Printed, Painted, Folded or Torn: Paper Work at the Rocky Neck Cultural Center ~ Opening reception Saturday, July 11th 4-6pm

July 2-26, 2015

Opening Reception: Saturday, July 11, 4–6 pm

Closing Celebration: Sunday, July 26, 4-6 pm
Presentation of Juror’s Choice and People’s Choice awards
Curated by Katherine French, Director Emerita at Danforth Art, Framingham MA

6beba40d-5beb-468a-b1be-ff900c9a682aAngel Face, Robin Solit 2015, 30 x 40 inches, paper, acrylic

For this juried exhibition, juror Katherine French, chose 64 pieces from over 200
submissions that present a wide range of creative usage of paper as a primary component.

French has singled out a print by Julia Talcott, a multimedia collage by Ruth Mordecai, and a
trio of small collages by Kimberly Quint for the Juror’s Choice special recognition.

The Artists
Janet Albert, Justin Barfield, Deborah Barnwell, Kristi Beisecker, Joy Buell, Kevin Carr, Elizabeth Carter, Katherine Coakley Yhanna Coffin, Mary D. Cole, Christiane Corcelle, Anne Marie Crotty, Kay Dolezal, James Flahaven, Carol Flax, Jean Fogle, Conny Goelz-Schmitt, Sarah Graziano, Mike Grimaldi, Leslie Heffron, Sarah Hulsey, Daniela Hyacinthe, Laura Louise Lester, Karen McCarthy, Ruth Mordecai, Veronica Morgan, Sinikka Nogelo, Kimberly Quint, Lauri Rakoff-Chertok, Ilene Richard, Judith Robinson-Cox, Lisa Russell, Elaine Sapochetti, Carolyn Sirois, Robin Solit, Lorraine Sullivan, Martha L. Swanson, Julia Talcott, Lois Tarlow, Barbara Trachtenberg, Constance Vallis, June Vernon, Timothy Wilson and Philip Young


In celebration of Shark Week (July 5th through the 12th), I thought it would be fun to see Martin Del Vecchio’s amazing basking shark video shot in 4K with his drone off of Bass Rocks. So cool that Martin captured and so cool we have Basking Sharks visiting our shores!

Greasy Pole Walker Matt Militello In the House! #GreaseGang

Thanks so much to Matt Militello from McGrath Plumbing. Matt did an outstanding job repairing our tub fixtures. Prompt, courteous, professional, and with our old house, I am sure we’ll be seeing more of Matt in the future!

Matt Militello ©Kim Smith 2015




Jett Sayess, a fifteen-year-old student of the pipe organ, will give a recital on Sunday, July 12 at  11:00 AM,  just after the morning service at the Annisquam Village Church (820 Washington Street in Gloucester).  The program includes repertoire from J.S. Bach to Elton John, assisted by young colleagues in the choir, and vocalist, Jack Favazza.  Jett began his piano studies when he was 7, winning a Young Organists Initiative Scholarship from the American Guild of Organists in 2011. He continues his studies with Kathleen Adams, Music Director at the Village Church where he is Organ Scholar.

A sophomore at Gloucester High, Jett is the pianist for the Docksiders, and will accompany the HS Chorus this year. Later this summer, Jett  will attend a Pipe Organ Encounter (POE) based at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY, where he will have an intensive week of lessons with master teachers on many of the extraordinary instruments in New York.

The public is cordially invited.  FREE  (Donations will benefit the POE and Heifer International).


Healing Wall Slide Show

If you have visited the Vietnam War Memorial in Washington, you know first hand the emotions and memories it evokes. A visit to The “Wall That Heals,”  a 1/2 size replica of the Memorial now on display at the Fuller School site, is no less evocative. In a short slide show, I have tried to capture some of the emotions and sensibilities that envelop  most visitors. Each person brings his or her own memories and wounds, physical and emotional, of that era. It is truly a place that heals.

The display will be here through Sunday, June12.

Tomorrow Night at The Cultural Center at Rocky Neck

Sound Temple Music Presents Christine Tulis, Kem Stone and special guest Stan Strickland in a Healing Harp Concert

Saturday, July 11, 2015, 7:30 – 9 pm • Tickets $20, $15 for RNAC members
The Cultural Center at Rocky Neck • 6 Wonson Street, Gloucester, MA 01930 • Phone: 978-515-7004

Kem and CT  copy 2 Xtine and Kem Playing

Gloucester MA  — Rocky Neck Art Colony’s Only Excellent Music Series is pleased to welcome harpist, singer and healing artist Christine Tulis, multi percussionist Kem Stone and special guest Stan Strickland for a unique concert highlighting the healing qualities of music on Saturday, July 11 from 7:30 – 9 pm.

Christine Tulis and Kem Stone are award-winning composers who have forged a musical partnership based on a mutual love of the healing properties of music. Their evocative sound features Christine’s celestial voice and Celtic harp seamlessly blended with Kem’s keyboard and world percussion mastery. They are joined by internationally acclaimed sax and flute player Stan Strickland for a magical evening of music to open your heart.

Inspired by the poetry of Rumi, one of the world’s greatest mystical poets, the writings of Saint Theresa of Avila and her own personal experiences, Christine creates songs celebrating the universal spirit of love and beauty. The harp has an ancient history of being used to facilitate healing and help people connect to the sacred, inner dimensions of their being. This program educates people about the healing qualities of music and highlights the spiritual ideas embedded in the poetry to offer ways for them to apply these concepts to their daily lives to create greater health, happiness and well-being.


Christine Tulis and Kem Stone have forged a musical partnership based on a mutual love of the healing powers of music. Their evocative sound blends Christine’s celestial voice and Celtic harp with Kem’s keyboard and world percussion mastery. Christine’s songs feature inspired lyrics based on the mystical poetry of Rumi and her personal experiences.

They have produced two recordings that are enjoyed internationally for their healing and contemplative effects. Their first CD, PORTAL, won the Gaia Award for Spiritual Music from the Moondance International Film Festival in 2008. They are currently at work on their third release at their recording studio in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Christine and Kem have performed widely across the U.S. including a concert for peace at the United Nations. They count themselves among a growing number of artists, healers and musicians contributing to the creation of a holistic, heart-centered, global culture. For more information about their music and Christine’s healing sessions available until August on Cape Ann and in the Boston area please visit

Banner protortions

The Rocky Neck Art Colony, a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization nurtures excellence in the arts through exhibitions, workshops, residencies and vibrant cultural events for its members and the public. Long renowned for its luminous light, this harbor and coastal location has been a magnet for some of the most revered realist paintings in American art and a catalyst for the progressive ideas of artists from Stuart Davis, Marsden Hartley, Milton Avery, and Nell Blaine, among many others. Today Rocky Neck continues to attract artists and art lovers to a thriving creative community. For up to date information visit

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M.E. Productions presents HOT TUNA w/ Larry Campbell and Teresa Williams Saturday, July 11 at 8:00 pm – all tickets $45

hot tuna

Buy Tickets Online or by Phone: 978-525-9093
Rock N Roll Hall of Fame alumnus, Jorma Kaukonen and Jack Casady have been performing together for the past 50 years. Originating from Jefferson Airplane, the duo formed the iconic blues-roots band Hot Tuna.

While in Jefferson Airplane, putting together the soundtrack of the 60s, the pair remained loyal to the blues, jazz, bluegrass, and folk influences of the small clubs and larger venues they had learned from years before. San Francisco down time…hotel rooms on the road…just about anywhere they could manage some off time, they would play together and worked up a set of songs that mirrored their love of roots music. They would often play ‘their’ music at clubs in the Bay Area and while on the road, often after having played a set with the Airplane. In an era in which volume often overtrumped musicianship, Hot Tuna provided both. Fans also discovered that Jack and Jorma really loved to play, sometimes 3-6 hour long sets…which only energized the crowds, and in turn energized their performances.

Buy Tickets Online or by Phone: 978-525-9093
Jorma and Jack certainly could not have imagined, let alone predicted, where playing would take them. It’s been a long and fascinating road to numerous exciting destinations. After two decades of acoustic and electric concerts and albums, the 1990s brought a new focus on acoustic music to Hot Tuna. More intimate venues with a more individual connection to the audience became increasingly frequent stops. Soon, the loud electric sound (and the semi trailer load of equipment) disappeared entirely from Hot Tuna tours. Two things have never changed: They still love to play as much as they did as kids, and there are still many, many exciting miles yet to travel on their musical odyssey.

WATCH VIDEO: Hot Tuna “Hesitation Blues”

Larry Campbell & Teresa Williams

Larry Campbell recently performed, and some say stole the show, to a full house at the Shalin Liu Performance Center alongside David Bromberg and David Hidalgo. Larry is well known in musical circles, initially as the instrumental wizard behind Bob Dylan’s Never Ending Tour and later as the musical director and three-time Grammy-winning producer for Levon Helm. Campbell’s musical dexterity is legendary and won him a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Americana Music Association. Larry stays busy producing albums for Garland Jefferies, the Steep Canyon Rangers, David Bromberg and Hot Tuna. Campbell is married to Teresa Williams and the pair often perform together. The two of them also performed on Jorma Kaukonen’s newest album, Ain’t In No Hurry.

Buy Tickets Online or by Phone: 978-525-9093

Young Couple Meet Half Way To be Married

She is from Vermont, he is from the Middle of Pennsylvania, Gloucester is the mid-point. They will be married Sunday July  12th at Stage Fort Park.  Congratulations and we hope you will return to celebrate many wedding anniversaries here in Gloucester.

PA Vermont (1)

Being Offended Is Apparently All The Rage and It Sucks…

Posted by Toni Nicastro this morning and I couldn’t agree more.

Yesterday I’m accused of being rude for doing my all dogs are trained assassins bit.-

So I have to go and explain the goddamn joke for those highly sensitive “I want to act offended over everything” types in a post (see post here)

I just found out that Amy Schumer who has what’s probably going to be one of the biggest movie hits of the summer coming out and is AN OVER THE TOP OUTRAGEOUS COMEDIENNE was accused of being a racist in The Washington Post. Everyone knows shes AN OVER THE TOP OUTRAGEOUS COMEDIENNE. OVER THE TOP OUTRAGEOUS COMEDIENNES say OVER THE TOP OUTRAGEOUS THINGS in their acts. It’s what every comedian has done since the beginning of comedy. Don Rickles, Joan Rivers, Eddie Murphy, George Carlin. They’ve all said inappropriate things for laughs and we’ve all laughed with them. It doesn’t mean we’re racist, it doesn’t mean Amy Schumer, Eddie Murphy, Don Rickles or Joan Rivers were or are racists. It means they are doing what comedians have been doing for centuries and what the American public has been paying to see and support forever. Until now. Until the age of twitter and social media when soundbites can be taken out of context and reported as if these are true feelings and not jokes.  And when the Washington Post says it doesn’t matter if they are meant as jokes or not I agree with Bill Burr who say bullshit it doesn’t matter if they are meant as jokes or not. That’s the whole difference and it’s A HUGE DIFFERENCE.
Read this article by Debra Kessler

Washington Post Writer Who Accused Amy Schumer Of Racism Never Saw Her Standup or TV Show
By Debra Kessler on July 10, 2015

and listen to Bill Burr’s podcast from last night where he talks about the latest “Outrage” it styarts about 5 and a half minutes into his podcast which you can listen to here-

Thursday Afternoon Monday Morning Podcast 7-9-15

I’m Offended That You’re Offended. So take that and stick it in your pipe.

Everybody just needs to clean all the sand out of their parts and get on to living.

Dustin Hoffman as Lenny Bruce-

Gloucester Tourists


Group of lovely ladies from several parts of the country enjoying Gloucester

San Francisco

A wonderful couple from San Francisco, and Patriot Fans.


A lovely family from Needham, she is originally from Gloucester.  They married here in Gloucester and now vacation here every summer.