Breakfast at George’s Coffee Shop

Practically since I arrived in Gloucester, people have been telling me I have to try breakfast at George’s (178 Washington Street). For one reason or another, I had not made it until this past Sunday when I had breakfast there after Mass with some parishioners.  From among the many appetizing things on the menu, I chose “breakfast boats”:

That’s three potato halves, hollowed out and filled in with scrambled eggs and bacon, topped with shredded cheese and served with salsa and sour cream.  Wow.  It tasted as good as it looks!  However, it was twice what I could eat, so I ended up with leftovers for later.   Definitely worth ordering!  We were all satisfied with our meals.  I had tried a bite of someone’s plate-sized pineapple coconut pancake, and it was delicious too…

While we ate, I saw this unusual sight:

I’ve never seen a sign like that on a car before. The owner must have real problems with people trying to get friendly with those beautiful hounds.  It reminds me of this scene from “The Pink Panther Strikes Again” (which I just watched again):

– Fr. Matthew Green

6 thoughts on “Breakfast at George’s Coffee Shop

  1. I think I met the person who owns this car (at least I met a woman with a Basset named Wilson who had a similar sign on her car – it looks Wilson in the front seat, but I never met the other dog). She put the sign on the car because one day, when she had left him in the car while she went to do a quick errand, someone went up to the car and “wanted to get a better look” so they just opened the car door. Then, the dog escaped…I believe the dog was caught quickly because she came back just as it was happening, but still…you can lock the car door, but leaving the window open for air also means someone could reach in and unlock it, like the person in this case probably did.


  2. OK, Father, so now you must try breakfast at Sailor Stan’s, on Rocky Neck, Gloucester Harbor. It’s basically a diner built into the first floor of a residence, and is akin to something out of the ’50’s, adorned with local artwork. The stick-to-your-ribs fare is generously portioned, inexpensive, and perfectly cooked, every time. Whoever’s paying is well advised to bring cash, their only accepted form of currency. Also, I’m unsure of SS’s hours of operation in the off season, but it is well worth a try!


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