What a weekend!

Summer might be over, but the hot Fall music season has just begun.

TONIGHT (FRI) you’ve just got to go see Sarah and the Wild Versatile at Minglewood.  Here they are at our gimmeLIVE summer concert featuring Boston’s Rising Stars at the Cabot.

TOMORROW (SAT) Cape Ann Symphony‘s musical feast featuring “The most descriptive sex music ever written” (more on that in this post).  Get tickets here.

SUNDAY Lanesville Music Festival, featuring some of Cape Ann’s finest musicians.  (More on that in this post.)  Donations accepted at the door.

Remember, you live in one of the most culturally rich areas in the country, so get off your couch, get out and soak in the area’s extraordinary live music — there’s no other experience like it!


Live Smoking Porkcicles @CaptJoeLobster


The butcher at East Gloucester Stop and Shop was kind enough to cut this pork loin into strips for me.



Cut the coated pork strips in half and generously reapplied the Paul Prudhomme rub.


Insert a sharp knife in the middle to make it easy to insert the popsicle stick.  Before removing the knife,  insert the popsicle stick using the knife as a guide.


Set up the grill for offset smoking. Looking for 225-250 degrees.
Be sure to soak your popsicle sticks in water for at least twenty minutes to get some moisture in them so they don’t burn up during the cook. I folded over a piece of tin foil and placed it under the popsicle sticks for a little insurance.

An hour in-

When you get the bark you want, mop em with your favorite bar b que sauce on both sides-


After a turn take em off and eat em hot!

Check back for live updates

6th Annual Charles Olson Lecture: Michael McClure

Lecture and Readings by Michael McClure

The Cape Ann Museum is pleased to present, in collaboration with the Gloucester Writers Center and Charles Olson Society, author Michael McClure as this year’s Charles Olson Annual lecturer. The 6th annual lecture will be held Saturday, October 3 at 1:00p.m.This program is free and open to the public. A book singing will follow. McClure’s book can be purchased at The Bookstore of Gloucester. For more information please email info@capeannmuseum.org or call (978) 283-0455 x10.


In 1954, poet Robert Duncan introduced Michael McClure to poet Charles Olson’s influential manifesto,Projective Verse. McClure’s lecture, entitledThe Greatness of Olson will include a discussion about his relationship to Olson, as well as readings from McClure’s most recent work.



“The Two Little Kids Fighting Like Lucic”

Hanging out with Bob Sweeney the other day as he presented a sweet check to the Gloucester Education Foundation and listening about where he was off to next, made me take pause and appreciate (again) just how much these incredibly dedicated organizations do to help positively impact communities in their “fan nations.”  I’ve climbed onto my soap box many times to recall the hours and countless nights (often several right in a row) that the high-ups in the Red Sox front office spent making appearances, offering large donations, and simply being in attendance to show their support to so many diverse charities, groups, schools, etc. during the years that I had an inside view.  Organizations such as the Red Sox Foundation, the Bruins Foundation, and the Patriots Charitable Foundation do more than many people may ever guess to give back and help make a difference.

Ok, done.  On that note, being in Bob Sweeney’s presence also reminded me of a fantastic day my boys spent skating on the ice at the TD Bank Garden.  Bob and the Bruins Foundation put on quite an event and made the boys and all other guests feel like little VIPs.  The best part, however, is the proud Mother moment that I got watching the video below a few days later.  While the boys flash by and make several appearances in the Bruins short video…. second 50 is where I have to stop and think, “Super.”  After watching the same video, Thatcher said, “The Ice Girl thinks we’re cute.”  Super, again.

If you have a 1:55 seconds of spare time…take a peak.


Here’s Thatch dropping gloves with Lyndon Byers…totally a good sport.

IMG_1310 IMG_1286