A visit to Marshalls Farm Stand

Went over to Marshalls Farm Stand on Wednesday to take a look at the new metal Alpaca made by the talented artist Chris Francis.  I love visiting my friends the alpacas when over there.  These gentle animals are fun and so cute.  Also do not forget the goats, Ben and Jerry.


Visiting my friends at Marshall’s Farm stand

I love visiting the Alpacas at Marshall’s Farm stand in Gloucester.  These cuties are friendly and very smart.  When I was over there on Wednesday they were chowing down on an a Christmas Tree.  Alpacas love them.

Here a couple of photos of these cuties.

This is Buttercup she a the mom of Hoppy who was born last June.

Cutie Frankie, she actually gives kisses

Loving the Christmas Tree.

A visit to Marshalls Farm Stand

Going over to Marshalls’ Farm Stand for veggies and flowers, always have to go visit my friends the Alpacas.  They are so cute and affectionate.  Love these cuties.  There are Frankie, Buttercup, Maize, Pokey, Cinnamon, Stormy, Pippin and Rocky and many more.

Marshall’s Farm Stand

When going over to Marshall’s Stand on Concord Street, Gloucester, to grab fresh fruit and veggies plus some meats, do not forget to take in the atmosphere of this fun farm.  The Halloween decorations are awesome and of course my friends the Alpacas and the little goats.  Do not forget to see Perry the Peacock with ducks and chickens.

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While ferrying plants from Cedar Rock Gardens to jobs this weekend I passed by Angie’s adorable Alpacas half a dozen times. Just had to stop and say a quick hello!I think this one is named Magnolia, for the color of her softly hued hair. She was taking a languid roll in the grass. Doesn’t she look positively angelic?Magnolia and Pippi Longstocking (please write Angie if the Alpaca’s names are incorrect).

Alpacas of Marshalls Farm Stand

Love going to Marshalls Farm Stand for fresh veggies and fruit but always have to go and visit these cute Alpacas.  They are very friendly and come right up to you.  For more information on Alpacas please follow the link below.





More of a Good Thing: Fall Fest @ Mile Marker One

Both Donna and Joey already posted some fantastic photos from this weekend’s Fall Festival at Mile Marker One, but it was such a great event, that more can’t hurt.  Mile Marker One, Marshall’s Farm Stand, and The Bridge pulled off a fantastic afternoon despite some threatening weather.

The city of Gloucester provided some pretty awesome vehicles including Fire Engine 3, a police Hummer, an ATV, and even a Coast Guard Vessel.  That’s pretty much all my boys needed to make a day of it, but the pony rides, face painting, bouncy houses, awesome vendors, pretty yummy Bloody Marys, gelato, the Sam Adams Brewery Oktoberfest Beer Hoisting Competition (what?), and some pretty sweet alpacas made it all that much more fun.  And…that was by no means all that the event had to offer.

A true collaboration of forces to pull off yet another fantastic family event here in our great city.  Thanks to all!  Put this one on your calendar for next year for sure.


Alpacas at Bothways Farm in Essex

Dean Burgess from Gloucester writes-

           I work at Bothways Farm in Essex .Here are the Alpacas that we have at the farm. I thought the GMG viewers would like to see something different in farm animals.As most may know Alpacas are from the South American region and are a cross between a camel and LLamas. Alpacas are herd animals and are used for their wool fibers.We have shaven these Alpacas and have sold the wool. I have seen these animals run very fast,just like a camel.The GMG viwers can see these Alpacas out in the front pasture as they drive by Bothways farm along Southern avenue in Essex.