Well Lookey Here- Our EJ Is seARTS Artist of The Week!

seARTS Bass Rocks Art Loan Program

An interview with our Artist of the Week, E.J. Lefavour

How do you feel about being chosen for the Bass Rocks Art Loan Program?
Very excited.  This opportunity is allowing me to exhibit my work in a venue and to a segment of our population that I may not have been able to reach otherwise (unless they are regulars to Rocky Neck).  It is an honor to be in such great creative company, and I am grateful for the opportunity.

Pebble Beach through the Rearview Mirror, Mixed Media Photo Collage,
16" x 20". Click to enlarge.

What is your medium or area of creativity?  I am a painter, photographer, writer, illustrator.  Most recently I have been working with the over abundance of wonderful photos I have taken over the past few years and incorporating them into unique, three dimentional photo montages, which people are really enjoying.  I created about 50 of them over the winter, and the series is called "Gloucester: The Grit and the Glory", since most encompass images of rope, chains, rusted hulls of boats, nets and other images from the working seaport aspect of Gloucester, combined with the glory of that industry and of the natural beauty that surrounds us here, as well as the history.
How long have you been an artist?  I have been a working artist since 1991 after leaving the corporate world and making the decision to pursue my art full time.
Where do you get your inspiration?  Anywhere and everywhere around me.
Other than the  Bass Rocks Golf Club, where can we find your works? At my galler(ies) on Rocky Neck. Khan Studio and the Good Morning Gloucester Gallery at 77 Rocky Neck Ave., Gallery 3 from May 15 to October 15, and at my winter gallery, up the stairs at 1 Wonson Street (behind Sailor Stan’s) from October to April.
What else would you like us to know?  I passionately love Cape Ann, Rocky Neck where I now reside year round, Annisquam were I lived in the winter for three seasons, East Gloucester and the Backshore, Eastern Point, paddleboarding, Good Morning Gloucester and all the people associated with it, and all the wonderful people I meet and have met since moving here.  I feel very blessed to be here.

Cape Ann going’s on and opportunities for the week…

Call to Artists, Designers & Creatives

seARTS Wearable Arts Group invites you to submit ideas

for this fall’s "Celebrate Wearable Art II!" runway show.

Click here for an application. Deadline is now June 1, 2013.

Opening Reception of Visitors’ Center, Stage Fort Park, Gloucester, May 23

Opening Reception of Rocky Neck Gallery, May 25

Cape Ann TV Annual Meeting, May 28

Cape Ann Artisans 30th Annual Studio Tour, June 22-23

5 thoughts on “Well Lookey Here- Our EJ Is seARTS Artist of The Week!

  1. Aw shucks, thanks guys. I feel very lucky to be a part of Gloucester’s arts community, which in all my years as an artist, is by far the best I’ve known.


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