2013 Oscar Ballot and Contest

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Joey C’s Picks-


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Best picture: Argo

Of the movies nominated I’ve seen Argo and Django Unchained.  Both must see movies IMO.  I was on the edge of my seat throughout Argo.  Fantastic movie.

Django Unchained, the Quentin Tarantino Directed Movie was a complete spectacle and just like everything else from Tarantino you had no idea where everything was going.  I’d like to see it win but they don’t seem to like to reward Tarantino and I think Argo takes home the honor based on the sympathy vote for Ben Affleck getting the snub in the director category. 

I would not at all be surprised to to see Lincoln with though.  I just won’t root for it because I’m just not a fan of period pieces. even though it’s probably a great movie.


Best Actor: Daniel Day-Lewis In Lincoln

If there was a lock I’d say Daniel Day-Lewis is about a big a lock as you can get in this category this year.  The Oscar voters love Daniel Day-Lewis, he’s already won twice, he was in an important movie and none of the other movies in this category were huge movies.  Easiest category to pick.  Book it.

Best Actress: Jessica Chastain in Zero Dark Thirty

I’m going with Jessica Chastain here because once again no one has seen any of the other movies in this category.  Amour, a French sub-titled film.  The Impossible, didn’t hear about it. They say Jennifer Lawrence didn’t have to act much for her role in Silver Linings Playbook.  and Beasts of the Southern Wild, another movie no one has gone to see.  Also Meryl Streep wasn’t nominated in this category.  Because it doesn’t matter when Meryl is in the race Meryl wins.

Another easy category to pick.

Best Supporting Actor: Tommy Lee Jones in Lincoln

I’d rather see Christopher Waltz win for his performance in Django Unchained but I’m picking Tommy Lee Jones.  I figure for the Spielberg movie they’re gonna give a bunch of awards and this is a category where they can give another one.  Alan Arkin was great in Argo but it wasn’t a huge role onscreen.  Philip Seymour Hoffman is great in everything he’s in but I never saw The Master and didn’t hear a lot about it.  Silver Lining Playbook is just a movie that despite all the huge stars in it I never heard anyone say “You Have To Go See This Movie” so that’s why I doubt it goes to Dinero.

Best Supporting Actress: Sally Field

Sally Field because she’s Sally Field.

I can’t root for Anne Hathaway and her phony humble brag.  Never saw her in anything that blew me away.  Would I be shocked to see Anne Hathaway win it?  No, in fact she probably will but I just root against here every time. 

Best director: Steven Spielberg for Lincoln

I just think Spielberg doing an important piece with big actors is gonna get votes.  It’s probably a movie I ought to go see but it’s just not my kinda film.  I’m no history buff.  Would have loved to see Quentin Tarantino win for Django Unchained but he wasn’t even nominated.  Also wouldn’t have minded to see Affleck win for Argo.

They’re not going to give it to the director of a French sub-titled movie (Amour). Not gonna give it to  the director of a small movie that no one saw, Beasts of The Southern Wild.  Never heard anyone say “You must go see Silver Linings Playbook”.  Maybe the long shot here is the Life of Pi but I highly doubt it. 

Gotta be Spielberg for the lock.

Don’t forget to click on the comment below this post to leave your predictions in the top six categories.  You can view the nominees here- http://movies.yahoo.com/oscars/pick-em/

6 thoughts on “2013 Oscar Ballot and Contest

  1. I went to see Silver Linings Playbook last night based on what I read on Rotten Tomatoes. I was afraid it was going to be a sappy romance, well, it was anything but. I would never say “you must see this movie” because that isn’t true on the face of it, but I highly recommend it. There were parts that were hard to watch and parts that were very funny. A lot of the audience at Liberty Tree clearly didn’t know what to make of it, but its portrayal of people trying to get through the hard places in their lives was dead on. I don’t know if Jennifer Lawrence is a kook in real life but she played her character with real grit, Bradley Cooper was also excellent and I’m surprised that he’s been overlooked. It was a real pleasure to see DeNiro in a role worthy of his skills.
    I’ve never cared much about who wins Oscars, it’s too political and commercial for me, even though I’m a big movie buff, but it would be a shame if this movie doesn’t get some recognition. David O Russell also did an amazing job directing all these actors in family scenes that made me cringe and laugh by turns.


    1. Of the movie nominees I’ve only seen Argo and Lincoln. Even though you know how both Argo and Lincoln ends, you are on the edge of your seat as Joey says–with both The make- up and costume artists are phenomenal for both movies, too. Am not crazy about Anne Hathaway and and haven’t seen Les Miserable, but I think she is going to win because of all the hype. I hope Daniel Day Lewis, Sally Field, and Tommy Lee Jones all win for their stellar performances. And Spielberg. You don’t have to be a history buff to love Lincoln–not a boring moment ever. It’s s a beautiful (and suspenseful) movie, and a fascinating window into one of the most pivotal moment’s in our nation’s history. Go see!!

      Thanks Greg for the Silver Linings comment–will go see.


  2. Best picture: Argo
    Best Actor: Daniel Day-Lewis In Lincoln
    Best Actress: Jennifer Lawrence in Silver Linings Playbook
    Best Supporting Actor: Robert DeNiro in Silver Linings Playbook
    Best Supporting Actress: Anne Hathaway in Les Mis
    Best director: Steven Spielberg for Lincoln


  3. Marjorie(my sis)& Larry Kenney&ret, USN) experienced the scenario first hand as he was stationed in Tehran…so Argo has a bit of a personal connection….they’ve been back in Gloucester since the late 80’s…and I am being bi-coastal trying to spend the spring/fall on Cape Ann and summer/winter on Oahu….



  4. I’m commenting after the Oscars have aired, but I saw all of the nominated movies except the Wild Southern Wind one, and Amour. I just wanted to say, I highly recommend “Silver Linings Playbook”. It is funny and moving. I was thrilled that Argo won. I thought Lincoln was good, but over rated. Les Mis was not for everyone, but such a spectacular movie, done very well.

    Just wanted to recommend Silver Linings, because the original post said no one had recommended it!


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