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A joyous read for Gloucester and movie fans everywhere, Gloucester Daily Times front page serves as a beacon to the triple Oscar winning film CODA with great reporting by Ethan Forman and Gail McCarthy and photographs by Paul Bilodeau.

REPORTER Ethan Forman

Ethan Forman’s piece features multiple local interviews, businesses and locales.

“…CODA did not turn to special effects to tell the story on the water. Instead, it turned Capt. Paul Vitale’s 50 foot fishing vessel Angela + Rose into a working movie set in August and September of 2019.”

Ethan Forman. Gloucester Daily Times, March 30, 2022 | Read the complete article here

“They are definitely the little film that could,” said Meg Jarrett, of Gloucester, the liaison for Cape Ann for the Massachusetts Film Office, who spoke of the importance of CODA’s success, saying it will make it easier to film other productions on Cape Ann.”

Ethan Forman CODA coverage in the Gloucester Daily Times March 30, 2022


“This is Our Moment”: Deaf Community Celebrates 3 Oscar Wins for ‘CODA’

Gail McCarthy continues her excellent CODA chronicling

“Gloucester is at the center of an independent film that sent not a ripple, but a tidal wave throughout the Deaf community with its message being heard at the White House and around the world.

The cinematic pebble that started that ripple was the film “CODA,” which stands for Child of Deaf Adult(s), but coda is a term often linked more to the music world than the Deaf community.

That began to change Sunday night…”

Gail McCarthy, Gloucester Daily Times, March 30, 2022 read the full article here

See prior Gail McCarthy piece here

**updated: correction brain freeze – apologies for crediting Sean Horgan instead of Ethan Forman in the first pass! Sorry Ethan**

GloucesterCast 219 with Kim Smith and Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 2/22/17


GloucesterCast 219 with Kim Smith and Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 2/22/17


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Paprika Grill Robbery and Community Support Links
Emrah Gives Thanks  Robbed at Knifepoint , Thief Got away with the cash register and roughly $300

Kim nominated for Essex Heritage County Trailblazer Go to to vote for Kim if you’d like in the Connecting People To Place Category.  Four categories.  Preserving/Connecting People To Place/Advancing Or Educational Mission/Building or Growing our Future.
Oscars This Weekend- Kim predictions- Best Picture- LA LA Land. Best Actor- Casey Affleck,

Wildlife biologist and coyote expert Jonathan Way to speak at Salem State Tuesday, February 28

More Bald Eagle Sightings.  This time Morgan Faulds Pike- The Woman Who Created The Fisherman’s Wives Memorial Link
We have people from the Gloucester Marine Genomics Institute coming in on Sunday
John McElhenny Joining the GMG Roster!
Paprika Grill Photo- from Craig Kimberley


I’m not a huge award show junkie.  In truth, I rarely watch the Academy Awards (or the Oscars…even that confuses me), the Grammy Awards, the Golden Globes, the People’s Choice, the Emmys, or any of the others.

While I’m not proud (nor ashamed) to say that I have not seen a single one of the movies that were nominated for an Academy Award this year, I did, however, watch part of the award show on Sunday evening.

And, while doing so, I was pleasantly surprised by two things.

First of all, when Graham Moore won Best Adapted Screenplay for “The Imitation Game” he made an inspiring and brave acceptance speech.  #stayweird


Secondly, oh the tears, listening to Tim McGraw sing “I’m Not Gonna Miss You” just about did me in.  What a beautiful song.

VIDEO: Excellent songs up for Oscars tonight — and lots of great music in town too

OK, tonight most of us will be celebrating films, but Oscar night is also a perfect time celebrate great songs — and this is a particularly good year for song nominations.

Our two favorites are “Happy” by Pharrell Williams (the guy with the funny Smokey the Bear hat who won the Record of the Year Grammy with Daft Punk and Nile Rodgers) from the movie Despicable Me 2; and “Ordinary Love” by U2 from the movie Mandella: Long Walk to Freedom.  I particularly like Pharrell Williams’ “Happy” video (not from the movie).   Check out this dancing!

Among the Best Picture nominees is American Hustle, part of which was filmed down the road in Salem.

If you like to be out on Oscar night and just follow the events on your phone, there’s plenty of excellent music, starting with The Jazz Brewers at the Brew Pub at 5pm and one of our favorites, Inge Berge, at The Rhumb Line at 7:30.  See tonight’s full live music schedule here.

2013 Oscar Ballot and Contest

Submit Your Picks For The Winners of The Top Six Categories

Joey C’s Picks-


You can go to and make your selections.

Write in who you picked in these 6 categories in the comment selection below this post.  Be sure to fill out your ballot before the Oscars Telecast tonight.

Best picture: Argo

Of the movies nominated I’ve seen Argo and Django Unchained.  Both must see movies IMO.  I was on the edge of my seat throughout Argo.  Fantastic movie.

Django Unchained, the Quentin Tarantino Directed Movie was a complete spectacle and just like everything else from Tarantino you had no idea where everything was going.  I’d like to see it win but they don’t seem to like to reward Tarantino and I think Argo takes home the honor based on the sympathy vote for Ben Affleck getting the snub in the director category. 

I would not at all be surprised to to see Lincoln with though.  I just won’t root for it because I’m just not a fan of period pieces. even though it’s probably a great movie.


Best Actor: Daniel Day-Lewis In Lincoln

If there was a lock I’d say Daniel Day-Lewis is about a big a lock as you can get in this category this year.  The Oscar voters love Daniel Day-Lewis, he’s already won twice, he was in an important movie and none of the other movies in this category were huge movies.  Easiest category to pick.  Book it.

Best Actress: Jessica Chastain in Zero Dark Thirty

I’m going with Jessica Chastain here because once again no one has seen any of the other movies in this category.  Amour, a French sub-titled film.  The Impossible, didn’t hear about it. They say Jennifer Lawrence didn’t have to act much for her role in Silver Linings Playbook.  and Beasts of the Southern Wild, another movie no one has gone to see.  Also Meryl Streep wasn’t nominated in this category.  Because it doesn’t matter when Meryl is in the race Meryl wins.

Another easy category to pick.

Best Supporting Actor: Tommy Lee Jones in Lincoln

I’d rather see Christopher Waltz win for his performance in Django Unchained but I’m picking Tommy Lee Jones.  I figure for the Spielberg movie they’re gonna give a bunch of awards and this is a category where they can give another one.  Alan Arkin was great in Argo but it wasn’t a huge role onscreen.  Philip Seymour Hoffman is great in everything he’s in but I never saw The Master and didn’t hear a lot about it.  Silver Lining Playbook is just a movie that despite all the huge stars in it I never heard anyone say “You Have To Go See This Movie” so that’s why I doubt it goes to Dinero.

Best Supporting Actress: Sally Field

Sally Field because she’s Sally Field.

I can’t root for Anne Hathaway and her phony humble brag.  Never saw her in anything that blew me away.  Would I be shocked to see Anne Hathaway win it?  No, in fact she probably will but I just root against here every time. 

Best director: Steven Spielberg for Lincoln

I just think Spielberg doing an important piece with big actors is gonna get votes.  It’s probably a movie I ought to go see but it’s just not my kinda film.  I’m no history buff.  Would have loved to see Quentin Tarantino win for Django Unchained but he wasn’t even nominated.  Also wouldn’t have minded to see Affleck win for Argo.

They’re not going to give it to the director of a French sub-titled movie (Amour). Not gonna give it to  the director of a small movie that no one saw, Beasts of The Southern Wild.  Never heard anyone say “You must go see Silver Linings Playbook”.  Maybe the long shot here is the Life of Pi but I highly doubt it. 

Gotta be Spielberg for the lock.

Don’t forget to click on the comment below this post to leave your predictions in the top six categories.  You can view the nominees here-

Robert Newton Cape Ann Community Cinema WGBH radio Interview Dishes On Oscars


Catherine Ryan writes-

Hi Joey

If you haven’t had the chance, listen to Robert Newton’s WGBH radio interview with Edgar B. Herwick III about all things Oscars, Rob’s stellar programming (which includes special events featuring nights with Liv Ullmann or movie launches with luminaries like John Sayles) and of course Rob’s enthusiasm for Gloucester! It’s the lead interview, first 10 minutes.

“Movies are spiritual experience and way of life for me…I’m happy to share my enthusiasm and joy for film…and our refuge sanctuary (here) in Gloucester !”


His annual Oscars night also falls on his birthday this year. Come celebrate:

New England String Quartet opens the Oscars and plays selected Oscar winning music.

Red Carpet 8PM

Movie snacks from around the world (Norway Raindeer jerky – Liv Ullmann inspired no doubt)

Happy Birthday Rob!