Noble Smith Has Some Nice Things To Say

Good Morning Gloucester:

Although a resident of Harpswell Maine, I am frequently in Gloucester where I consult with two organizations – The Schooner Adventure and the Christopher Cutler Rich Animal Shelter,

Early on in these consulting associations well over a year ago, I asked whether there was any publication that covered the area so that I could gain more perspective of its people, what they did and how they conducted their lives.  The answer was Good Morning Gloucester.

For the past year plus and every day I read GMG which arrives on my computer at around 9:30pm.  If I fall to sleep ahead of the transmission, I always read it when I wake up in the middle of the night.

It is a great service to the community and I wish Harpswell would do the same.  When I am in Gloucester for meetings, the subject of GMG always arises and I think people are a little surprised that a Mainer is right on top of all the local news – thanks to GMG.


Noble Smith

5 thoughts on “Noble Smith Has Some Nice Things To Say

  1. Thank you Noble for taking the time to write. I just find this so interesting and think more communities would really benefit from creating a hyper local blog-but then you would need to clone Joey.


  2. Due to her love of Glouceste and GMG, Linda and her husband, Rob Castagna of Milford, NJ started Good Morning Milford, a blog which is unique to Milford but similar to GMG in the positive community attitude it fosters. There’s only one Joey C. and one Good Morning Gloucester, but if the passion is there, a Good Morning Harpswell could happen too. I’ve been to Harpswell and it is lovely, but quite a bit smaller than Gloucester, so could be very intimate, lovely and let people on the outside know about Harpswell. Maybe you’re the one to start it Noble.


  3. All I want to say is I’m proud of my son Joey and his contributors to GMG. All the hard work they do and ask nothing in return. There reward is seeing people and businesses in our beautiful community achieve success which in turn benefits all of us. I don’t know of any group of people passionate in what they do as the Good Morning Gloucester blog contributors with no other motive but to help, promote, encourage in all their contributing posts. And still continue to do it even when people or business’s forget what they do or did for them. Thank you GMG


  4. It is 3:16am- just woke up and am reading GMG…and found a story about someone who reads GMG when they wake up in the middle of the night! 🙂 Imagine how many people out there do the same and appreciate this blog but just never happen to comment!


  5. Noble’s advice and counsel to Adventure (where I serve on the board) is invaluable. Nice to hear such feedback about GMG from him.


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