“Oh My God, It’s a Rubber Duck!”

Let’s reel the tape back to 2004. The European Space Agency (ESA) shot a rocket off to land the spaceship Rosetta on a comet. Rosetta has been cruising since then, swinging past Mars and a few other planets to line up so when this comet swings by the sun on November 11, 2014 she will actually attempt to land on it! Here is where it gets weird. As it gets closer Rosetta has sent back photos of the comet. They are calling it a “contact binary” which means two comets collided very slowly a few billion years ago and stuck.

But on closer inspection the first ESA scientist to look at the photos said, “Oh My God It’s a Rubber Duck!”

See for yourself.

A Rubber Duck the size of Cape Ann is slowly spinning through the universe ready to make a close encounter with our sun on November 11, 2014

I swear I am not making this up. Our own Rubber Duck is starting to act peculiar after I told her the news. I will be posting regular updates of the Close Encounter of a Rubber Duck as we get closer to the the actual contact on November 11. I will be interviewing EJ to find out if her higher beings have lost a bath toy.


[edit] Fun Fact. Rubber Duck rotates every 12.4 hours. So imagine a rock the size of Cape Ann (in diameter, dig the thing up and get a big ball), the head is Rockport, the body is Gloucester, the lips enclose Sandy Bay rotating in synch with the tides. Twice a day, jut like the tides the lips point towards earth and you can slip under the bridge without calling to raise it.

4 thoughts on ““Oh My God, It’s a Rubber Duck!”

  1. OH GOD! Don’t tell me the earth is going to be destroyed by a Rubber Duck Shaped Asteroid?!
    Those bastard Yellow Rubber Ducks so cute and cuddly and smart. Have lulled us into a state of complacency.
    Now they are poised to take over Earth. I recommend burning any rubber ones you have in your home. Tonight there will be a big black billowing smoke cloud rising above the Annisquam.

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    1. I think the exact opposite tactic is warranted here. If you have a Gigantic Rubber Duck the size of Cape Ann hurtling toward the inner planets of the solar system (that would be us) like a cosmic freight train I would think the last thing you would want to do is piss her off.

      Do not light your Rubber Ducks on fire! Instead create an altar covered with warm yellow rose petals and place your Rubber Duck in a position of honor! These are not martians which turn Jack Nicholson into a fiery skeleton. This is a Rubber Duck of Peace.

      The comet is already letting off steam being warmed by the sun as if it is tubby time for Ernie. A message of peace and love should be sent to this earth shattering sized comet, not billowing black smoke of destruction.


  2. And why not had a luna landing think it’s time for duck landing with history why! Thanks nice one 🙂 Dave & Kim:-)


  3. Exactly 45 years after the lunar landing the duck appears heading towards us and we already have a spaceship that is going to rendezvous.

    Coincidence? I think not. I hope they are more like Ernie’s duck and not like the Borg. That would suck.


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