Cape Ann SUP – SUPahBowl 2017

Yesterday’s Cape Ann SUP event at the Beauport Hotel Pavilion Beach

GloucesterCast 114 With Toby Pett, Jay Albert and Host Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 1/21/15 #GloucesterMA

GloucesterCast 114 With Toby Pett, Jay Albert and Host Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 1/21/15

Topics Include: Guests Toby Pett and Jay Albert From Cape Ann Images, The History Of Mooters Liquors, The BallGate Non-Issue Explained By a Twenty Year Football Coach, Thanks To Rick Ardizzoni Who Should Be Your Guy For Computer Repair His Contact Info-, Mass Lobstermen’s Association Weekend, More Random Facts I Didn’t Know That I Didn’t Know, Art Haven Lobster Buoy Auction, Cruiseport Bridal Show, Lost Dog Opie, Building Local Chatter About A Seasonal Ice Rink At I4C2, Jay Would Like A Schooner Park, Why The City Was Smart To Buy I4C2, The Top Money Maker On YouTube Made Close To 5 Million Dollars in 2014, UnBoxing Videos, Which Had Greater Economic  Impact On Gloucester: Wicked Tuna or The Perfect Storm.


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GloucesterCast Podcast With Guest Ed Collard and Host Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 5/19/13

GloucesterCast Podcast With Guest Ed Collard and Host Joey Ciaramitaro Taped May 19th, 2013

click to listen-GloucesterCast With Guest Ed Collard and Host Joey Ciaramitaro taped May 19th, 2013

Topics, Ed Collard, Safe Boating Day, Kim Smith Milkweed Project, Motif No 1 Day, Dog Park Opening, Alicia Cox, Sista Felicia, Crappy Coffee, Glosta Joe’s Coffee, Maxwell House, lone Gull, Pleasant Street , Cape Ann Coffee, Brewing Method, Keurig, Coast Guard Safe Boating Day, CERT, Rockport Merchant’s Group, Sara Kelly, Angela Cook, Kudos For Footbridge Repair Completion, Fans Of the Blog, Cameltoe, Cape Ann Images, Shooting My Universe, My View of life On the Dock,Pink Winged Sticka, Beavis and Butthead, Good Morning Gloucester Mug Ups, Khan Studio , Block Parties, Madfish Grill, Gig Medieros, Carol McKenna, Craig Kimberley’s Dodgeball Movie Gloucester Screening

Thanks, Jay, for the great Block Party photos!

I love these photos that Jay Albert took Saturday night.
From Jay’s blog Cape Ann Images
Another succesful Gloucester Downtown Block Party,the last in this years series that has promoted the shopping,entertainment and places to dine the downtown has to offer. It’s also becoming the place to meet,something lost when the era of out of town mall shopping became popular.”

“Three Sheets to the Wind” belt out sea shanties!

Scary window!

Three hula hoopers!

Big dog….little dog!


To see more of Jay’s great Block Party photos, CLICK HERE!

Hoola Hoopla a Huge Success!

What fun last night! The Hoola Hoopla was a huge success! I never imagined that so many kids (and adults) would want to try their hand at hooping! We had tiny tots trying to spin their hoops, and of course the bigger kids who love to outdo their friends.

Jennifer Goulart Amero from Metamorphosis Fitness brought hoops from her studio on Main St. She hooped all night and taught the kids some tricks and moves.

A wonderful woman (I ‘ve forgotten her name) who teaches at Brookwood, brought handmade hoops to share.

It truly was a community effort. And again I’d like to thank the following people for their help and support:

Rich at Iron Rail Gymnastics Academy

Toni at Tara Montessori

Jen at Metamorphosis Fitness

Carmine at Friendly’s Restaurant

Jerry at West End Sweets

The Brookwood teacher

Kylie (my granddaughter)

Joey and the GMG Gang

and all the kids and adults who made last night so much fun!

Watch for photos from Jay Albert, the Gloucester Daily Times, David Cox, and if you have photos from last night’s Block Party, email them to me at

The Amazing Jay Albert

From Jay of Cape Ann Images

“With permission from Mayor Carolyn Kirk I was able to climb a series of stairs and ladders to the top of Gloucester’s historic City Hall tower. After a fire destroyed the original building, work was begun in 1870 for a then sum of $100,000! Recently the tower has received renovations to correct a lean in the tower and has been strengthened. The windows weren’t the cleanest but I managed to get these shots. My handheld GPS showed 153′ above sea level at the upper most reaches.
External view!”

Looking DownGreasy Pole JClick on the photos to see more.

And check out his other photos as well!

Chikity Check It!- Cape Ann Bloggers Cover The Sail Gloucester Events!

In addition to the coverage you see here, be sure to check out other local blogs from Paul Frontiero, Jay Albert and Steve Borichevski

click piture for pages  of GMG schooner posts on GMG
click picture for pages of GMG schooner posts on GMG

If anyone knows of other local bloggers covering SailGloucester let me know and I’ll add a link in for them here.

Jay Albert-Creator Of Cape Ann Images

Jay swung by the dock and took me for a quick ride through Smith Cove (Rocky Neck) past the North Shore Art Association, Beacon Marine, and all the way around past the restaurants, boats and Marine Railway. Jay has a bad ass 300mm zoom lens and it was fun fooling around with that for a bit.  I have major lens/camera envy.  I take pretty decent photographs but can only imagine how much better they could be with a good camera like Jays.

I made a three part video series which will debut tonight at 8PM

Check out Jay’s photo blog Cape Ann Images by clicking this text

GMG Q&A – Jay Albert From Cape Ann Images

Jay Albert runs the fantastic Cape Ann Photography Blog Cape Ann Images.  He’s also a Gloucester Guerilla having presented at the second Downtown Block Party and the first Gloucester Guerilla Art Project at Cape Ann Community Cinema.

How long have you lived in Gloucester?

my whole life…excluding 2 years I was exiled to Rockport!

What is your favorite season In Gloucester?


Do you have any secret outdoor spots in Gloucester where you go to “get away”?

10 miles offshore!

What is your favorite pizza joint in Gloucester?


What is your favorite sub shop in Gloucester?

Mike’s place

What place would you go for a romantic dinner in Gloucester?


What is your favorite bar in Gloucester?

I haven’t done bars in years! Remember Lil Earls?

What is your favorite breakfast joint in Gloucester?


What is your favorite local event in Gloucester?

Toss-up between the Fiesta & Schooner festival.

In the summer do you prefer the beach or to be on a boat?


Who is your favorite local artist?

Armond Sindoni ,favorite dead artist Fitz Henry Lane

Which is your favorite local beach?

Good Harbor…for the great photo ops!

Who makes the best burger in town?

Halibut Point

Who has the best chowder in town?

Freddy’s Lobsta Land

Excluding GMG what is your second favorite local blog?

Cape Ann Images!

Do you prefer haddock chowder or clam chowder?


What were your thoughts on The Downtown Block Parties last year?

It brought downtown alive! It showcases the downtown buisnesses unlike the Sidewalk Bazzar that fills the sidewalks with “pop-up vendors”.

What is your favorite local band?

If Ipswich was local it would be “The Fools”!

Thanks, Joey

Check out Jay Albert’s Cape Ann Images Right Now!

Jay Albert’s Cape Ann Images didn’t disapoint with his pictures from The Schooner Races today.

Click This Text to check out his site

Also check here all week long right here at GoodMorningGloucester for hilarious video interviews with the Captain and Crews of The Lettie G Howard, The Virginia and The Bluenose II (at least I think they are pretty hilarious)

Chickity Check It! -Jay Albert’s Cape Ann Images The Debate

When looking at Jay Albert’s fantastic blog Cape Ann Images it’s easy to overlook his good writing because of his awe inspiring photographs.

Click this text for a blog post he did titled The Debate that sums up my sentiments exactly. It’s a great piece of work.

While you visit Jay’s site make sure to bookmark and check it often, he does Gloucester justice.