GMG Power Rankings #5

Laurie Lufkin pulls down the number 5 spot in the GMG Power Rankings.  Laurie is GMG’s resident chef and comes through with her weekly recipe’s and occasional video.

Laurie is very community oriented and is filling a niche that I obviously couldn’t teh cooking niche.  As much as I love food, cooking or describing how to cook is not one of my strong suits.  She brings  positive energy which is essential if you want to be a contributor on GMG and even when I try to get her to talk smack to hype the Seafood Throwdowns, she refuses because she’s such a good egg, lol.

I’m hoping to get Laurie to branch out a little more and be our voice from Essex, reporting on happenings in the Essex community.

Laurie Lufkin
Good Egg Laurie Lufkin

Things To Do -Harvest Craft and Kids Fair Oct 17th

Hi Joe,
We have a Relay for life team called Re-lei for a Cure. We have been planning a Harvest Craft & Kids Fair for Oct 17th at the Fuller School from 9 to 3. If you have space in GoodMorning Gloucester, can you post it to let people know about it ?  We have almost 50 crafters from all over renting tables, there will be food and games for the kids. All proceeds from table rentals, food, raffles and kids games will be donated to the American Cancer Society.  We are hoping to get alot of traffic with the opening of Gloucester Crossing. You can contact Melanie Wall at 978-317-5942 or myself, Paula Bertolino at 508-284-6088. Alot of work is going into this from just a few people so we are hoping it will be a big success.

We hope to hear from you,
Paula Bertolino

MS Fram Leaves Gloucester Harbor Pics From Paulie Frontiero

MS Fram Leaves Gloucester Harbor Pics From Paulie Frontiero
MS Fram Leaves Gloucester Harbor Pics From Paulie Frontiero
MS Fram Leaves Gloucester Harbor Pics From Paulie Frontiero
MS Fram Leaves Gloucester Harbor Pics From Paulie Frontiero

Jimmy T and Joey Ciolino Take The Race Dories Across The Harbor To Take them Out For The Winter

Every year the race dories get taken out of the water and stored in a tent up on Pond Road.  They need to be rowed across from Saint Peter’s Park, put on trailers, and then brought up to Pond Road where they will be pressure washed and put away til the spring.

Here are a couple of videos that FOB Frank Ciolino took of the day-

Listen for Frank’s Evil Laugh. Mwah Ha Ha!

Elderly Couple Drive Into Essex River After Accident In Parking Lot. Pic from Anthony Marks

Thanks for sending this in Anthony.  If you have any breaking news pictures you would like to share with the GMG readers, send em in- Be Part Of The Team!

Gloucester Crossing Market Basket

Much like the Danvers store there were plenty of cashiers on hand and check out was a breeze.  The staff is very well trained and helpful.  My guess is that they are trained that if you make eye contact with them that they are supposed to ask if you need help finding something because every single employee I looked at asked how they could help.

As I was leaving the store with my three small bags of groceries a young man asked if he could carry my groceries to my truck.  I didn’t need the help but I imagine that women with children or elderly folks would really appreciate this service.

If you listened to the video interview the Director of Operations Manager David tells us they hired over 270 new Gloucester employees.  That’s pretty damn good.  I understand that these aren’t the highest paying jobs but when you see these teenagers dressed in ties and well groomed showing up for work it’s a whole lot better than seeing them kicking around unemployed on the street.

If a family of four spent an average of $200 per week on groceries before Market Basket came to town, that bill will be reduced by at least $50 per week.  That’s $2600 per year which goes directly back into Gloucester households.  For some folks that’s a tax bill for the year.

Gloucester Crossing Market Basket, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Beer and Blog Cape Ann Meet-Up Thursday Oct 15 6:00PM

Beer and Blog Cape Ann Meet-Up Thursday Oct 15 6:00PM

Cape Ann Brewing

Be There

I’ll probably be a little late but start the festivities without me.  Cocktails once CAB closes TBD

Feel free to invite other bloggers/webmasters/ networking/cape ann online community folks or fans of your respective blogs/sites.