Hydrangea Centerpiece

Is it me or did are the hydrangeas in our area doing spectacularly this year?  The Mrs lopped off a few for some gorgeous hydrangea centerpieces around the homestead.

We talked about planting a bunch more asap.

Hydrangea Centerpiece, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Lobster Claw Regeneration Pictures

Here is the lobster claw growing in place of its old one from the underside of the lobster. You can see by the size of it’s other claw it has a long way to go to catch up.

Pulling 12 Year Old Rotted Pilings At The State Fish Pier

Take a look at the pilings where they meet the water line.  See how rotted they are from the worms that bore in and eat away at them.  Mike Amaral pictured here tells me it is a direct result of how cleaned up the harbor has become.  Interesting.


Breakfast At Stone Soup on Lobster Cove

Took my girls to Stone Soup on Lobster Cove yesterday morning. It was windy as hell but hat a beautiful spot.

They have a limited menu which didn’t include my favorite the Merry Breakfast Sandwich, but the home made corned beef hash was very very good. Pricing was a little on the high side but the location and setting more than make up for it.

The coffee was great too. My pal Toby tells me they brew RAO coffee.

Sailboat Broke Loose From It’s Mooring

This sailboat had broken loose from it’s moring in Rockport the night before last.  I’m surprised it landed where it is without any visible damage.  It isn’t tied to the stone pier, it just happens to look that way in this picture.