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Daily view of GMG stats. Most hits in recent days was 2,530 on 9/21/09. The last few days have approached that number. Note that Admin account holders are not calculated in totals. GMG is averaging about 1,500 hits per day.

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Weekly view of GMG hits. Really had a great spike in week 26 of 2009 with 22,980 hits for that week. Imagine a dollar for every hit….man!

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Now we look at GMG since it was launched. It shows very steady growth and peaking at 76,000 hits for the month of June of 09. June seems to be a very busy time for GMG. People reaching out to GMG for their Fiesta, Block Party and all other start of summer info. BLOGILICIOUS!!!

Picture 4

Congrats to Joey and GMG. As of today GMG is approaching a


7 thoughts on “GMG Approaching a “HALF O MILLION HITS”

  1. The other thing is as we approach 1000 subscribers, the people that get the email feed never hit our counters unless they click on the links in their email subscription but I suspect that they just look at the email and never click through so they don’t get counted. The daily views by the people that get GMG in their inbox would put us way past a million.

    I wonder how many people use a bookmark to visit the site live vs wait til the daily feed to come out around 9pm in their email box.


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