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Daily view of GMG stats. Most hits in recent days was 2,530 on 9/21/09. The last few days have approached that number. Note that Admin account holders are not calculated in totals. GMG is averaging about 1,500 hits per day.

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Weekly view of GMG hits. Really had a great spike in week 26 of 2009 with 22,980 hits for that week. Imagine a dollar for every hit….man!

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Now we look at GMG since it was launched. It shows very steady growth and peaking at 76,000 hits for the month of June of 09. June seems to be a very busy time for GMG. People reaching out to GMG for their Fiesta, Block Party and all other start of summer info. BLOGILICIOUS!!!

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Congrats to Joey and GMG. As of today GMG is approaching a


Things To Do- Rockport Harvest Festival October 17-18

From FOB Cindy Rich-

Hello Joey,

It’s been a while! How the Hell are you?  I’ve got my hands in another project, this time in Rockport.  I was wondering if you could “blast” this Poster and Link from your site to let your readers know about the Harvest Festival going on in October.

This was sent to me from a dear friend Sue Andersen.  Sue is joined by Sarah Kelly, both of whom are from Rockport, and have spearheaded this wonderful fall event.

I am including the colorful poster and the link to this event.  As always, you and your “blog” Rock!  Thanks Joey!  Cindy Rich

Where Zat Winner!

After several good answers to this week’s location, Ellen MacDonald was the first person to identify the stone structue as St. Anthony’s Chapel in East Gloucester. Mary Ann also got the correct location shortly after Ellen.

Congratulations, Ellen! The tickets to King Richard’s Faire are yours! Pick Up The Tix at Captain Joe’s

A big thank you to Joke Shop USA for the donation of this week’s prize!

See you next Monday with a new Where Zat? game!

Today is last day to register to vote

Gloucester –

The last day to register to vote for the Nov.3 election will be Wednesday, Oct. 14. The City Clerk’s Office will be open until 8 p.m. today for voter registration.

New voters should bring photo identification with them, such as a driver’s license or passport.

Joke Shop USA Gloucester Halloween Headquarters

Just last week when hopping downtown to grab my coffee, Larry from Joke Shop USA told me I just had to check out the back room set-up.  I didn’t have time as I had to get back to the dock but promised to return asap to see what was up.

The place is jam packed with every single thing you might ever need for Halloween.  Every square inch is stuffed with Halloween inventory.  There is no need to head up the line to the mall, just go straight downtown and grab a costume, a custom mask, or some gag Halloween gifts for the host of the Halloween party you’ll no doubt attend.  This pic is just the back room where they have the “adult” stuff.  What “adult” stuff you ask?  Well you’ll just have to go down to check it out for yourself.