Anyone Ever Seen A Crab Like This?

strange crab

I never have in all my years of exploring beaches and tidal pools. Does anyone know what it is?

E.J. Lefavour

Joey Updates-

From Wikipedia-

Libinia emarginata is roughly triangular in outline and very heavily calcified, with a carapace about 4 in (100 mm) long and a leg span of 12 inches (300 mm).[4] The whole crab is khaki, and the carapace is covered in spines andtubercles,[5] and, as with other decorator crabs, often clothes itself in debris and small invertebrates.[4]



Crab Meat Scampi



Tuesday evening Eric Lorden owner of Passports Restaurant and Alicia Cox owner of Mamie’s Kitchen took over my kitchen for a few hours, during the St. Joseph Trolley celebration at my home! Eric and Alicia teamed up and whipped up a few crab meat dishes for our guest using  5 lb. of fresh crab meat Cousin Joey Marcantonio dropped off  earlier that afternoon while I was on the St. Joseph Trolley ride with the Godmother of Gloucester “Sefatia.  Alicia prepared dozens of delicious crab cakes, while Eric prepared a yummy crab meat scampi. Thank you Eric, Alicia and cousin Joey that was an awesome treat! 


Click see more for my Crab Scampi recipe!


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Lobster vs Crab Filmed Using Manfrotto Modopocket

I just got a new portable pocket camera support made by Manfrotto.  Manfrotto is the gold standard in design and what the professionals use for camera supports such as tripods.  Most professional photographers and videographers have some of their equipment.  I was reading a tech site which listed top ten must have gadgets for photographers and the Manfrotto Modopocket was listed and it looked like a very interesting alternative to having to carry a tripod around for those situations when you want to take a long exposure or conduct an interview without the shake and vibration which can make an interview look less than professional (not that anything I do should ever be confused with something professional).

I went to the reviews on the little piece of equipment and the people who had purchased it all wrote glowing reviews.  The prices I saw listed for them in a google shopping search ranged from $20-$35.  I got mine from Adorama Camera for $20 including free shipping.  I got to use it a bunch yesterday and I am extremely happy with the purchase.

It folds up flat at the base of the camera and makes my Sony DSC H20 still pocketable which to me is crucial.  The camera you can’t pocket is worth 20% of the camera I can always have on me to capture stuff for you guys.  The construction is solid and engineering a marvel.  I’m really digging it.

Check out the first video I took with it below.  Click on the HD version to see the results I was able to achieve shooting inside of a lobster crate with zero clearance.  The camera was sitting flush inside the back of the crate.  The sound you hear during the lobster vs crab segment is the hum of our lobster tank pumps.

Here’s a link to where you can get it

Here is a bunch of pictures of different people using the Tiny Manfrotto Modopocket

Marbled Lobster Landed By Toby Burnham Aboard The Jupiter II

I took this picture juxtaposed against a bunch of regular lobsters so you could see just how different they are.   Toby Burnham on the Jupiter II caught this marbled lobster a couple years ago and landed it at our dock.

To see the ocean oddity slide show which I added some more blue shaded lobster, and quadruple clawed claws to you can click this text

Peter Prypot has a wonderful article today in the Gloucester Daily Times about another one that was caught by John Symonds of Essex.  You can read the article by clicking this text

Here you can see just how wild they look when placed next to a normally colored lobster-

Freaks Of The Lobster and Crab Worlds Rerun

There are controls to pause the pictures of go directly to the album by clicking on the slide show.

This is an updated version of the old “Freaks Of The Lobster and Crab World Slide Show”. I doubt anyone else has a collection of pictures that they’ve taken first hand of this many mutations.

Double Clawed Lobster Landed at Captain Joe’s

Here’s another freak lobster landed at the dock yesterday. Notice how it has a claw growing out of it’s claw. we haven’t had a freaky lobster like this in a while so I figured that I’d share this pic with you guys.

For the mutated lobster and crab slide show click this text