Lunch with Marty Luster

fred_marty luster

Marty Luster and I had lunch and a beer at the Seaport Grille on Wednesday. We don’t really know each other well, but in spirit we’re certainly aligned. He has a freakin’ ton of life experience, me only a fraction of that, but I’ve got lots of pro photo experience under my belt. In the two hours we spent at the table, there were never 3 seconds of awkward silence with nothing to talk about. After we finished eating, Marty ordered tea, and I asked if I could take his picture with his Fuji X100, which he is generously letting me test out. I have to confess – I practiced the basics of that camera beforehand, so I wouldn’t seem a fool. This is the 5th photo Fred had taken with this camera. So my picture tells the story: Here’s a guy who’s straight up, stand up honest, very smart, caring, generous, and would do ANYTHING for you. I KNOW this kind of person, and they’re ALWAYS from Gloucester. That’s Marty Luster.
Fred Bodin
Bodin Historic Photo
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6 thoughts on “Lunch with Marty Luster

    1. Yes they are. A model for retirement living they are. Heck living day to day living. Always upbeat, always smiling, always positive.

      Great addition to our community just like so many others that chose to live here and contribute to making it an even better place.


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