Gloucester Bytes’ Tim-The Man!

Tim and his company Gloucester Bytes bid on a link in the GMG Blogroll at the annual Chamber of Commerce Auction a couple of years ago.  Working out of his house and frequently making house calls, he came over to replace a busted keyboard on the Mrs’ laptop.  A big time GMG fan, I can’t say enough nice things about the man. Cheap, efficient and he even installed some neat utilities for free while he was at the homestead. 

If you need computer repairs do not hesitate to call him.



Gloucester Zen IIX

Minimal Editing- Minimal Commentary, Just A Slice of Time On Gloucester Harbor.

Watch The Melissa K Pull Up To The Dock.  Also Sean & Tim Aboard The Degelyse discuss their new dos and the method to their madness in their quest for some “V- Notch” (Tim’s term, not mine).