Cape Ann 350 Climate Action Event – Man at the Wheel, Gloucester

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From Georges Dyer-

Cape Ann 350 Climate Action Event – Man at the Wheel, Gloucester

24 October 2009 – 1:00pm – 2:00pm

A gathering of local citizens to make a statement a statement about the need to stabilize atmospheric CO2 concentrations at 350, and take actions to reduce our own emissions.

We will meet at 1pm on Sat. Oct, 24th for a picture around the famous “Old Salt” fisherman’s memorial statue in Gloucester, MA.

The organizers will provide a “350” banner as well as other relevant signs to get the message across in our picture(s).

In addition, we plan to reach out to local press, political groups and local interest groups to raise awareness and catalyze climate action locally, as well as support for climate policy nationally and internationally.

For all of you in Gloucester, on Cape Ann, or around the North Shore of Boston, please join us Sat. Oct 24th at 1pm at the Fisherman’s Statue!!

Gloucester Cyclocross Grand Prix 2009

IMG_6293It turned out to be a great day 2 of the Gloucester Grand Prix Cyclocross race held at Stage Fort Park. Here are the Elite men taking the start for a punishing 1 hour race.



1 Timothy Johnson Cannondale/
2 Jonathan Page Planet Bike
3 Jeremy Powers Cannondale/
4 Jamey Driscoll Cannondale/
5 Andy Jacques-Maynes Bissell Pro Cycling

Last Stop Variety Greek Minestrone Soup With Feta

Do I need words to describe how delicious and hearty and freakin fantastic the soups are at Last Stop?  No, I don’t think so.

Where will you be shopping this week?

With Market Basket opening Wednesday morning at 7am, the grocery price wars will be beneficial to all of us. Shaw’s and Stop and Shop have some great deals this week. I think I’ll be shopping the sales. How about you? Will you be heading for MB or checking out the flyers for the best prices?

The Mrs Tries To Climb Aboard The Mechanical Bull

We went to a party Saturday night with a whole bunch of drunks.  Here the Mrs tries valiantly to get on the mechanical bull.  It took her about 6 attempts but she fought her way up.

Gloucester At Dawn- The State Fish Pier 6:00AM 10/5/09

Yep there’s people working while you’re still asleep.  Here a lobsterman gets ready to lower down a box of bait aboard his boat.  Video at 8am

George’s Coffee Shop Amadama French Toast

There’s no wonder that George’s Coffee Shop is always busy.  They offer great food at reasonable prices and I’ve ALWAYS had not good, but EXCEPTIONAL service.