Chickity Check It! One Ocean Arts About To Go Live On Bearskin Neck!


Hey Joey,

You probably (check that) most-likely have no idea who I am, but we did have a couple back-and-forth emails a couple months ago regarding your energy  blogs/potential savings. I did make the switch to the lower electric rate and am pissed I even hesitated on that fact. Love the savings!…quick “first time, long time” spiel – I’m a big fan of GMG and have been since my wife and I moved to Gloucester 5 years ago (we both fell in love with Gloucester a long ago, having spent many summer days up here).

Anyways, to the meat of the matter….I’ve seen through mutual Instagram friends that you have commented/taken a liking to One Ocean Art’s incredibly comfy beach clothing (you mentioned a anchor print sweatshirt that would sell bazillions). As you know, it’s the invention of Jamie Mathison (who’s an incredibly rocking artist). She brought on my wife, Erin Ferrelli, within the last year to be her partner in this endeavor to take over the clothing industry! They previously only sold gear via their etsy shop ( or at various local arts & crafts fairs.

Just recently they hit the brick and mortar business side of things and opened up last weekend on Bearskin Neck with a shop appropriately named: One Ocean One Love Shop. 

Have you had a chance to visit their store yet? I’m obviously biased, but the vibe in there is contagious!

Since GMG is all about spreading the good word for local business and here we have two local Gloucester, hard-working ladies taking on a tough industry, I thought it would be freaking AWESOME if they could get a shot-out and some love via a GMG post. I’m sure the girls would absolutely go head-over heels about it. Hell, if you wanna pop in and interview ‘em, have at it!

Here is their Facebook Page…

..and here is a recent blog:

…and here is their soon-to-be website:

Thanks! And keep on rocking at GMG! I’m still finding new places to go and things to see every day. Much love.

-Marc Ferrelli

3 thoughts on “Chickity Check It! One Ocean Arts About To Go Live On Bearskin Neck!

  1. I am so happy…and a little bit mad….to read this! I’ve been walking by the storefront for weeks and JUST last night I stopped long enough to peak in the open door to check out some of the inventory! GORGEOUS items for sure! I walked on for a second, thought “I should go back and snap some pics of the inventory and chat with the woman in the shop to write a blog post about its awesomeness”, but then Marlin (my dog) pulled me onward and I made a mental note to go back solo over the course of the next couple of days. The store is indeed fantastic and I’ll be shopping there SOON!


    1. Thanks Nicole for the kind words! And sorry to have beat you to the punch. Feel free to snap pics and post next time you go by! :)….I’m sure the two ladies would love to see you down there. (And Thanks Joey for throwing this up so fast!)

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