GoPro Video Camera Inside A Dishwasher

First off I’m not suggesting for a second that we ever get rid of dishwashers, but after watching the video it makes me think that there’s a ton of water that gets wasted because people don’t want to scrub their dishes by hand, me being one of them.


I’ve been corrected.  I had no idea the water was recirculated by a pump.  Makes me feel much better.

6 thoughts on “GoPro Video Camera Inside A Dishwasher

  1. You know that water is being circulated by a pump right? There probably isn’t much more than a sinkfull of water there.


  2. A dishwasher uses less water and saves energy more than hand washing. A full load will use maybe 4 gallons. Each cycle uses very little because there is a recirculating pump reusing the water over and over.

    If you wait and wash a full load by hand the most economical way, two sinks, one wash, one rinse you will still use way more than four gallons. If you wash them individually as they become dirty, waiting for the hot water to show up, running the water, you are using gobs more water and gobs more propane or whatever to heat the water.

    The go pro movie was mostly empty which is also inefficient but probably just so it would make a good shot.


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