Perched on the lobster traps, I only had a fleeting moment to take a photo pulling into the parking lot at Captain Joe’s. While getting my camera out, the Hawk appeared to pop into a lobster trap. He popped back out, I took a snapshot under cover of car, then off he flew.

Raptors such as Sharp-shinned Hawks and Peregrine Falcons are attracted to lobster pots because the traps often house songbirds such as sparrows. The smaller birds eat the crusty tidbits found on the pots and the larger birds have learned to find a tasty meal there.

Sharp-shinned Hawk Range Map

Several years back when there was a male Snowy Owl at Captain Joe’s, a Peregrine Falcon flew on the scene, defending his territory by repeatedly dive bombing the Owl. The Falcon disturbed him so much so that the Snowy eventually departed.

Lobstering Out of Gloucester MA On the Trapper John Sped Up Times 8

Backman Steve Redfern Baits Bags and Stacks Lobster Pots On The Stern Of The Lobster Boat Trapper John

Filmed with the Kodak zx3 and mounted using the Kayalu Ram Mount

Andre Bouchard- Owner of Five Used Lobster Traps


Andre contacted me through the blog and asked if I knew where he could get some used lobster traps to fish with his family under a recreational permit.

Of course.  We got him set up with some great traps and next summer he will be ready to rock.

If anyone needs any info on how to get a recreational lobster permit or a student permit for their children let me know.  We can always source decent used traps for you so you don’t have to go and spend $70 on new ones.

shoot me an email if you are interested goodmorninggloucester@yahoo.com

Matt Cooney- Lobsterman Getting Ready To Work On A Pile Of Traps

Matt and his son have been working in the yard on a pile of traps for a while now.  New traps can cost close to $80 so when you can buy decent used traps you can save a good amount of money.  The used traps that lobstermen usually buy need to be “gone through”.   Gone through meaning- the knitted heads may need repairing, the wooden slats on the bottom of the trap may need to be replaced to protect the bottom of the trap from wear, the escape vents might need new hog rings to keep them secure or the trap might just need to be brushed off from dead growth.

Lobstering On The Stanley Thomas

Here’s Mark Ring aboard The Stanley Thomas.  He is setting up the lobster trawls to set.  Lobstering lesson video at 7:00AM with Mark and Matt Ring