Door details

At Brown’s Mall.  Former offices of the Encyclopedia Britannica? (or is there another explanation for the thistle emblem over the door?)

Fr. Matthew Green


7 thoughts on “Door details

  1. I was sales promotion manager at Browns back in the day. The thistle emblem is in honor of the Brown’s Scottish heritage.
    Carol (Creed) Perry


  2. By mentioning the Encyclopedia Britannica, you’re close…. those volumes were first published in Edinburgh in the late 1700’s by a Scot with the unfortunate name of William Smellie… Everyone thinks the Britannica is British… it’s not…. it’s Scottish. The Thistle (the National Emblem of Scotland), is printed on the first page of every volume.

    Jim Clyde


      1. And how did the Thistle come to be the national emblem of Scotland, you might ask? The legend is that when the Vikings (or some other marauding group), were on a raid into Scotland one night, they removed their footwear to better sneak up on the sleeping Scots. One unfortunate Viking happened to step on a thistle and yelled out, waking the Scots and saving the day!


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