Please Welcome New Official Contributor Fred Bodin

Well he’s been contributing unofficially for quite some time now so I figured Fred has earned his stripes and a key to the GMG posting dashboard. 

Fred has shown an ability to create interesting posts, not make it all about himself, and he hasn’t been a total pain in the ass about the way I’ve edited what he has submitted for the blog.

So he’s now official.  A GMG contributor!  look for him in the 9AM slot.

Write a note of congratulations to Fred in the comment section below the photo!

You know the L-R’s. Photo by Janet P. Crary with my camera. Fred is in Full Banana outfit: Designer tux, white shirt and bow tie, and Tommy Bahama silk slacks. Pet lobster, Shaggy, by Walgreens. We were at Sista’ Felicia’s Gala Book Launching.

49 thoughts on “Please Welcome New Official Contributor Fred Bodin

  1. Thanks Joey! The GMG Author stripes give me the opportunity to post timely events within minutes, and room for some creativity in my posts. As WC Fields said to the press: “I don’t care what you say about me, as long as you spell my name right.” If you’re not familiar with those in the photo, they are L-R: GMG author Paul Morrison (rubber duck guy), yours truly, and Gloucester Mayor Carolyn Kirk (good egg). Don’t we look amazing!


  2. Congratulations Fred! I have a feeling you could easily take my job as being the official thorn in Joey’s side by my 500th post. (496 is tomorrow 2:30PM I don’t even get an on the hour time slot anymore boo-hoo.) You’ll be great and Rubber Duck is eager to get together with Shaggy for some stop animation hanky panky.

    Nice photo by the way. Movers and shakers all, led by Shaggy if you could just keep him wound up.


    1. I got the 9am time slot to post every day. That used to be Sharon Lowe’s time, and we all miss her contributions. Sharon was my initial GMG content poster on GMG. She held my hand, assured me, gave very balanced advice, and always responded when I thought I had a crisis. She’s in my hall of fame.


  3. Congratulations Fred! You are a great addition. I have been enjoying your stories and pics for some time now. Glad you are now bona fide!


  4. wonderful! It is great to see talent, generosity and kindness recognized . a well deserved honor, Fred , congratulations. you too, Joey ! Solange.


  5. So many people to thank, and so many friends! Your congratulations are all appreciated. So what should I post for tomorrow? Shameless self promotion? Nah!


  6. Welcome and Congratulations Fred!!!–although seems a little odd congratulating you, as you are already a huge part of the GMG team. Looking forward to continued enjoyment of your posts, and now perhaps we’ll get to read even more postings!


    1. Thank so much Bob. We’re all part of the fabric that is Cape Ann. Daily posting is a big responsibility, but not a heavy weight for me to bear. Looking for interesting content makes one see things not always apparent. For example, who would want to know what a Gloucester native cowboy fishing boat captain is up to in Utah and Alaska? All of us, that’s who. See you at the Bloody Mary Contest at EJ’s gallery. After I’m thru judging, maybe we can raise a glass together!


  7. I’ve got a picture I’d like to send to you, an old portrait of two children around the turn of the century which may be the only photo of my grandfather who I believe was born in 1897, I’ve got to find that out, my mom Virginia, would know and be pissed I didn’t send this to her first, although I really did but don’t think she will use it. The only thing I know about his youth was that he served in WWI, served for 13 years and left as chief engineer for a cruiser in 1919, returning to become a successful business man here. Got to do the math. But how do I send this to you? It’s from G.C. Mears on 8 Centre Street.


  8. Congrats Fred! Interesting posts, great photos! Looking forward to seeing more.
    Also, thanks for the ‘my door is always open’ atmosphere on main street and your Facebook tutorials! Enjoy this beautiful day on Cape Ann!


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