Did You Know? (Helicopter Pilot)

Last heard from, she was in in Chiang Mai, Thailand, sitting in a comfy chair in a simple room listening to a gekko.  But did you know that Brenda Malloy of Rocky Neck’s Imagine Gallery was once a commercial helicopter pilot?  Some gals have all the fun.  This is a shot of her on Madfish Wharf this summer.  Hope you’re having a great adventure Brenda.  Rocky Neck isn’t the same without you. 

E.J. Lefavour

Our Troops are Cold!

After the Veteran’s Day Ceremony, I thought, “Well what do they need and how can I help?”  It took me awhile but I called Lucia Amero at the Veterans Center and she told me that our troops are cold and they need our help.  (Click the photo to watch the video) Here is what you can do:

  • Click here for a list of what they need
  • Knitters click here to see how you can help
  • Drop off a donation at The Veterans Center (12 Emerson Ave, Gloucester)
  • Take a donation to Sunbanque (156 Prospect St, Gloucester) and get a FREE TAN

Rockport National Bank is Proud to Once Again Sponsor The Giving Tree

RNB Annual Giving Tree

Rockport National Bank is proud to once again sponsor The Giving Tree.  This is a special traditional our community has embraced for over 17 years during the holiday season. Last year, hundreds of families, individuals, elderly and children in the communities of Gloucester & Rockport anonymously received gifts.  This is a true testament to the goodwill and undeniable spirit of generosity of our customers and the residents of Cape Ann.

Anyone can participate………just stop by the Rockport National Bank branch nearest you and select a candy cane gift tag from The Giving Tree.  Return the wrapped gift along with the original gift tag by Saturday, December 17th.  Your gift will be anonymously distributed to the appropriate organization in time for Christmas.  Rest assured your generosity is deeply appreciated.

We thank you for your kindness in making this season brighter for so many families and children in need. 

Rockport National Bank Branches:   16 Main Street, Rockport
       37 King Street, Rockport
                                  4 Parker Street, Gloucester
                  Coming January 2012    4 Colon Street, Beverly                       
For additional information contact:  Grace Numerosi, 978-309-1224

Trivia Question 3~gimmesound Music Lineup ~ 11/23/11

Trivia Question #3 — Ever see those popular holiday calendars featuring hunky firemen? Well this is only trivia about the Gloucester Fire Department, but Kory may or may not be shirtless. Enter at own risk..  Plus get  today’s music lineup for homecoming night — it’s a great night for music in Gloucester!  Friday’s post will give you all the details on submitting your answers (when,where & how).

Check Out The Crazy Gloucester Ocean Today On www.gloucesterwebcam.com

The Footbridge is under water viewable on the Blue Shutter’s Beach Cam


The Atlantis Ocean Inn Webcam on The Back Shore


The Vista Motel Showing The Good harbor Beach Marsh Under Water-


Maritime Gloucester Gloucester Harbor Cam


Atlantis Oceanfront Inn


There are over 20 live Gloucester area webcams.

You should bookmark the page here http://www.gloucesterwebcam.com

Saint Ann’s Bell Tower – Without A Net! Photos Forwarded By The Infamous Fred Buck From The Archive’s At the Cape Ann Museum

The Infamous One Writes-

joey – here’s a few photos from the cape ann museum archives dating from november 1946.  they were taken by norman swett, a bridgetender at the cut bridge, who was also a very active and accomplished free-lance photographer.  the pix were donated to the museum about 10 years ago by jane douglas, widow of one of the steeplejacks in the group photo (thomas douglas, 3rd from left in back row).  hope nobody gets queasy looking at these guys doing their work like it was nothing special.  if anybody has any ideas on the reason for the rebuild, i’d love to hear them.  happy t-day!  infamous.


Just one more in a long list of contributions to GMG from our FOB Fred.  If you haven’t figured out by now the vast number of treasures located in the archives which are OPEN TO THE PUBLIC (this means you) then god help you!

You have got to get your ass down there and a crappy rainy day like today would be the perfect day to do so!  Say hey to Fred down in the archives and ask them to look something up for you if there is something from Gloucester’s past that interests you.  they get off on that kind of stuff.

For more info about The Cape Ann Museum click the link below-


Rockport Christmas Tree Donated By The Nagle Family Video- Skip Montello

Skip writes-

Hi Joey,

I had a chance to capture the event of "Christmas" coming to Rockport with the addition of a beautiful 33 foot Christmas tree in Dock Square that was donated by the Nagle family on White Way. The Rockport DPW and Ace Hardware teamed up to carefully cut the 50 + year old tree down and load it onto a flat bed truck for its short journey to Dock Square for all to enjoy during this holiday season.

Please feel free to post it up on GMG for all to see….

(Photos and slideshow choreography by Skip Montello)

Thanks Joey,


North Coast Angler www.northcoastangler.com

Skip Montello Photos www.skipmontellophotos.com