Whale’s Jaw 1934

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Don’t know if this would be of any interest to anyone but the shot is from 1934 at Whale’s Jaw in Dogtown…  second from left is my Mother, Jean Burkhard.  To her right is her sister, Marjorie Burkhard.  The two girls to her left are her first cousins, Virginia and Joyce Burkhard.  Up top is cousin, Tom Burkhard with a friend.  Tom is living in SC… flew Corsairs in WWII in the Pacific Theater.  Tom’s son, Tom Burkhard, MD, just retired as a Second Admiral in charge of medical personnel in the Pacific.  Photo was probably taken by Virginia and Joyce’s Father, Stan Burkhard (my great-uncle), who lived to 101 and died at his home at Thurston Place, Bearskin Neck.  All pictured are descendants of both John Pool and Richard Tarr, co-settlers of Rockport in the late seventeenth century.

Jim Clyde



Hearing-1Saturday morning a public meeting was held to provide State Representative Ann Margaret Ferrante the opportunity to introduce the four pieces of legislation that she has put forth to help grow the Massachusetts creative economy. The meeting was organized by Judith Hoglander, Chair for the Gloucester Committee for the Arts, and took place at the Gloucester Stage Company. Judith and Ann Margaret’s hope was to have an open exchange regarding the legislation prior to its moving forward and to create an opportunity to hear and discuss new ideas. Special guest Matt Wilson from MASSCreative also spoke about the importance of arts advocacy.

Ann Margaret’s proposed legislation could not be more on target and will have a tremendously positive impact on communities throughout Massachusetts. Time and again, around the nation, and the world over, we have seen how a thriving artistic community improves the spiritual, educational, and economic well being of a region.


Summary of the four pieces of legislation:


  1. Tax credit for live-theatre-to-Broadway. What does that mean? Pre-Broadway theatres would be granted a tax-credit for the six to twelve weeks of the show’s run. How does that benefit our communities? Ann Margaret explained that Boston and Massachusetts regional theatres were formerly considered the best place for theatres in New York to test their upcoming shows. It was easy and economical to pack up the show and head to Massachusetts. Not any longer because Chicago, New Orleans, and Rhode Island now offer tax exemptions for pre-Broadway shows. Boston and Massachusetts theatres are dark during pre-Broadway runs, which means the restaurants and surrounding businesses are also empty of patrons. Did you know that the Colonial Theatre in Boston is slated to close this winter? And become luxury condos??


  1. Sales tax exemptions for art sales (with a cap).


  1. Sales tax exemptions for developers to create artist live-work space. This is huge and would also contain wording to prevent the dwellings from becoming luxury condominiums.


  1. Simple red/green rating system for the handicap accessibility of cultural institutions. This would not compel any change to the institution, but simply make it easier for people with a handicap to attend the venue.


A true advocate for the arts, it is worth noting that Representative Ferrante was instrumental in maintaining the film industry tax credit. She was the point person fighting this serious threat to our regional economy. There isn’t one person in Massachusetts who has not benefited directly or indirectly from our growing film industry. The business of filmmaking creates exceptional and well paying jobs (with benefits) and supports local businesses, while also generating worldwide interest in our region. Hats off to Ann Margaret Ferrante for the stellar work that she is accomplishing for Cape Ann and for all of Massachusetts.

Judith Hoglander ©Kim Smith 2015

Judith Hoglander, meeting organizer, and Chair to the Gloucester Committee for the Arts.

Jon Wojciechowski ©Kim Smith 2015

Jon Wojciechowski, Executive Managing Director Gloucester Stage Company

Matt Wilson ©Kim Smith 2015

Matt Wilson, Executive Director of MASSCeative

Matt explains that the mission of MASSCreative is threefold: 1) to educate communities about the importance of the arts, 2) advocate for the arts on a political level, and 3) teach communities how to advocate for themselves. Read more about MASSCreative here.

Why does Gloucester Stage looks so funky? GO SEE OUT OF STERNO TO FIND OUT WHY!

Please Note: Ann Margaret is not running for re-election in the fall of 2015 (she will be running for re-election in 2016) and I feel strongly that by presenting the above information I am not going against the Good Morning Gloucester policy of not advocating for candidates during an active election campaign. As we have done many times in the past, it is of great value to our community to highlight the good work that is being done by our elected officials, especially in this case where the legislation that is being put forth by Representative Ferrante will directly benefit a large percentage of our community. 2010_FERRANTE_4585Jason Grow Photo

Bicycle and Exercise for a Great Cause – ‘Reid’s Ride!’ Sunday. July 19th!

Cape Ann Wellness News

Cape Ann Wellness

reid_sacco_life_is_like_sailing Reid Sacco – “Life is Life Sailing”

‘Reid’s Ride’ Fundraiser and the Reid R. Sacco Foundation. Reid died from cancer at the young age of 20. Reid inspired many during his treatment with his courage and motivation to help others. Reid’s dream was to start a movement that would help find better treatment and find a cure for cancer. While I never met Reid, his courage, strength and inspiration live on through his family, friends and Reid’s foundation. http://www.cancerinyoungadults.org/about-the-alliance/

In its 11th year, Reid’s Ride take’s place Sunday. July 19th. A 28 miles Bicycle ride through beautiful sea-side communities from Lynnfield to Gloucester, MA. To Register to Ride or Learn How You Can Donate – http://www.firstgiving.com/Reidsride

Riding for Reid Reid’s Ride

The energy behind Reid’s Ride. Reid’s Family organize are the energy behind Reid’s Ride. ‘Motivated by love’ and ‘guided by spirit!’ Raising money to support the Reid R. Sacco Foundation and Reid’s legacy endures…

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Gloucester Tourists – Gloucester England and Syracuse NY

Gloucester England

Nick and mom Jane, Nick now lives in Boston, but loves brining his mom to our Gloucester on her vists fro m England.

Syracuse NY

A delightful couple from Syracuse NY, they were headed for a quick bite and a shuttle ride on the Lady Jillian.

GMG FOB’s Bridgette & Neil Mathews Proud New @KettlePizza Owners

Printbridget mathews kettle pizza photo

Bridget Mathews Writes~

We couldn’t take The Ciaramitaro -Mohan Family’s word for it…so we had to try out the Kettlepizza oven ourselves! The Mathews Family gives it 12 thumbs up! 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼. Favorites of the evening were Potato, cheddar, chive w garlic and bacon and what we call “The Next Walkah” which was a Muddica Steak, eggplant, red pepper, provolone, ricotta and mozzarella….awesomeness!!

Brother Joey and I are absolutely In Love with our @StokGrill and @KettlePizza Products. Bridgette and Neil Thanks for sharing your @KettlePizza Photos with us! Happy to know you love your new Summer Grilling Gadget as much as us! The “New Walkah” Pizza sounds delicious! Great name too!
To order see link below…We Promise you won’t be disappointed! #GetStoked For Grilling Pizza with @KettlePizza!


Music At Eden’s Edge Preview From Linda rae and Rob Castagna

July 8 (3pm) Music At Eden’s Edge “Really Open Rehearsal” Public Welcome!

July 17 (8pm) Music At Eden’s Edge

Rob and I happened upon the North Shore Art Gallery on the 8th.  While taking our time enjoying the various paintings, we were quite surprised to hear chamber music above us. What a delightful afternoon as we listened to the quartet playing Schubert (written at age 16)…starting and stopping with a sense the foursome thoroughly were enjoying their practice which made us relax and enjoy their hard work and the many, many notes well played.  Though my iPhone 6+ takes great video, it doesn’t seem to translate as well, but hopefully this may encourage others to enjoy the final result (July 17th at 8pm) of their well practiced time.  Also, various artists were invited to draw or paint during this musical delight, and I have captured two with pleasure.  Never a dull moment during our visits to Gloucester/Rockport.  You have a great thing going here and we love it!  Again, thank you for Good Morning Gloucester, it keeps us in touch though we are five plus hours away.

Blessings, Linda rae and Rob Castagna


Pablo Picasso Quote of the Week from Greg Bover

“Inspiration does exist, but it must find you working.”

Pablo Picasso (1881-1973)

Born in Malaga, Spain, Picasso was arguably the most famous and influential artist of the twentieth century. His father, an art instructor, grounded him in the representational work of the masters, but by the outbreak of the First World War he had begun to develop, along with Matisse and Duchamp, modern styles including Cubism, with which he is most closely identified. Works such as Guernica, symbolically depicting the bombing of that city during the Spanish Civil War, vaulted Picasso into the front rank of artists and secured for him widespread celebrity and wealth. His personal life was tumultuous, he would have four children by three different women and a string of mistresses, some several decades younger than he. He was sought after by the rich and famous and counted many of them as his friends. His paintings and sculptures continue to set sales records to this day, fetching hundreds of millions of dollars.

Greg Bover

Community Stuff 7/12/15


Women In Action Celebrate 4 Years and $200,000  to curb childhood obesity on the North Shore

United Way on the North Shore will celebrate 4 years of the Women in Action initiative this month at the organization’s annual “Summer Soiree” fundraising event at the Chowder House at Tuck’s Point in Manchester on July 30, 2015 from 6-8 pm. 

Thanks to the support of many generous North Shore donors, over the past 4 years the community has raised $200,000 of which 100% was directed to programs that provide nutrition education, healthy food, and physical activity for thousands of local children and their families. This year at the Soiree, United Way will announce $63,000 in support for ten innovative, grassroots programs at local nonprofits. The programs target supportive, healthy nutrition and physical activity to children from some of the lowest-income families in our region, increasing the families’ ability to both put food on the table while ensuring that food is healthy and family time is active.

Guests of the Summer Soiree will enjoy wine, hors d’oeuvres by Relish Catering, a visit by the Ipswich Ale Tapmobile, and a silent auction with all proceeds to benefit the Women in Action mission. 

Sponsors include Coastal Capital, Beverly Hospital, East Coast Asset Management, Johnson O’Connor Feron & Carucci, Lynnette & Jerry Fallon, Peter Tarr & Gail Nelson, and Chris & Larry Carsman.

For more information and to purchase tickets to the Summer Soiree, visit: http://www.nsuw.org


Hi Joe
The Gloucester Youth Fishermen Football & Cheering Program have some up coming FUN events we’d like to share.
Football Mini Camp
Mini camp is 7/23 & 7/24
Carnival 7/24

At The New Balance Stadium GHS
Summer Carnival
Following the Friday evening Mini-Camp we will be hosting our 1st annual Summer Carnival at The New Balance Stadium GHS from 6-9pm
Where they’ll be:
Dunk a coach
Field goal kick off
Relay obstacle course
Shuttle run
Long distance Throw down
Pass throw
ZUMBA & more
Prizes,raffles,food & fun!!!!
We will also have T-shirts & bows for sale.
Not to late to register:

I am writing about the Annisquam SeaFair on Saturday July 25.

It is the 169th annual fair, held in the village center.

I am attaching the poster which should start showing up in various places.

Would it be possible to get some publicity in Good Morning Gloucester?  Best weekend choice??

One particularly noteworthy event is the Waxworks.  A tableau theater event happening on the hour which has been a hit for over 50 years.

I look forward to hearing from you.