Hanging out at the State Fish Pier

Hanging out at the State Fish Pier

2 thoughts on “Hanging out at the State Fish Pier

  1. Looking back at the Jodrey State Pier. I can recall the following. I used to get up at 4:00 in the morning to go pick ice of the escalater as the red fish was fed into State Fish Company. They we had I believe it was American Fisheries owned by Joe Codinah . Vencove Fisheries , which later moved in back of Odonnell Usen over East Gloucester and I beieve it became King Fisheries. I remember because the owners and the foremen used to go to The Old Coast Guard Building to have supper . I remember one night I think it was a Wendsday that they were all gathered getting ready to eat, and they had trouble with the Fire Place. Mr Polumbo who I think was with the Empire Fish sent me up to the atiic. I found a dead seagull blocking the chimney. I gingerly tried to make my way back along the cieling support beams, but I missed , and I went through the cieling landing smack square in the middle of their table. Pasta, Sauce and meatballs were flying. Just a little flash back for you


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