The Rabbit Hangs Out At The Farm Bar and Grill

One of my best friends “The Rabbit” and I went to The Farm Bar and Grill night before last.  I look stoned in this picture but I can assure you it was just me being tired.

We laid a beating on an order of chicken wings and their killer nachos.
The aftermath

The boys at the Farm are killing it!  The place is mobbed and even though they have plenty of parking we barely found a spot.  They are doing a lot of things right starting with the food and the competent no attitude service from the bar staff.


Why, oh why, do I do this to myself?? All I wanted to do was take the humidifier out of the closet and put it in the bedroom. Two hours later it’s still in the closet and to get to the computer, I had to climb over 2 boxes of old photos, a bin full of cassettes, a fan, the vacuum, and various storage thingies from under the bed. Whaaaaa???!! OVERKILL!!! And I get trapped into these huge projects when all I want to do is one little task. I know it’s my evil twin forcing me into subservient behavior. I would NOT do this willingly. Well, back to the mess. Oh, btw, I re-wired my speakers and re-installed the FM antenna on my receiver in the process. Yay!

Fishermen’s Wives sets up fund for lost sternman

This from The GDT- click this text to go to the Times Website

Fishermen’s Wives sets up fund for lost sternman

By Richard Gaines
Staff Writer

 The Gloucester Fishermen’s Wives Association has announced the organization for contributions to the family of lobsterman Jaime Ortiz, 43, who was lost Tuesday while working as sternman for Dean Mould on his boat.

A native of Honduras, Ortiz came to Gloucester from New York City last summer to fish.

Living in the Action Inc. homeless shelter, Ortiz was sending money home to his wife and five children.

Contributions may be sent to:

The Children of Jaime Ortiz

c/o Amy Mitchell

160 Main St.

Gloucester, MA 01930

Mitchell is a commercial banking assistant at BankGloucester, and can be reached at 978-283-8200, Ext. 223.

Her fax number is 978-283-8943, and her e-mail address is

Halloween Happenings

Leo HallowFrom Leo Sharamitaro-

As tempting as it is, we can’t make it to Indio, California to see Phish Festival 8 and neither can you, so hey let’s all have our own celebration at The Rhumbline!
We’ll play two sets starting at 9:30. We’ve been practicing some new tunes, and hope you will enjoy. Be there!


safety hallow

Dress up • get down • hang tough • party all night

Lat 43 Halloween Ball featuring SAFETY Halloween Night!

We’ve got new songs, new do’s, and LAT’s got the hottest spot and the biggest dance floor around.

SATURDAY October 31
doors  open at 9pm

$10 cover at the door
tickets are not being pre-sold

Beautiful Industry- Old School Cafeteria Inside The Birdseye Plant

Empty and collecting dust, this old school cafeteria hasn’t been in use in years.  Hopefully with community participation and vision we can turn this non producing property into a vibrant community asset.  Check out to see the website with photos and info about the site

Roasted Pork Loin Sandwich At Duckworth Beach Gourmet

click the pic to see the full sized version
click the pic to see the full sized version

I don’t know where to begin really.  But being forced to come up with something I will say right now that you MUST try the roasted pork sandwich on baguette with spicy roasted red peppers, 1/2 sour pickles, herb mayo and manchego cheese.  OUT-OF-THIS-WORLD

When I say it was out of this world I mean it was out of this world!

Part II of  the Duckworth Beach Gourmet video from the soft opening yesterday coming at 10AM

PR For Gloucester- This Just In From Tracey Muller




Spearheading this effort will be

P.R. For Gloucester, a group of individuals and businesses that believe a Public Relations Campaign would promote Gloucester and increase all tourism related business, led by Robert Hastings, executive director of the Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce and Tracey Muller of Bass Rocks Ocean Inn .Bob, former head of the Penobscot Bay Maine Chamber of Commerce, has successfully headed up a similar project in the Rockland/Camden area, which is very successful and has inspired us to begin this task for this area. Tracey has kicked off the fund raising effort with a $10,000 contribution. We will be asking other contributors to help the selected PR firm gather information to publicize, as well as, join in other necessary projects to make this work.



Now We Are Asking You to Make This Succeed!!!



For questions or more information, please contact

Tracey Muller, Bass Rocks Ocean Inn 978-590-4046

Bob Hastings, Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce 978-283-1601

Mark Harmon, Fund Raising 305-923-3142

Or see for discussion

Tracey Muller
Bass Rocks Ocean Inn
107 Atlantic Rd.
Gloucester, MA 01930

Join us in putting Gloucester back on the map. If you would like to see Gloucester flourish again, send your contribution to ‘P. R. for Gloucester’ c\o the Gloucester Fund, 45 Middle St., Gloucester, MA 01930. Put ‘P.R. For Gloucester’ in the memo field so it is allocated to this fund.


This campaign has the single purpose of promoting ALL GLOUCESTER TOURISM BUSINESSES. This campaign will hire an experienced public relations firm who will be responsible only to GLOUCESTER. Our ‘successful’ competition has been using P.R. campaigns for years. It is more economical and has a greater confidence factor than advertising. The more we raise, the bigger the campaign