Looking For Some Local GMG Volunteers To Test Free Dog Tag Prototypes For Church St Press

churchstpresspageChurch Street Press is making tags from old typewriter keys and is currently looking for a few good volunteers…


Play the video to check out the program-


Church Street Press is making dog tags from old typewriter keys and is currently looking for 15 to 20 people that would be interested in taking part in some end-product testing for these tags.  The testing is centered around the particulars of the type of protective finish that is applied to the tag after it is made.

What you get:  A free tag!  Two actually.  Read on for more info…

What you need to do:  Once you get your tag, provide me with regular updates on its appearance–wear and oxidation–for the next three months. Sending a photo once every couple of weeks is fine.  At the end of the test period, I will select the best finish per the testing results, and you will receive a coupon code for another free tag.

If you are interested in taking part, please send an email to churchstreetpress@gmail.com and I will get back to you.

My First Post As A Beach Body Coach

Cape Ann Wellness News –

Cape Ann Wellness

My First post as a COACH! If you want to try it, let me know!****YUM. Vanilla Shakeology with spinach, blueberries, strawberries, almond milk, water and ice. Healthy and delicious. Not sure how I could live without this in my diet. ‪#‎shakeology‬‪#‎21dayfix‬

If you would like to try it out and see the results that made me a huge believer and Coach check it out here- http://www.beachbodycoach.com/esuite/home/kfoley41



Finished Lower Body workout this morning. Best part of it, I was able to do a load of laundry, run the dishwasher and throw muffins (for Connor) in the oven. Never thought I would enjoy working out at home or become a COACH for Beachbody. #21dayfix

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From our friend Stephanie Palazola O’Neil

Palazola’s has been a staple on Main Street for 40 years.  Jack and Linda are retiring and we will miss them.  Stephanie send me the information regarding the sales that are currently happening, 50% off of everything except for bicycles (which are 20% off Schwinn and 30% off all other models). There are GREAT deals to be had–from sneakers and cleats to skates and tennis racquets to air mattresses, boogie boards and life vests! Nike, Bogs,UnderArmour, Columbia, New Balance,Woolrich, etc, etc… Everything must go! They are also still looking for a buyer for their two embroidery machines as well as their bike shop business. Anyone interested can call Jack at the store at 978-283-9180.   Also I wish to thank Good Morning Gloucester for always helping local businesses!   Steph

We Will Miss Palazola’s Sporting Goods In A Huge Way

Throwback post to 2008-


Posted on August 7, 2008

Palazola’s Sporting Goods, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Yesterday I stopped by Palazola’s to visit my buddy Stephanie who happened to be off for the day.

What I didn’t realize because I haven’t been in there for so long is what a local treasure the place is.  In one store you can get sneakers, skates sharpened, bike repair, tennis racket re-strung, custom monogramming, Gloucester Pro baseball caps, customized local sports imprints, and much much much more.  It is amazing how many sporting goods and sporting goods services that they cram under that one roof.

If you haven’t been by in a while, stop by and see just how much they offer.

I had a feeling when I went in to get Matt Johnson’s Gloucester best Bartender Award Engraved and they told me that the engraving equipment had been sold and then just days later bumping into Jack Palazola getting coffee, he gave us the press release about the Bike shop being for sale, that this was afoot.

We are all really going to miss this place.  How quickly they would turn around monogrammed items or iron-on lettering on shirts or if you needed a certain kind of socks, or my favorite boots for work- BOGs.  They seemed to be the one place where you could get it all without having to go to the mall.  Let me say it again- WE WILL ALL MISS PALAZOLA’S SPORTING GOODS TERRIBLY.

Thank you so much to the Palazola family for the incredible service to our community throughout the decades.  There will never be another that could ever fill this kind of family dedicated community service establishment in the sporting goods space like Palazola’s did.

To Jack and Linda you both deserve the very best in life and I hope your days of not having to get up to manage the store are filled with happiness.

Eastern Point Before and After Thunderstorm Photos AND WHIMSICAL WHIMBRELS!

Gloucester storm 2015On my way home from work several days ago. I stopped to take a photo of the fast and furious oncoming storm. To my utter delight I spotted a pair of whimbrels feeding alongside the mallards at the water’s edge however, to my dismay, I only had my still camera. They didn’t allow for close-up photography and flew off in the direction of Brace Rock as soon as this human was noticed. Returning with movie camera after the storm to see if they were still in the neighborhood, they were not, and have not been spotted since.

Whimbrels East Gloucester Massachusetts july 25 ©Kim Smith 2015The only other time I have seen a pair of whimbrels, or any whimbrels for that matter, was at Good Harbor Beach several years ago, in mid-September. Whimbrels breed in the Arctic, departing in July for parts further south. It seems early in the season for them to have begun their southward migration, or perhaps they have been here all along. I wonder if any of our readers have spotted whimbrels?

Gloucester storm ©Kim Smith 2015

Live Blogging Painting in the Garden 07/26/2015

Shot from my deck 07/26/2015 2:14pm.
David Curtis’ Sunday painting class painting a model in their beautiful gardens next door.

David also has a class every Saturday at the Coc Reservation, Essex County Greenbelt, off of Rt. 133 Essex, ma. Behind Farnam’s Restaurant. $20.00 per student. In my opinion that’s an awesome deal to get tips from a well known Gloucester Artist.
Check out David’s website. Go to the top of the event page for details and check out his beautiful Gallery of paintings there too.




Grand Fatilla Returns to Rocky Neck!

GRAND FATILLA_Rocky Neck_print

Grand Fatilla returns to Rocky Neck!

Friday July 31 2015, 7:30 PM

The Cultural Center at Rocky Neck, 6 Wonson St Gloucester MA 01930

COST: $15 / $10 for Rocky Neck Art Colony members

At its Cultural Center concert in November 2014 Grand Fatilla placed a smile on the face of every listener for the entire night, a night that flew by far too fast. July 31 will welcome this extraordinary band back to Gloucester in a not-to-be-missed concert.

Described as a magic carpet, flying listeners to different known and unknown places, the Grand Fatilla experience is delivered by an innate spontaneity that defies world music boundaries. What began as a virtuoso trio exploring gypsy-infused, cross-cultural folk music, Club d’Elf bassist Mike Rivard, electric mandolinist Matt Glover and accordionist Roberto Cassan joined with percussionist and singer Fabio Pirozzolo, and Grand Fatilla was born. With a considerable following, notable for its raucous enthusiasm and varied ethnic make-up, audience members are drawn to the music’s infectious authenticity. The group travels from Argentine Tangos to Italian Tarantellas, from Turkish sacred Sufi songs to Irish reels, Moroccan trance to Bulgarian dance music, all performed with a signature of improvisational group interplay and playful spontaneity.

Each member of the band brings a distinct flavor and area of expertise in different World music to the collective sound: Cassan and Pirozzolo both hail from Italy where they were immersed in the folk music of that area (and play with the Italian folk group Newpoli), and have also intensely explored Armenian (both of them are also a part of the Armenian-jazz nonet Musaner), Balkan, Tango, Brazilian and South American music. Glover came to Boston from his native Newfoundland where he absorbed the Celtic influences and fiddle music of that area, as well as studying the South Indian style of mandolinist U. Srinivas. Rivard, who is also a member of Indian-jazz group Natraj and plays with the Boston Pops Orchestra, has a passion for North African music, especially Moroccan trance music. This lead him to study the sintir, a 3-stringed bass lute.

In this age of heightened global consciousness the repertoire that Grand Fatilla performs acknowledges and pays homage to the idea that it is indeed One World that we all live in, and the music of diverse cultures enriches us all.

Unofficial 34 DNF (Did Not Finish) Blackburn Challenge

Unofficially 34 DNF (Did Not Finish) Blackburn Challenge and some that did finish needed a little help. Jimmy T threw a double outrigger a line before they were kindling and hamburger on the barnacle coated granite of Halibut Point. The next point was just as messy.

Here a white Epic Surfski flips right at my feet at Andrews Point. My little iPhone 6 does not really capture the drama as the dude in the red sea kayak hears the splash and turns around. (1-2) By 5 he has pulled up even, steadies the Epic as Epic paddler thanks him for stopping and hops back up into the seat. In 8-9 fellow travelers stop by to see if they can offer assistance but red kayak has it well in hand.

Meanwhile they drift from about 60 yards out to about 20 yards which is getting very close to the surf zone. Blowing hard straight in with decent swells. I was getting ready to greet them as their boats turned into splinters on the granite. Just when it seemed like they took just a little too much time the Epic takes off. (11-13)

Red Sea Kayak back pedals a touch (14) to turn around then sweeps in close before heading off (15) to surf the waves across Sandy Bay. The wind and surf were roaring but he was so close that when I called out “nice job red kayak” he tipped his hat and was gone.

Follow along 1 down to 6 then 7 down to 13.
Follow along 1 down to 6 then 7 down to 13.

Antonio Gentile Bandstand Summer Concert – Postponed to Wednesday

Tonight’s Concert Postponed till Wednesday, July 29 at 7pm.

Precision Roofing will provide free hot dogs and beverages at Wednesday’s Concert.

Bring the Whole Family!  Overdrive will have you dancing with the sounds of R & B with amazing horns!



Check online for latest information
Check online for latest information

2015 Rhumbline Striper Tournament results

The Legend Fred Shrigley Forwards The 2015 Rhumbline Striper Tournament Results-

70 participants

1st Place David Levielle   picture attached

2nd Place tie : Thomas Ciamarmitoro & David Foote

Jr Winner: John Reardon

$600 in cash prizes and $700 in raffle prizes


Blackburn Challenge – Father Son Team Boat Number 53

Father and Son team in the Blackburn Challenge (Boat #53) from Baltimore Maryland, enjoy an afternoon sail on the Thomas E. Lannon.  The son gets an opportunity to sail the schooner into the harbor.