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How to Make Alcoholic Ice Cream, the Greatest Dessert of All Time


From Gizmodo-

You love booze. You love ice cream. Unfortunately, if you cram ice cream full of alcohol, it won’t freeze. If only there were a way… THERE IS! Meet the ladies who cracked the code.

It’s Friday afternoon, you’ve made it through the long week, and it’s time for Happy Hour, Gizmodo’s weekly booze column. A cocktail shaker full of innovation, science, and alcohol. Boo yah, let’s get drunk.

Alcohol flavored ice creams are abundant: Bailey’s, Guinness, Jack Daniels, Rum Raisin—they’re everywhere. But none of them have any kick. Why? Because alcohol’s freezing point is waaaaay lower than water’s, which means that it’s damn near impossible to get boozy ice cream to retain that lovely, semi-solid form we so adore. So there’s no booze in them, which is STUPID.

Thank god for Valerie Lum and Jenise Addison, who figured out how to stabilize the alcohol using gelatin (look away, vegetarians). After countless nights of trial and error these two awesome women who should win Nobel Prizes have come up with a system that will allow you to incorporate a cup of 80 proof booze into a quart of ice cream. That nets ice cream that’s approximately 13-percent alcohol by volume. Not bad! The duo came up with 50 recipes for boozy ice creams and sorbets in their book Ice Cream Happy Hour. We quite enjoyed making the frozen White Russian in the video above; here’s what you’ll need to make it at home:

Click here for the recipe at Gizmodo

Pavilion Beach in Fog

Pavilion Beach in Fog


As the fog crept in off the ocean and descended on The Fort,

it was as if a curtain of cataracts had been drawn across my eyes,

blinding me to the familiar sights of Commercial Street and beyond;

limiting my vision to the nearby beach and shore.


What was in my sight stood bright and clear against the distant blur:

the rocks, sand, receding surf and, most of all, the ocean’s frothy edge,

like a highway on a GPS showing me the way from where I stood

to some unseen, mysterious distant destination.


Marty Luster

Did You Know? (The RNAC Winter Show is Wonderful)

The Rocky Neck Art Colony’s Winter Show is wonderful and something you do not want to miss.  Here are a few shots of the show.  It will be going on through December 29th, with a meet the artists reception on December 3 from 5:00 to 8:00.  Stop in any time and see the great things coming out of Rocky Neck.  Open Daily at 130 Main Street, Gloucester.

E.J. Lefavour

Shalin Liu Performance Center presents The New York Voices Nov 25th

imageHi Joey , Shalin Liu Performance Center presents The New York Voices , Jazz vocal group Nov 25 at 8 pm . Lauren Kinhan of the group has long time Cape Ann connections  . The former Beverly resident considers Gloucester and Rockport her childhood home spending many summers here with her Grandparents . A family reunion over the Thanksgiving Holiday is planned in timing with the Shalin Liu concert by aunt and uncle Kathy and Bruce Slifer and cousin Sarah Slifer Swift and husband Matt, who have promised LOBSTERS for at least one meal .

The Grammy Award winning  singer and her family , daughter Ella and husband Rob Marcus , currently reside in NYC , a base for Lauren’s globe trotting career. The Berklee grad hopes to reconnect with fellow alum Paula Cole while here .

Other family  members from as far as Oregon will join for the festivities .

If you love Jazz you will want to catch this show . You can see a great promo for the show at the Shalin Lui web site , including a sample song .

All the Best to you and yours as we begin this wonderful season .

Kathy Slifer

gimmesound lineup & New Contest Preview ~ 11/20/11


We need your help! (click the picture to find out how to help).  We have a new contest starting Monday (11/21/11) sponsored by Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce, you can win a $50 Cape Ann Gift Certificate.  Here is how it works:

  • There will be a trivia question in every lineup video (Monday – Friday)
  • After you see the Friday Video and you have all 5 trivia answers
  • Give us your answer on our Facebook or Twitter (remember don’t answer until Friday)
  • The FIRST person with the 5 correct answers wins a $50 Cape Ann Gift Certificate from Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce.  GOOD LUCK!

Get today’s live music lineup and check out Gloucester’s best local music!

And I thought Facebook Sucked!


And I thought Facebook Sucked!

I was one of a few who thought MYFACE AND SPACEBOOK was aWaste of “F’N” time!

 but since the loss of our first  Son, Brother, Grandson and all around friend “Paul #3”  I’ve had a change of heart. Facebook has been a  place to grieve with and stay in contact with all his friends from around New England and the World.

This has been  “my” contact with the world these last few weeks.

Never understood it before but Facebook is a great place to celebrate, keep in touch with current and old friends and mourn Friends and family.

I Apologize to all Facebook fans.

I’ll try to keep an open mind now on all these social media websites.


here’s a few links to our son Paul #3 FB Pages;!/profile.php?id=100001262818497

Paul #3  is such a perfect soul. Not “was”  but is! Too everyone that knew him they were lucky Too. To those he did’nt check out his pages! you’ll be lucky too!

Tracy and Paul True friends for life and beyond! since preschool!

35MPH Winds- BAH That’s Nothing For The Mighty Cabaret V

Got the day in yesterday while the rest of the fleet was tied up.  Won’t get these days back in February when the lobsters stop running.  Every day fishing this time of year equals 4 in the winter. sometimes more.