Photos – Sunday 10/30 at High Tide From Charles D. Erbafina

Hi Joey

I took these photos last Sunday and a Gloucester resident in my office suggested that I send them to you. The web site looks interesting and as a fairly new resident of Gloucester (4 years) I am sure I will enjoy the information in the site.

The photos were  taken at high tide on Sunday, the waves sounded like a jet engine as they were breaking.

Charles D. Erbafina

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Mug-Up Sunday 10AM Returns

70 Phillips Ave (corner of Phillips and Haven Ave) in Rockport. Sunday 10am-noon. Don’t be a Homie and stay home with a chunk of herring. Gather with the FOBs of GMG for the really maybe the last Mug-Up of the year.

Homie and the Rubber Ducks

Rubber Duck has already got the fire going, set the clocks back and is dreaming of some cheesy sweet pastry that someone is creating in the kitchen tonight. With  or without something under your wing, stop on by.

January 1 when crazy people go for a swim is a Sunday! Sounds like a good Sunday Mug-Up is needed.



The City of Gloucester is investing over $877,000 worth of much needed improvements in the Dorothy Talbot Memorial Rink. The improvements include a new roof, the replacement of the dehumidification system and the dasherboard system and as part of the city’s Green Buildings Program, a new low E ceiling will be installed in the spring of 2012.

People use the Dorothy Talbot Memorial Rink on a regular basis.  When going into the rink there is large green lettering above the door that reads the Dorothy Talbot Memorial Rink.  I’m sure some people never give a thought as to why this facility is named after her.

Dorothy Talbot was a wife, mother, grandmother, friend and loved the City of Gloucester.  Although she was born in Maine, she called Gloucester home.  Dottie was a professional accountant by trade working for many years on Lexington Avenue in Magnolia for K&M Business Services.  She was a member of St. Ann’s Parish, St. Joseph’s Chapel Guild, served on the St. Joseph’s Council and was a past chairperson of the annual St. Joseph’s Church Fair.  She was also a member of the Cape Ann Historical Association, the American Legion Auxiliary and the Friends of the Council on Aging.

From 1983-1987 she served on the Gloucester City Council and again in 1991.  During her tenure she was the chairman of the Finance Committee, served on the coalition for Affordable Housing Committee and was appointed by the Mass Municipal Association which helped advise the Governor on municipal problems and concerns regarding the local government.  She was also the co-founder of the Cape Ann Girls Softball League, coached the Magnolia Lions softball team, was a girl scout leader, a director of the Junior League Baseball and was equipment manager for the Lions Youth Football Program.

Her fundraising activities included years of work with the Magnolia Library, Magnolia Lions, St. Joseph’s Chapel and many other local charities.  In her memory a scholarship in her name was formed.

A family friend, the late Bill Rose gave the eulogy at her funeral.  A few comments he had regarding her was that she was a doer and was even better getting other people to do things.  She was the epitome of leading by example.  In his many years coaching the football or softball teams for the Magnolia Lions, he had quit many times only to be told by his good friend Dorothy that he couldn’t quit, she was the driving force behind the scenes and made us all better than we wanted to be.  Dorothy founded and led the Save the Rink Committee, a body created to insure public access to the O’Maley School sports facility.  She was very proud of keeping this facility open without using taxpayer funds.

After hearing the eulogy by Bill Rose, the late Mayor William Rafter was so impressed with her community activities, particularly the Save the Rink Committee that he recommended to the City Council that the O’Maley Rink be named in her memory and finally adopted by the City Council in 1992.

The rink has served the community well for the past 38 years and the actions by
Mayor Kirk, the City Council and School Committee to restore the Talbot rink will provide community access for another 40 years.  Our family is grateful that the rink has been renovated and is a testament to Dottie’s commitment to the youth and citizens of the City of Gloucester, a City she loved so much.   In conclusion a favorite saying of hers:

Do it Now ~ Talk about it Tomorrow!

gimmesound Live Music Lineup for Saturday ~ 11/5

Get today’s music lineup from this 1 minute video by gimmesound Music Master Kory Curcurc and learn about the contest that starts Monday! Oh yea, and see what the other Gloucester finds fun.

Cape Ann Healing Center Has A Webcam- Another Killer Gloucester Vista

Yep another webcam showing another beautiful Gloucester view.

This from the third floor of the Para Research building (the old Eastern Avenue School).

Dr Nicole from Cape Ann Healing Center had our guy Tim Blakeley install her webcam yesterday!

Check It Out!