GMG Local Music Schedule Oct.14 – Oct. 18

Remember you can subscribe to GMG Local Music by clicking on the link on the sidebar.There’s lots of good music in Gloucester this week. This post will be updated as info comes in.


Latitude 43

Dog Bar

Rhumb Line

Capt. Carlo’s


Latitude 43

Wednesday 8:30 pm – THE DAN KING ROOTS JAM



Dave Sag’s Blues Party @ the Rhumb Line

From Sag-

Well, we got her: Boston treasure and Octomom of the blues, Ms. Diane Blue. She’ll be bringin’ her own sweet brand of blues and R&B to our stage this week as we continue our march toward perfection series. If you haven’t seen this woman perform, you should push that icepick in a little further, maybe it’ll help. She’s a  montrous talent that should not be fooled with.
Backing up over her  will be guitarist and good buddy Roberto Mortituri, or something like that (Ave, Caesar!) Last time here, I couldn’t stop staring at his shoes( Sorry, Mike), Alligator or catfish skin or something… and also, Roger Brocklebank , on skins, he of Madhouse fame, as well as Greg T. on catarrh, and myself, on base. Don’t miss it, or I’ll kill you, haha, just kidding!





The Erinn Brown Band

LATITUDE 43, Rogers Street, Gloucester, MA

(Trio: Steve Peabody, Alison Keslow, and 2N)

9-12pm in the Tavern




Megan McKenzie Band

DogBar   Friday night     9:00



GARFISH Rocks The Gull Restaurant        9pm!



Joe Mack

Joe Mack Band

DogBar   Saturday night     9:00

Seasonal Flu Clinic Today- Get There!!!! 9-12AM

This year we will have two different sets of vaccines-Seasonal Flu Vaccine and H1N1 Flu Vaccine. The first two Seasonal Flu Clinic dates have been announced and H1N1 clinic dates will be announced soon.

Seasonal FluClick here for  Seasonal Flu Vaccine Clinic Dates.  Vaccination is recommended for all persons who wish to reduce the likelihood of their becoming ill with influenza or transmitting influenza to others should they become infected, however it is especially recommended for:

  • children 6 months – 18 years
  • persons with chronic health conditions
  • immuno-suppressed
  • individuals receiving long-term aspirin therapy
  • residents of long-term care facilities
  • pregnant women

It is important to note that while the seasonal influenza won’t protect you from the new H1N1 flu, it WILL protect you from the seasonal flu — which will likely be circulating at the same time that H1N1 flu is circulating. Initial shipments of seasonal flu vaccine will be targeted toward residents >65 years, pregnant women, and those with chronic health conditions. The Gloucester Health Department will hold two initial seasonal flu clinics on October 8th from 8am-1pm at the Rose Baker Senior Center and October 15th from 9-12 noon at the Fuller School.

Additional community clinics and school-based seasonal flu clinics will be announced as soon as the Health Department receives additional vaccine.

H1N1 Flu-The H1N1 vaccine will be available soon. Clinical trials have shown that one dose of H1N1 vaccine should produce immunity in adults. Children may require two doses of the H1N1 vaccine. The Centers for Disease Control state that there will be plenty of H1N1 vaccine for all who want it but the initial shipments should be prioritized for the following groups who have been shown to be at highest risk from complications of this novel flu virus:

  • Pregnant women
  • HH contacts/caregivers of infants < 6 m/o
  • HCP and EMS
  • Persons 6 mos – 24 yrs/old
  • HR persons 25 – 64 yrs/old

Once the H1N1 vaccine is received, Health Departments will partner with doctor’s offices, schools, and day care centers to make sure high risk individuals are offered the vaccine. In addition, large clinics will be held throughout Cape Ann for other eligible residents. Stay tuned to the city website for dates and times of scheduled seasonal flu clinics as well as H1N1 flu clinics. Contact the Health Department for more information (978) 281-9771 or call the Flu Information Hotline at 978-282-8080 for up to date flu clinic information.

Flu outbreaks evolve in unpredictable ways; it is impossible to know whether this outbreak will decrease, remain the same, or grow in coming weeks, and whether the illness will remain at its current severity which, on the whole has been relatively mild.

Red Eyes the Indian Chief — Haunted Ride October 15, 2009 – October 31, 2009


Take a haunted ride through Camp Spindrift and experience the story of “Red Eyes the Indian Chief”. Park at Wingaersheek Beach and take shuttle to the camp. Push “more” for important details. more

Lil’ Vampire Pacifier At Joke Shop USA Gloucester Halloween Headquarters

You have no idea the amount of off-the wall Halloween items they have in stock at Joke Shop USA next to The Lone Gull in Beautiful Downtown Gloucester.  Now what kind of sick and twisted individual buys this for their cute adorable baby?

Greenhead Adam Reports For Duty Aboard The Degelyse

I don’t know if we shamed him into it or if he’s just that stubborn but greenhead Adam showed up for his second scheduled day aboard the Degelyse. Hear what he has to say by clicking the video below-