Passing the Paint! Help Save The Paint Factory!


Passing the Paint

Since Washinton, Our beloved Capitol and “Servants”? Can’t seem to stop playing “F’n” Games with us. We are all in trouble.

Including our local “Non Profit Organizations” Do What You can if you can.

Don’t break your Bank. If you can do it! Great!

 If not “Forget about it!”

Help keep the Paint Factory out of the Ocean! It doesn’t look to healthy!

If not for them. Do it for me! 🙂 I love that Old Building!

If you can afford it donate. Click link below for more info!

Or on your Cell phone Text

“Whales” to the number 50555

I just did! and I’m a cheap SOB!

Oh yeah,  THANKS!

6 thoughts on “Passing the Paint! Help Save The Paint Factory!

  1. Good idea, Paul. I just sent my donation-specifically for restoration but, judging from the pictures, you’r right, it may be too late for part of it. I lived a short walk away from it, even put lables on paint cans there one summer and I’d hate not to see it. If someone starts a fund-raiser to support it, I’ve got an original painting I’ll donate of my old sailboat passing the factory. It can be seen along with my other paintings on


  2. great idea by Bill to donate art work to raise money for restoration. There must be many of us who have paintings or photos of the building we could donate, I know I do.


  3. Was so excited when Ocean Alliance bought the Paint Factory, but it seems that their local fundraising efforts just weren’t there. I will be heart sick when these wonderful old factory ends up in the harbor, but worse than an eyesore, will be the toxic contaminants dumped into the harbor.

    Does anyone know the level of toxins that will be released into the harbor? Joey??


    1. I don’t think any toxins will be released into the ocean. That building has been sanitized pretty well inside and if you read what they are all about I’d have a hard time they would allow anything like that to happen.


  4. I just donated, and am going to pass this paint along! Thanks for posting Paul! The Factory MUST be preserved, we must lot let it fall. I used to spend summers as a kid in the now red carriage house on the hill, right behind the factory, when it was part of the large white house estate. (My mom, who grew up nearby, would rent it from her friends who owned the white house.) Thanks again for posting. It must be saved. Jane P>S AND, it was very nice to meet you and all the other GMG core folks yesterday. Cheers! Jane


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