Kiss on the Neck for Good

kiss tote poster

Dear friends and family,

As many of you know, my little ice-cream business KISS on the Neck on Rocky Neck in Gloucester, MA takes tremendous pride not only satisfying the sweet-tooth but encouraging the do-good among its customers.  

Last summer, this particular commitment had manifested through the sales of tote-bags, refashioned one by one from empty commercial rice-bags with all the proceeds going back to Senegal to support alternative income-generating projects for urban street-boys known as the Talibé. The overwhelming response to these bags in Gloucester exceeded my expectations and compelled me to return to Senegal this past winter to quarterback the growth of the project.
This film, a year in the making, will unveil our latest development, the K.I.S.S. Tote (Kindly Inspiring Sustainable Solutions) connecting KISS on the Neck Ice Cream with its mission abroad. The film shows how creativity, compassion and friendship has brought together different people and different concepts to inspire one truly innovative fundraising approach for the street-boys of Saint Louis, Senegal.
It is also with great excitement, I announce that the K.I.S.S. Totes have gone on sale this past Memorial Day Weekend at KISS on the NECK and will be available shortly at the Bookstore downtown. This year’s collection, the most mind-blowing yet, is the result of thousands of hours this winter, revamping the designs, incorporating I-friendly pockets, diversifying color selection, strengthening the staying-power and improving the quality and craftsmanship of every product. We also have introduced a small hand-bag, place-mats and boosted our production of wine-sleeves, all refashioned from discarded rice-sac material. 
I’m proud of our progress this past year and I am confident you will find the products this summer both exceptionally appealing and downright practical. Furthermore, viewing this film, you will develop a much more concrete understanding how your purchases are being used to support a truly remarkable effort already at work in northern Senegal. 
Lastly, I wanted to resound one last thank you to all those who contributed to the JOGGLING project. I crossed the Paris Marathon finish-line at 4 hours exactly, with all three balls, still rotating in motion! We raised nearly  $4,000 for Taliberte, the same organization featured in the film. 
Thank you,

P.S. If anyone is interested in the French version of the film, please email me directly.
Richard Ross, Scooper-in-Charge 
KISS on the Neck Ice Cream
 & Other Sweet Endeavors
Rocky Neck Art Colony. Glosta, MA
St. Louis, Senegal. West Africa.
T. 978 304 2825 – E.
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5 thoughts on “Kiss on the Neck for Good

  1. KISS on the Neck owner, Richard, is making a wonderful difference for many young boys! Kudos to you and your team in Africa. I loved the video and when choosing one of the many ice cream parlors in Gloucester I won’t have to think twice about where I want to go …. Good Luck!!


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