Swally Note from Morgan Faulds Pike


Gloucester Sculptor and Gardening Friend Morgan Faulds Pike writes ~

Hi Kim,

Just read your post at GMG and thought I’d send this along since it happened today.

I went into the barn to put the broom back after sweeping the porch and I did the daily check of Swally! OMG!
Had to rush the photos because I didn’t know how much time I had.  I transferred him via his stick to the monarda. Then he flew away into the juniper hedge, perhaps to be shaded while firming up…
He was a tiny caterpillar last fall.  We fed him parsley and you advised us to let him winter in the barn.

Thanks and Cheers,


Morgan Faulds Pike is well-known throughout Gloucester. She is the world famous sculptor who created Gloucester’s beloved Fishermen’s Wives Memorial.

full_size_clay_copyMorgan at Work on the Full-Size Clay for the Gloucester Fishermen’s Wives Memorial

91_owls-2Leaf-person and Owls by Morgan Faulds Pike

One thought on “Swally Note from Morgan Faulds Pike

  1. The Fisherman’s Wife

    With the bright rays of the sun upon her
    She waits by the waters edge
    For the return of her Fisherman
    Who has chosen this life she dreads
    With one child tugging her right side
    The other climbing up to her neck
    Standing tall and searching in pride
    For their Fisherman stationed on ships deck
    Day turns to night as they return to home
    Mother searching the stars on widow’s walk
    Praying to her God not to be left alone
    That her husband’s boat would soon dock
    This scene is a mirrored reflection
    Of the Fishing Heritage then and now
    Men who have lived our their craft with dedication
    Of working the seas to fill the boats to its bow


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