Salty language advisory.

Thank you to our beautiful Gloucester community for participating in Viva San Pietro! Thank you to the Greasy Pole Walkers for interviews given during the Sunday rally and especially to Nicky Avelis for help coordinating. A huge thanks to Joe DaSilva for the suggestion to listen to Mike Forgette’s music for the film’s soundtrack and for help in contacting Mike. A tremendous thank you goes to Mike Forgette for granting permission to use his song “Whats the Difference” (link to hear more of Mike Forgette Music).

Viva San Pietro! opens with Joe Novello preparing Gloucester’s Saint Peter’s Square for the formal opening ceremony, to which he is also the master of ceremonies. Highlights from Friday afternoon’s sporting events are followed by the procession of Saint Peter, the patron saint of fishermen, around the American Legion Building (Gloucester’s first City Hall), with the parade ending in a fanfare of confetti and cheers. Mayor Sefatia Romeo Thekan takes to the stage and provides some history about the origins of the Fiesta. Senator Tarr and all officials give praise to the committee for their tireless dedication. Representative Ann Margaret Ferrante and City Councilor Steven LeBlanc rally the crowd with the traditional call and response that is heard throughout the city in the coming days, and Father Jim Achadinha gives his blessing.

Saturday’s Greasy Pole competition is featured with highlights from Joe DaSilva’s winning walk. Due to foul weather, Sunday’s events take place on Monday. The Sunday Greasy Pole Walkers in their zany and colorful costumes tell of past walks and wins at the rally held at the home of Sunday Walker Joe Sanfillipo. After processing through downtown with stops along the way at the Gloucester House Restaurant, House of Mitch, and Saint Peter’s Club, the Walkers head over to Beach Court. Because Sunday’s events had been postponed to Monday and the stage broken down on schedule, the statue of Saint Peter was temporarily moved to Beach Court. After blessings and prayers, the revelers headed back to Saint Peter’s Square to board the ferry to the Greasy Pole.

The men’s seine boat competition does not disappoint, with Lock and Load taking the trophy, followed by an outstanding flag capture by Jake Wagner.

The Walkers hoist Jake upon their shoulders and carry him to the Greasy Pole Hall of Fame Wall. Then it’s back to Beach Court where the closing ceremony is held. Congratulatory speeches are given by the team captains, with much cheering and accolades for all. After the award ceremony, the statue of Saint Peter is processed through the Fort amidst much merriment, joyful singing, and “Me chi samiou tutti mutti? Viva San Pietro!,” which roughly translated means: Are you all mute? (or Why are you not shouting?)—long live Saint Peter!

You’ll see all three Greasy Pole winners Joe DaSilva, Lenny Taormina, and Jake Wagner, Mayor Sefatia Romeo Theken, House Representative Ann Margaret Ferrante, State Senator Bruce Tarr, Sunday Greasy Pole Walker and City Councilor Steven LeBlanc, Peter Black Frontiero, Nicky Avelis, Joe Sanfilippo, Paul Nicastro, Kyle Barry, Mark Allen, Crazy Hat Ladies, sisters Robyn and Amy Clayton, and many, many more. Viva San Pietro!

Dragonfly Catcher


I shot this photo of a dragonfly ten years ago, when it was easier than it is now for me to crawl on my hands and knees chasing little critters through the weeds. The image reminds me of a wonderful haiku by Chiyo, a Japanese poet who died in 1775.

The poem’s meaning becomes clear and poignant when we are told that it was written upon the death of Chiyo’s young son. The poet then became a nun.

Hokku (haiku)

Dragonfly catcher,

Where today

Have you gone?

Does anyone know what this is?

unidentified duck

I’ve seen this little diving duck a number of mornings at Niles Beach.  At first I thought it was a juvenile eider, but it is too small and dives differently than eiders.  It has a long spear of a tail feather, which you can see in the first and last photos.  It may be a juvenile of its kind, but I have no idea what it is.  It spends very little time above water and a long time under so it was challenging to shoot.  Does anyone know what it is?

E.J. Lefavour

Wednesdays with Fly Amero ~ This week’s special guest: Allen Estes 7-10pm 7.15.2015


This week only…
Roast Sirloin “French Dip” – $11.95

Wednesday, July 15th – 7pm
Special Guest: ALLEN ESTES!

allen estes sss fly

My favorite singer/songwriter joins us once again this week.
The great Allen Estes! Be there! 7pm! ~ Fly

Dinner with great music!
*Each week features a special, invited musical guest
Dave Trooper’s Kitchen…
Prepared fresh weekly by “Troop”… always good!
Plus a fine, affordable wine menu!
Coming Soon…



Looking forward……to seeing you there 🙂

Pet of the Week-Max


Super Senior Max here! My super power you ask? “Purr of Calming” because I am sure to warm your heart and calm your soul once you hear my sweet purr. I have a bit of a sad story…My owner passed away and I had no one that could take care of me. With all the changes I am feeling a bit shy and like to peek out at you from my bed. Think I could be the perfect match for you and your family? Super Seniors Cat Adoption Program is made possible in part by a grant from the Petco Foundation. For more information about Max or any of his furry friends please visit the shelter in person or check our website for more information.

Would It Be Strange For A Man To Drive Across Town To Casually Drop In On His Wife’s Wine/Book Club With Her Girlfriends?

Say a woman gets together with her girlfriends every so often for a wine/book club night where they kabitz about women stuff and drink copious amounts of wine and pretend to talk about the latest books they’ve read and one of the husbands randomly drops in 3 weeks in a row.  Is that strange or totally acceptable?


Today we read the alien message on Pluto!

Isn't this cute! Aliens have drawn a cute heart on the side of Pluto! This view was from last night as the New Horizons NASA probe approaches the last planet to be photographed up close and personal.
Isn’t this adorable! Aliens have drawn a cute valentine heart on the side of Pluto! This view was from last night as the New Horizons NASA probe approaches the last planet to be photographed up close and personal.
WTF!? Today's up close photo of Pluto reveals the alien's true intentions as the cute heart resolves clearly into an actual human heart ripped out of a chest!
WTF!? Today’s up close photo of Pluto reveals the alien’s true intentions as the cute heart resolves clearly into an actual human heart ripped out of a chest!

TheHomieCast Episode 6 Is Up


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Topics Include:

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TheHomieCast Episode 5 Taped 7/13/15 Featuring Eric Lorden, Craig Kimberley, Toby Pett, Rick Doucette, DJ Honeybottom, Chris DeWolfe, James Eves and Joey Ciaramitaro

Topics Include: The Menu- Steaks Cooked On The STOK Charcoal Drum, Toby’s Corn Salad, Eric’s Carrots, Beer, Whiskey & Tequila.

The Spy.

Summer Traffic and Beach Parking Solutions

Go-To Beer In Three Sentences or Less

Not Endorsing-Not Saying Who Should Or Shouldn’t Run-Not Saying Who Anyone Wants To Win But The Who Do You Think Will Be the Next Mayor Of Gloucester Poll

Toby Verbally Assaulted and Told He’s Paid Too Much Money From Good Morning Gloucester

Huge Growth In Teen and Summer Camps Under Stewardship of Rick Doucette

What’s With The Lubriderm On The Table? & the Significance Of Rick’s Semicolon Tattoo

Gun To Head If You Had To Get A Tattoo What Would It Be?

Double Secret Probation

The Spy Confirms Our Suspicions


Good Eggs in Rockport

The other day I did some live blogging as some Navy midshipmen and sailors took the field against some very happy youth from the town of Rockport for a spirited game of kickball.

I wanted to take a moment to thank some of fantastic sponsors who helped make the Rockport Navy Weekend a success.

We all know that events such as this cannot happen without the time and energy given by committee members, volunteers, kind towns people, and of course, sponsors.

The sponsors’ banners were proudly displayed at the ball field.

After the game many hungry participants were treated to tons of pizza donated by the Rockport House of Pizza and delicious ice cream sandwiches donated by the Dairy Train!

Henry Cooper Granite Visions New Short Film “Porcelain”

The short movie PORCELAIN, a bittersweet scene about a father battling dementia and reconnecting with his son, was created for the 24 Hour Film Race ( The story and production have to be completed in the 24 hour period and the story needs to include the three elements (theme: an unexpected guest, prop: a cookie, action: watering a plant). Pre-production work (prior to the 24 hour period) included location scouting, casting, building the crew, weekly meetings, and release forms. Starring Ariel Sargent, Topher Hansson, and Gordon Baird. Cast and crew hail from Gloucester, Rockport, and Worcester. Please enjoy!