Duh Joey, There already is a Park and Shuttle System in #GloucesterMA That can get tourists off Downtown Gloucester Roads and To The Beaches for next to nothing!

So before Last Night’s Taping Of The GloucesterCast we Had Been Talking About How Gloucester Should Have a Park and Shuttle Solution Like Rockport Does.  Well, Duh, It Has had One For a Long While!  I Don’t Think Many People Know About It Though.

Charlene Delaney who volunteers at the Stage Fort Park Visitor’s Center came out and explained Gloucester’s system of parking free at Stage Fort and being shuttled all over town for next to nothing on The CATA shuttle.

For all the info you need click the link to go to the website-

STAGE FORT PARK Shuttle<br>Park n’ Ride Trolley

Park n’ Ride Trolley


10:00 a.m. to 5:39 p.m. June 20 through September 7
Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays
One Way Fare: $1.00
All Day Pass: $3.00
Persons with Disabilities, Seniors & Persons on Medicare $0.50
* No free parking during Waterfront Festival (August 16 & 17) & other city-wide events at Stage Fort Park

CATA Routes & Schedules

WAVE-A-BUS ~ get a ride (more info)

The Joey C and Izzy Love Fest Continues

Where Joey survives yet another attack from Paul Frontiero’s vicious (read adorable) Izzy.


Joey Ciaramitaro Nicole Bogin, Donna, James -2 ©Kim Smith 2015James, Joey, Nicole, and Donna podcasting from the Cape Ann Farmer’s Market Stage Fort Park Visitor’s Center ~ note zit removed.


SURFARI SUP & SURF SHOP! #gloucesterma

Just in time for the peak of summer, Surfari opens it doors in downtown Gloucester. After the success of the Manchester location, they brought their amazing style and selection to us! My nephews and niece are in town, so I thought it was a perfect time to peep out the shop!!

A view of the amazing variety of beach life supplies!

Haley Blanchette (awesome employee) on the left, & Nicole DelRosario (owner) on the right.

Long boards & fun carving boards.

Get ya ukulele jam on, SUP needs, & shades!

Endless summer gear for guys, gals & kids.

Long boards, short boards, boogie boards, stand ups, and skim boards!

Fun stuff

Mega sun protection selection.

My crew cons me into many purchases.

The final celebration pose. The SUP gloves (Christopher) The new ukulele (Bella), Da Kind hat (Jacob). I introduce to you, The Talmadges! My sweet fam fresh in from NC.

Thanks for sweet stuff, and for providing this lil island with an awesome beach shop!

Sometimes you just gotta cross the bridge

Robert Randolph & The Family Band @ The Cabot -- photo Holly Harris
Robert Randolph & The Family Band @ The Cabot — photo Holly Harris

Last night, a number of our Gloucester friends came to the Robert Randolph & The Family Band concert we presented at The Cabot in Beverly, some of whom exclaimed, “Boy it’s just amazing that we can see this level of music so close to home!”

Indeed, Beverly is about as close as a national touring artist, the likes of Robert Randolph, is likely to get to Gloucester.  So perhaps it’s time for us to extend our notion of “just down the road” to include Beverly, which is … dare I say … over the bridge.

Tomorrow we’re bringing three of the hottest Boston area bands to the Cabot stage: Boston Music Award winners Ruby Rose Fox and Jesse Dee with Salem’s Sarah & the Wild Versatile.  We believe all three bands will soon be playing much bigger venues — that are much farther away than Beverly and — oh yeah — charge a whole lot more for tickets.  ALL AGES  seats for tomorrow’s concert start at $15 (the same as it costs to see Jurassic World at the mall).  It’s a great show for your kids, who’ll be able to say “I saw them up close at The Cabot!”  Good seats are still available here.

First Fish On!

Congratulations to the Captain and Crew of the Bulldog!  They have the 1st fish on the hook in this year’s Bluefin Blowout Tournament!

Let’s hope they get it on the boat and then stay tuned for the ETA at Cape Ann’s Marina Resort for weigh in.  Good luck, Bulldog!!

If you haven’t seen a bluefin tuna up-close, you should!

See tournament info again, HERE



@fishprinter and @captmarciano team up to do good work…

Joe Higgins (@fishprinter) Is one of my favorite printmakers, right up there with Rusty and Ingrid. He writes-
@fishprinter This is a rough print of perhaps 9 foot long 800# mako caught by Marciano last year that i finally got around to printing – anyone want a print of it ? Make a donation to the pulmonary hypertension association and its yours- high bidder by 7/28 takes it. Tax deductible. @captmarciano

Check out Joe Higgins work at Local Colors Downtown Gloucester
He’s a master at Gyotaku
Also check out his website-