Empire Fish- 40’s or 50’s From Fred Buck

The Infamous One Shares This Slideshow of Empire Fish Cutting Redfish.  Anyone know any of the people in the photos?

Thanks Fred- it’s nice to share these with the community rather than sit in a box somewhere never seeing the light of day.

Your contributions here have been outstanding!

Two Conversations


There was a great photo in the news this morning;

two  older men facing each other on an Athens street

having an animated discussion  about the debt crises in Greece.


The man on the right was bent toward the other,

his left fist clenched and his right jabbing the air near

the other man’s ear.


The talker on the left had his back arched and both arms

were pointed skyward with open hands  facing the other speaker ,

a dismissive gesture that said, “oh, stop the nonsense!”


It was quite unlike the calm and gentle scene

I happened upon while leaving the library

after returning a nearly overdue book.


Down Dale Avenue, about fifty feet away, a man and a woman

were quietly speaking to each other over the fence

that runs along the sidewalk.


The woman’s head was comfortably supported by her bent arm

which was propped up by the top rung of the fence.

But I’ll not write about the utility of fences;

that, as I remember, has already been done quite well.


The two stood in a spotlight of sun

framed by a bending tree trunk , and by shadows

on nearby buildings and those cast by the fence

aimed at the sidewalk.


They were relaxed and attentive to what the other had to say.

It was a conversation, listening as well as speaking.

Of course, what they were talking about is none of my business,

but I bet it wasn’t the debt crisis in Greece.

Marty Luster

gimmesound Live Music Lineup ~ 11/13/11

Get today’s Live Music lineup and a preview of this week’s give-away.  The contest works just like last week see the videos for last week here.

Here is how the Give-Away works:

  • There is a clue in every lineup video (Monday – Friday)
  • Connect the dots from the Monday – Friday Videos.
  • After you see the Friday Video and have connected the dots
  • Give us your answer on our Facebook or Twitter
  • The FIRST person with the correct answer wins a wicked cool prize!
  • This is something you WANT!

Cape Ann Skeptics in The Pub November 15th

On November 15th, at Skeptics in the Pub, Christy Park will talk about Aliens and flying saucers – from true believers to popular culture, and where the two strands meet.” Her presentation will look at the good, the bad and the weird. “ Klaatu barada nikto” everybody!

As usual it will be held at the Dog Bar, 65 Main St., Gloucester. At  6:00, people can gather to talk and order food, the presentation begins at 6:45.

Come and join the fun!



Christmas Candy Wreaths For Suicide Prevention

Nov 12- Dec 15.

In memory of Joshua Amaral who took his life at age 15, team Life Is A Highway is taking orders for Christmas Candy Wreaths from now until Dec 15th and will also be on sale at Tucks Candy in Rockport and the Ipswich River General Store.  Each wreath is hand crafted and ranges between $25- $35 dollars. The proceeds of each wreath go to The American Foundation of Suicide Prevention, an organizing making a real change in the lives of teens and the fight against bullying.

Please contact Amanda at mndypool@gmail.com or call (978) 309-2982 with any questions or to place an order.

Find us on Facebook at :


and Joshua’s Page at:


Team Life Is A Highway


Early Elf Open House photos

A big thank-you to Joey for the honor of becoming an official contributor to Good Morning Gloucester! I’m kicking off my posts with an event that Joey had publicized earlier on the blog.

Last night’s “Early Elf Open House” at Bodin Historic Photo & Fine Art was well worth stopping in for.  The art and photos were as beautiful as could be asked for, and the short rib chili from Passports was out of this world! Here are a few photos.

Fred with the artists! Left to right: Kathleen Miller, Fred Bodin, and Jean Byrd. This photo was taken by Joey, who was trying out my camera.

The refreshments! If you like chili, you should stop by Passports to taste theirs. Even if you don't like chili, you should try it - it's really good!
Jean poses with some of her work
I bought one of this jars with a cork stopper, labeled "Miracles". It seemed appropriate for my vocation...
Among those present were members of Kathleen Miller's family
Kathleen has added Christmas ornaments to her artwork for sale

It was a great evening!

Fr. Matthew Green

This Is Your Reminder To Go To Mamie’s Kitchen and Order the Greatest Linguica In The History Of Linguica

What you thought I was kidding? You HAVE TO TRY THIS LINGUICA!
The pictures don’t do it justice. Huge chunks of pork, it’s not like some processed linguica. this is the homemade stuff of dreams!

Tell ‘em Joey sent ya.

65 Pleasant St (across from St Ann’s Church)


You have to try this.  It is not of this earth.