Jim Ronan Sends Us a Warning

Gonna try something new.   How bout each one of you write back and give Jim a reply to his answers in the comment section to this post.  Cape Ann Community Concierge Smile

Joey, 8 of us(4 couples) from Chicago area are planning a New England weekend in July, 2012.  A woman at one of the bike shops, Big Mike’s I think, recommended I send you an e-mail.  She says YOU are the man.
We are going to spend half a day in your town and I am looking for suggestions regarding a bike tour along the ocean and/or the harbor.  Just a short ride is sufficient.  Also, we would be especially interested in seeing the
fishermen bring in their lobsters.  Are there certain times of day? on Sundays?(this is the likely day we will be in Gloucester).  Is there anything that you would consider a must see or do that is exclusive to Gloucester?
Your help is appreciated.  I promise to leave your town a little better off than when we arrive, if its possible.  (8 people in their mid-fifties can’t do too much damage – that’s for sure).
Sincerely, Jim Rohan

Last Mug-Up this Sunday in Rockport

Or maybe it’s not the last mug up but at least one more is happening this weekend.

Sunday, Nov 6, 10AM to Noon, Rubber Duck’s House, 70 Phillips Avenue, Rockport. Do you miss mug-up? Miss no more. Just go to the furthest place away from the last mug-up at Madfish Pier while staying on Cape Ann and you found the right place near Andrews Point. Park under the Santa locked in the attic of the old red house.

EJ has already promised her award winning deviled eggs, everything else in this photo you need to bring except for the coffee. (But think pre-holidays diet.)

Rubber Duck will be showing off her new wood burning stove installed in her shop that she just bought from Bob at Cape Ann Chimney and Hearth along with a free one ton of BioBricks. Hot Coffee, toasty wood fire, stop on by. EJ also said she might make Paul F’s Pillsbury doughboy meat pies. Top that! All friends of GMG invited.

Zombies Spotted on Good Harbor Beach !


Good Harbor Beach became Zombie Town on Saturday night, as the Blue Shutters Beachside Inn threw a Murder Mystery Night featuring a “walking dead” theme. The Blue Shutters innkeepers jumped right in along with guests of the inn – that’s Ed and AnnMarie Comer on the far left, Tony Sapienza on the far right and Patty Sapienza center front.

Tony, Patty, Ed and Annmarie

Check Out The Blue Shutters Beachcam on www.gloucesterwebcam.com

Deb Clarke Wants to Know. Questions for Artists!


Deb Clarke Wants to Know. Questions for Artists!

Deb Clarke Wants to Know. 

where have you had the most success selling your work?

in a traditional art gallery?

an artist cooperative gallery?

a vanity gallery? (pay for the privilege of exhibition)

a restaurant showing?

on-line marketing efforts?

how much time on a weekly basis do you spend marketing your work?

do you sell prints of your work?

how many on-line sites do you have?

if you donate work to non-profit fundraisers/auctions…have you ever made additional sales?

if you belong to an art association, do you make sales to cover your membership, get referrals?



Learn-to-Skate Session at the Talbott Rink Saturday

Hi Joey

This Saturday starts a new Learn-to-Skate session at the Talbott Rink at the O’Maley Middle School.

It’s for boys and girls 2 1/2yrs and up.  The classes are instructed by professional coaches and both hockey and figure skating skills are taught.  The classes start @ 1pm but skaters should arrive early to register and put on  their skates.  All Learn-to-Skate skaters must wear a helmet.

For more information see our Web site: http://cafsc.org/

or our FACEBOOK page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Cape-Ann-Skating-Club/150068585048452?ref=ts

or call: Faye @ 978-546-2290

Hope to see a lot of you there!~Maryanne Askwyth

LTS Marcy_kids

Chickity Check It! Cruiseport Gloucester’s Port Parameters for Gloucester, MA USA

My buddies Peter and Vickie Van Ness are the creative masterminds behind some of the best websites in Gloucester.  They are the driving forces behind http://gloucesterma.com/, www.gimmesound.com , http://rudderrestaurant.com/ and Cruiseport’s site-

Cruiseport Gloucester

Understanding the idea behind the www.gloucesterwebcam.com to drive visitors to our local business and community organization’s websites, Peter and Vickie did what I’m hoping others will do with their webcams- embed them on their sites to give visitors a reason to return to their otherwise static websites.  If a prospective visitor knows that every time they click on that business or organization’s website they will have the live scenic view of beautiful Gloucester harbor, they will have a reason to return over and over again.

So here is the page on Cruiseport’s site which gives Gloucester Port Parameters for incoming vessels-


Brilliant!  Great Job Vickie and Peter!

and great job by Tim at www.GloucesterBytes.com for doing a fantastic job with the webcam install!

If you have web design needs give Peter and Vickie a call at 978-525-9093

Art Haven Fall Session Starts Monday!

Our new Fall Session starts Monday!

November 7th-December 9thimage

Color & Design: Wikid Awesome Watercolors

Mondays 3:30pm-5:00pm | Ages 6-11

Learn some fun, new watercolor techniques you never even thought were possible!

3-D Discovery: Teddy Bear Workshop

Tuesdays 3:30pm-5:00pm | Ages 6-11

Create an instant best friend by learning to make your very own teddy bear.

Furniture Funtime

Wednesdays 3:30pm-5:00pm | Ages 8-12

Got an old piece of furniture around that needs some sprucing up? Have your child make it his own by learning how to transfer a beautiful work of art to it.

And as always.. Don’t forget to join us for our Youth Open Studios, Youth Open Darkroom,

Pottery Classes, and Family Studio!