Happy Luau on Niles Beach!

Niles Beach Luau ©Kim Smith 2014With ukelelists, singing, leis, grass skirts, hula-hoops, an island-style feast, and a fleet of wa’a kaukahis (kids in kayaks)–this was a Niles Beach Sunday not to be missed!Ukelists Niles Beach ©Kim Smith 2014JPG

Niles Beach kid kayakers ©kim Smith 2014

Happy Birthday Esme!!!Esme ©Kim Smith 2014

Dawn and Michelle ©Kim Smith 2014Dawn Sarrouf and Michelle Anderson

Thank you to Dawn and Michelle for inviting me to stay and have a bite of Esme’s wonderful luau birthday feast. John and Dawn prepared the most yummy pulled pork, served on Mandy’s homemade potato rolls, and guests contributed super delicious accompaniments, including the best bean salad, homemade, crunchy coleslaw, and Nicole Duckworth’s to-die-for death-by-chocolate cake.

cupcakes ©Kim Smith 2014Cupcakes decorated by EsmeJohn and Dawn Sarrouf ©Kim Smith 2014John and Dawn Sarrouf

Jude and Ken Duckworth ©kim Smith 2014Jude and Ken Duckworth

Niles Beach Esme's bday ©Kim Smith 2014Nicole and Jude Duckworth ©Kim Smith 2014Nicole and Jude Duckworth

Friendships, Family, Food, and Pure Fun~ what a wonderful way to spend a Sunday afternoon!

See More Photos HereEsme's Bday ©Kim Smith 2014

Emma and Jude Duckworth ©Kim Smith 2014

Lotus ©Kim Smith 2014

Pilar and mandy ©Kim Smith 2014Ken and Jude Duckworth ©Kim Smith 2014Ken and Jude ©Kim Smith 2014Jason and Lotus ©Kim Smith 2014Esme and Meadow ©Kim Smith 2014Ken and Nicole Duckorth ©Kim Smith 2014Kena & Jude Ducksowrth ©Kim Smith 2014Niles beach ©Kim Smith 2014

3 thoughts on “Happy Luau on Niles Beach!

  1. What a festive family blast! Sounds delicious, too!
    Glad Mom Nature cooperated.
    The happiness evident in every moment made my day!


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