looking for new members.
Visit our blog or find us on Facebook!

Joan_ButlerPropogating Perennials presented by Joan Butler and Cherry Fenton

Grand Prix coming to Gloucester

September 27, 2014 what a day for Super CrossFrom FOB Paul Boudreau

Please check out the links below.

If you would like to volunteer please also check out the link below.

Thanks all and see you there.




Wednesdays with Fly Amero ~ Allen Estes will be hosting this week with special guest:Brian Alex 7-10pm 9.9.2015


This week…
Fresh Grilled Salmon – $13.95!

Wednesday, September 9th – 7pm
Your Guest Host: ALLEN ESTES!

allen-estes p

Allen Estes has graciously agreed to fill in as host for this
week and next while I head out west for shows in Colorado,
Utah and Washington State. His guest for this coming Wed.
will be Brian Alex (from the group, Entrain). – 7pm! ~ Fly

Dinner with great music!
*Each week features a special, invited musical guest
Dave Trooper’s Kitchen…
Prepared fresh weekly by “Troop”… always good!
Plus a fine, affordable wine menu!
J.B. Amero

Jon Butcher

Looking forward……to seeing you there 🙂

More 2015 GMG Community Schooner Festival Photos


Peter Digre submits- Three Masted Schooner


Elinor Teele submits-

A huge thank you to the captains, crews, and organizers! 
I’ll be posting highlights of the day – including individual schooner portraits – to my Flickr account ( and photo blog ( this week.
All photos will eventually make there way into my Boat & Ship Gallery:
If any of the crew would like a digital copy of a photo, they can contact me via my website:
Here’s to Gloucester! 
Elinor Teele


John Sullivan submits-

Joey a little inspirational poem about Columbia schooner design from past now living in present. 

Submitted by John Sullivan
The Columbia stem to stern shear balance of line taunt lines massive power of a lost age takes the wind out of my sails. If one is to be resurrected give me a steel hull where losing a wooden plank will not send me to the bottom. With ease she glides by other more mortal boats and her full sails from top mast down speak of a daring past of wind power. For millennia a steady breeze was the hope of all at sea. We have fallen overboard as we reach for more of everything leaving the past locked in irons. The boat is a compromise of past and future but bow to the dream of its builder. Hail Columbia grand lady of the sea may you have fair winds.

Dave Moore remembers Fred Bodin!


I came on board GMG 8/01/13 and when Fred came on-board he responded to an email I sent him 10/17/13. He also posted on GMG about carrying messages a military veterans and he was there like a long lost friend.

“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.” Robert Louis Stevenson

I told him in my email about growing up that way and the challenges like a trusted friend I knew all my life! It was his giving hand like in the native culture I grew up around! Carry in one share with the other…It was in that light that I shared this item by a friend DJ Vanas story and link below. I met  DJ through his books and wisdom, he also was a Capt USAF (Dave The sponge of how and why)…In that light I would like to share this in Fred’s memory.

Thank You! God Bless you Fred until we meet again!

Dave & Kim His friends from far-a-way place (South Korea)! Thank you Fred for your wisdom and lessons of Character & Integrity your “Secret Ingredient of friendship”!

Dogtown’s Present Inhabitants, 1908

Posted on October 16, 2013 by Fredrik Bodin 10 comments

Dogtown was still used, even after it was abandoned. This photo, taken by Alice Curtis on July 30th, 1908, shows a cleared landscape and fenced roads. Just over the hill is the City of Gloucester. Now it’s a nature preserve donated by Roger Babson. It’s very overgrown and is very interesting. Dogtown was part of early American history, not much of which was recorded. But when I go there, I can kind of feel it. It’s eerie, and a lot of people feel the same way.

What is the “Secret Ingredient”

By D.J. Vanas © 2008 Below.

By D.J. Vanas © 2008
You know the feeling of making paper mache with your kids and the sloppy strips of wet paper aren’t sticking to the balloon and you realize you forgot to add flour?

Or when you’re eating at your favorite restaurant, ordered your favorite dish and it’s good, but something seems off and then you hear the new cook forgot to add basil.

When that secret ingredient is missing, it can unbalance the whole experience. Life is much like this in that we can be happy with our families and careers but allow ourselves to get too busy to incorporate the secret ingredient that makes life even sweeter our friends.

My friend Dave got married recently and it felt like a homecoming that I truly needed. Dave, Bobby, Syuk, Mike, Andy and me reminisced about attending the Air Force Academy and the years spent at Los Angeles Air Force Base, living in Hermosa Beach on the beach. We savoured the memories of the sand, the sun and those significant moments in our early lives and careers. We also talked about our current and future goals and dreams.

The irony wasn’t lost on me either when I remembered how we all used to worship the sun, had more hair, could play all day, dance all night and would discuss the challenges of dating or living with roommates until the wee hours. After 18 holes of golf, we were all sunburned, one had a hurt arm, another, a sore back. We spent the day discussing the challenges of marriage and living with kids. On the dance floor at the reception, instead of tearing up the rug, I almost tore a ligament in my knee.

My, how times have changed but our friendships have not. They still run deep and are a source great happiness for me. Sharing time with these people who continue to mean so much was like adding an ingredient to my life I didn’t know I was missing.
A similar experience happened at the UNITY Conference a couple weeks ago where 1,000 Native youth gathered from across the country. I saw special people that have inspired, supported and encouraged me for many years now. Dawn Chase was one of the very first clients to hire me so many years ago. We’ve remained close friends since and she calls me soonka or little brother. Russ Coker, an inspiration to me, who first beat cancer and then went on to win a Tough Man contest! And I’ve known Chance Rush, Pearl Yellowman and Jeri Brunoe since we were all starting off as speakers.

Over the years we’ve had deep, powerful conversations about personal challenges and those confronting our Native communities; we’ve shared times with our families and continue to cross paths as we serve Indian Country. And a hug and words of encouragement from the Odawa firecracker, my auntie Bea Shawanda, is always like medicine to my spirit!  

I’ve been with the friends above through the ups and downs of life – through promotions, great achievements, getting our education, new careers, marriages, celebrations, the birth of our children and successes. We’ve also been together through deployments, layoffs, divorces, health problems and losing those we love. They’re the kind of friends that keep you laughing until it hurts and cry with you when that time comes. They have made my life richer and my highest hope is that I’ve served them in the same way.

In our Native cultures, we revere the great circle of life birth, growth, gaining wisdom, passing it on to others and then passing into the next world. But in that great circle, I believe there are many smaller circles. Some of these we complete starting and ending a relationship or a job. But some of these smaller circles continue to turn when it comes to lifetime friends and relationships.

Sure, some friends come and go through the years, but the great ones are worthy of treasuring and preserving.
Find friends that inspire your dreams, not expire them for you. I remember critical moments in pursuit of my dreams where my friends would encourage me through fear and get me back on track. I remember talking to my friend Bobby when I was doubtful and reconsidering my decision about leaving the military to pursue the dream I’m living today. He said, You only live once better make it count. Go for it. I wonder where I’d be today if instead of inspiring my dream, he helped me to expire it, saying something like yeah, that will be pretty tough if not impossible. Better to play it safe.”    
Make opportunities to reconnect. Accept that wedding invitation, attend that conference or go on that group vacation you got a call about. And if there aren’t any opportunities to reconnect, then create them! It can be as simple as a call or e-mail to reconnect or planning a retreat.

It’s too easy to get too busy and then we start to neglect those secret ingredients that make this journey so fulfilling and fun. In fact, I hope you make a commitment that when you’re done reading this article (and you’re nearly there) you will reach out to those great friends you’ve lost touch with or simply have allowed yourself to become too busy to be in touch.

Make a call, shoot an e-mail, set up a lunch or a visit. Don’t let your treasured friends drift away. Our lives are less without them.

Dave Moore (Ret USAF) “Character & Leadership is not a popularity contest. You don’t establish such expectations because they are easy, you don’t make them because they are cheap and you don’t make them because they’re popular –you make them because they’re right. – Mentor and retired Lt Col Commander Mike K.

TIMELAPSE: Largest HMS Prince of Wales delivery

Published on Sep 4, 2015

The Aircraft Carrier Alliance welcomed the largest section of the second Queen Elizabeth Class aircraft carrier to Rosyth Dockyard last week, following its voyage from BAE Systems in Glasgow where it was built.
Lower Block 04 is the largest hull section of HMS PRINCE OF WALES, the second of two new aircraft carriers being constructed by the Aircraft Carrier Alliance, and contains the hangar, machinery space, mission systems compartments and accommodation.
The 11,200 tonne section of hull was transported by a sea-going barge and travelled around the north coast to reach the assembly site, a journey of more than 600 miles over five days.
On her arrival, the block was floated off of the specialist barge and moved into position in dry dock, ready to join the other sections already in place.
The aircraft carriers HMS QUEEN ELIZABETH and HMS PRINCE OF WALES are being delivered by the Aircraft Carrier Alliance, a partnering relationship between BAE Systems, Thales UK, Babcock and the Ministry of Defence.
The Queen Elizabeth Class will be the centrepiece of Britain’s defence capability for the 21st century. Each 65,000-tonne aircraft carrier will provide the armed forces with a four-acre military operating base, which can travel up to 500 miles per day to be deployed anywhere around the world. Operating the Joint Strike Fighter Lightning II jets and a number of types of helicopter, the QE Class will be versatile enough to be used across the full spectrum of military activity from warfighting to providing humanitarian aid and disaster relief.

Community Stuff 9/8/15


Ken Knowles submits-

I created and installed a permanent painting 8 x 12 feet in the lobby of BankGloucester. It depicts the Mayors cup Race. It is one of my greatest pieces  It is covered and will be unveiled on Sept 10 Thurs at 7:15 pm. Immediately following will be a live auction of one 20×24 inch oil version to benefit Wellspring House.
All are welcome to come support this cause.



Regional Demolition Review Workshop, hosted by the Gloucester Historical Commission
Monday, September 28, 7-9PM, Kayrouz Auditorium, Gloucester City Hall, 9 Dale Ave.
Open to the public. Free. Find out what a Demolition Delay Ordinance would mean for you and your community.
See how demolition review is working in nearby cities and towns.
M. E. Lepionka, Co-Chair, Gloucester Historical Commission