Guy Grub- Brisket On The Smoker Play by Play

The Homie Cast

So Lobstermen and Smoking Fanatic Pete Libro, Skipper of The F/V Cabaret IV had an extra smoker that he gave me to use down the dock.

I sent Toby out to buy a brisket and he came back with one from Market Basket for $6.99 lb which seems like a lot but it is grilling season so that’s probably the reason for the high price.

Laid out a couple sheets of foil and liberally applied Toby’s Rub. Covered it up and put it in the fridge til tomorrow morning. Plan is to get the smoker going at 6AM.





Look for the live updates tomorrow.

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One thought on “Guy Grub- Brisket On The Smoker Play by Play

  1. Yes a bit pricy…not unlike corned beef prices just before St. Patrick ‘s , with the 4th coming and grilling more popular than ever some cuts are in short supply. ..This brisket is fresh, not thawed from frozen. is also graded as Choice were as most are simply Select a lower grade…The rub is called IQUE RUB, Google it for the recipe that was in the Globe. ingredient is Turbinado…an sugar that is called Sugar in the Raw in the supermarket. ..


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