This shit drives me crazy

Be it eco-fraud hacks or defense contractor hacks or big dig hacks, they all just drive me nuts.

Millions unspent by two Mass. energy companies

Boston herald

By Gary J. Remal
Sunday, July 22, 2012

Two green-energy firms near the top of Massachusetts’ list of stimulus money recipients still haven’t spent hundreds of millions of dollars allotted to them, even though the program was meant for shovel-ready projects and the state employment dropped by thousands of jobs last month.

Lexington-based 1366 Technologies Inc. — a solar energy firm — has spent less than $4 million out of its $147 million in grants and loans provided by President Obama’s $840 billion legislation to jump-start an economy plunged into a near depression by the housing mortgage crisis. More than 2,200 entities split nearly $8 billion doled out to Massachusetts since February 2009.

The remainder of the 1366 Technologies’ stimulus windfall is unlikely to be spent until the end of next year — and then only if a demonstration plant now under construction in Bedford proves that the company’s process to manufacture silicon solar cells actually works.

“We’re going to do it as fast as possible. The first thing we have to do, with private money, is build a demonstration plant,” 1366 Technologies CEO Frank van Mierlo told the Herald. “That’s relatively late, but in all fairness, that is contingent on what we do at the demonstration plant.”

He acknowledged that the solar industry is in the midst of a shakeout and he predicted 80 percent of companies now in business will go bankrupt, comparing it to the early days of automobile manufacture. But he said the companies that emerge will have the size, the strength and the technology to help the nation off its addiction to fossil fuels.

They’re stealing from us. 

At least with the republicans you know those fuckers are rotten thieves to begin with with their bombing oil fields with bombs made by big Republican backer defense contractors only to go in and repair them with big republican backer oil field repair service companies like Haliburton, and driving up the price of oil for big Republican backer oil companies all based under the guise of Patriotism.

But what bothers me even more than these evil republican rat bastards are the Liberal Eco Green fraud Democrat hacks who paint themselves as saviors while they steal our dough.  Because they prey on naïve liberals who would like to believe that solar or wind power could replace nuclear or fossil fuel and they drain money our money in bogus grants.

They’re both stealing from us, Sickening.

20 thoughts on “This shit drives me crazy

  1. I agree. Our system of government is totally upside down. We need a top to bottom cleansing. The pols are in business to make money, not participate with each other and “serve” in our best interests. Whatever happened to their fiduciary responsibility? The responsibility they have to work for OUR best interests, no matter what the outcome means to them? The behavior of the legislative branch of our government is reprehensible. And I’m sorry, but the so called “honest” pols “go along to get along” so they’re also part of the problem. I’ve stopped watching the news and reading the papers because it’s just too frustrating. One of my “trusted advisors” told me to work on my own ethics and encourage others to do the same. By doing that, we can change the system from inside. It’s slow work. But I don’t think there’s any silver bullet.


  2. Hmm , , , You may be right that they’re stealing from us, but this article doesn’t seem to me to be evidence of it. Seems like most of the money they could have they haven’t taken yet because they’re not ready to spend it appropriately yet. That doesn’t sound like dishonesty to me, that sounds like good honest business. There’s some suggestion by the Herald that the grant and loan package was somehow Massachusetts’s money — or at least money that had to be spent here — but I’m pretty sure that was never what anything in the stimulus bill ever said, and implication of some kind of “theft” here is just the Herald being the Herald.


  3. Hmm… so doesn’t it just mean that they are trying to make it work before wasting the money on a product that isn’t working. The idea has been invested in, but requires funding in order to create a viable producible product. They aren’t wasting money throwing crap together and then producing a lot of it, but waiting to see results. Any interest acrued would then be reinvested in the project, so it doesn’t seem like crazy thievery here. Maybe I’m missing something. I don’t see the logic of NOT investing in new types of fuels with a fatalistic idea that nuclear and fossil are the only viable options. That’s like saying you can’t eat 30 hot plates in the food challenge. You sure may fail, but isn’t it better to give it a whirl that eating a salad? AND if you eat your plates slowly and carefully instead of gulping them down and then throwing up, isn’t it better to win by slow and steady than lose because you rushed it?

    My thinking is that it IS going to take a combination of fuels, but the rest of the world is already on the solar/wind invention rocket and actively producing those fuels in massive amounts. When you see the arab nations investing heavily in these technologies, well, maybe the oil, it ain’t going to last forever. Most people think about oil as just what you heat your house with or put in the gas tank, but nearly everything you touch or use is produced with it: fabric, building supplies, paints and coatings, plastic, wood products, food products, packaging, paper, medicines, soaps and detergents, plates, cups, your shirt, your hat, your steering wheel… blah, blah, blah!


  4. Hmm… I don’t see that. They have been invested in based on the idea, are investing in the technology development’s success before wasting the money on massive product development. Any interest earned, would be reinvested in the product so no money is being stolen, but it isn’t being rushed. I think that would appreciated. Saying that you might as well give up on solar and wind is defeatist like saying that you could never win the 30 hotplate challenge so better just go eat salad. You don’t want to rush those bad boys and throw up and lose the race, you want to go slow and steady. They want to be sure they have a product worth investing in – doesn’t seem crazy.

    I think most people think of oil as just being what they heat the house with and what goes in the car, but it’s so much more than that: fabric, paints and coatings, building supplies, paper products, soap and detergents, food products, medicines, tires, adhesives, shoes, technology, eyeglasses, plastics, packaging, your couch, your hat, your cup, your shirt,…

    It is going to take a bunch of new fuels all used together. Most other nations are already heavily invested in and successfully reaping benefits from alternative fuels. We are behind the ball here. When the arab nations are having conferences on the end of oil and investing in alternative fuels, well, the oil, it ain’t going to last forever…


  5. Also, any jobs created wouldn’t last, if the product isn’t worth producing, so the concept of keeping people from jobs is a routine republican agenda twisting-of-truth to make it seem like cementing a viable product as a sin before production. Their concept must be good or they wouldn’t have been invested in (let’s hope.) That’s not what’s being argued here, it’s that they didn’t rush right into production. If they can produce a product which can make a difference, and put it into production as a success – it stands to create more steadfast jobs, even if it takes a little more time. It can take a while to create working and optimized prototypes from concept to development, so that’s not an insane idea.


  6. They haven’t used the cash because they exaggerated what their company could do and what they donated to the Democrat party and the Presidents re-election campaigns. It works on both sides like mr. Joey say’s. If your a republican, the democrats are worse. If your a Democrat the Repubs are worse. Politics just plain suck.


  7. In your discussion of the slow pace of State spending of stimulus funds, your use of obscenities is unprofessional and accomplishes nothing. In addition, while your discussion of Republican financial manipulations are convincing, your attack on the Liberal Green agenda is rather small potatoes by comparison. I’d like to read an unbiased and obscenity-free discussion of how we might benefit from a reapportionment of taxpayers’ funds away from war making, toward a healthy and sustainable planet.


    1. Of course with your liberal blinders on you only see the negatives of the Republicans, just like the hard core republicans can only see the negative in the democrat waste.

      You’re telling me that investing in an 80% failure rate is beneficial? You happy with that Shep? Glad you’re not in charge of my dough.
      How about fiscal responsibility and instead of flushing it down a rat hole to garner votes on either side we attack our deficit?

      I’m tired of each party just sitting there with their heads tilted back and a big funnel in their mouths accepting their respective party leaders shit down their throats and then regurgitating it back to their other like minded buddies, licking their lips all along the way.

      Wake up people.


  8. Spot on. Voters want things to be simple. Which is why we race towards nonsensical so-called solutions to our energy and employment woes without understanding that both issues are complex and can’t be solved just by throwing money at the latest round of snake oil salesmen — all of whom have long since figured out that the latest gravy train is green. These people are in the business of bilking the taxpayers to the tune of billions in grants, subsidies and tax credits — without actually creating viable, competitive, real-world technologies. And politicians LOVE these yahoos because then they get to issue endless press releases with trendy eco-friendly jargon that we voters actually believe without engaging in due diligence.


  9. We’re not having a professional discussion. We’re frustrated folks trying to make a living and blowing off some steam. We’re bothered by the same old same old. Having an “unbiased” discussion would be a waste of time, wouldn’t it? Isn’t the nature of a discussion the exchange of ideas and opinions. How can one be “unbiased”? Regarding obscenities, although the absence of such never offended anyone, it’s use is almost always an indication of anger and frustration. Far be it from me to impose my will on any citizen by telling him/her how to speak or express one’s self. This is a free forum and a free country. Talk on. Maybe it’ll filter down to the jerks spending our taxes.
    What I can’t imagine is the system changing any time soon. The people that have the power are the people in power. They’re not about to change the rules. The people that we elect to replace the people in power may start out with ideals but they’re quickly forced/coerced by the $ and the power. It’s a mess. The taxes, bad decisions, deficit, etc. are all symptoms. Treating the symptoms is temporary and ultimately ineffective.


  10. Your hypothesis suggests that the big oil companies and their corporations interests, albeit pharmaceutical companies,etc. would like to see “Green Energy”. Money talks and walks for those folks. I hear about wind and solar all of the time and although I believe they could provide millions of needed jobs, there is another alternative, Hydro power. How about the company right here in Gloucester that wants to put their huge turbines under the flowing water of the Missouri River. One hundred and fifty of these were planned for installation fifteen feet above the river bottom, and would provide enough energy to take away one coal fired plant. I haven’t heard of anything going on with them for a few years but do know that they were waiting for the Army Corp. of Engineers study. Anyone out there know of what’s happening with these folks?


  11. When Joey signed me up as an author on this blog he laid down the law, no politics. I wish he had stuck to his own rule book. What are we going to argue about next? Let’s see, I think the definition of totally worthless would be to argue about religion next.


  12. But to put my two cents in on the argument. I believe investing in green energy is an excellent idea. The gist of this story is that the company has not foolishly spent the money but is investing in the R and D and production of new technology. Twenty years from now a country that has invested in the new technologies, solar, new voltaics, (batteries), biotechnology, will win in the new economy. Right now China is spending and subsidizing heavily in these areas and is kicking our ass. But we have the smarts, the MITs and the Caltechs with the next genration technology. If we do not invest with real money like in this story we will end up being the lapdogs of China and any other country that had the foresight to invest.

    We have the technology, the brains. We need an educated workforce and investment in the new technology. Meaning we need to to crank up our educational system and invest just as in the Herald article.

    Instead, Congress wants to cut. Cut biotech, cut solar, cut all R and D. The same people who drove this debt up the wazoo are now bitching about the debt and cutting the legs out from under the newest technology. But they want to save the old technology of oil and coal. Idiots. Not all politicians are idiots but there sure are a lot of them who can only think in the two year election cycle. That is not a good way to build a new long lasting economy. So were a bit stuck with burning coal and oil until we wide up a little bit.


    1. that last line says “wise up” not wide up a little bit. I’m getting carried away with the new dictation abilities in the new MacOSX108 Mountain Lion from Apple. AS of last night, I don’t type.

      As for the discussion on management. Yeah Boom. That describes every single company on earth. Oh, except oil companies which have lived so long on government subsidies they don’t need to be efficient, or have good management, just good congressional lobbyists period new paragraph


      1. spot on Paul! R&D isn’t as pretty to report on but it’s like not doing proper prep for a paint job. Most of the job isn’t the pretty color you coat it with at the end of the day! _Beth


  13. Speaking as somebody “inside” the office of a green company, one key thing I see that is needed to the success of the company is a responsible executive management team. A management team that makes sure the company has a sound operations infrasctucture in place. The discipline has to come from the CEO; from top down. Business processes need to be established and followed. What I am currently witness to is winning sales contracts by any means possible and promising customers unrealistic delivery dates. This trickles down to an unreasonably tight engineering and manufacturing schedule. It makes the procurement team pay two to three times as much when ordering parts because of demanding extremely short lead times from suppliers. Then burn people out by having them work 60-80 hours a week $$ to get the product built. Ship the product and then send field service $$ to fix whatever is broken or doesn’t work properly because of hasty workmanship. Continue doing this for a few years until you’re on credit hold with your suppliers because you’re not paying them, because your not making your money back from the products you’ve sold. Still continue to collect your bonus every year, along with the other executive managers.
    In the beginning I was thrilled to be on board working for a green company. I am now so disenchanted by what I have witnessed. I know there has to be other successful green companies out there…..there has to be.


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