Chickity Check It!- Everyman Digs GMG

Local guy from Briar Neck writes his own blog, From what I can tell it’s not so much about local stuff but the guy is living and blogging from here and gave us a shout out yesterday so I thought I’d return the favor today.

Click this text to see his blog

Memorable Quotes From Last Night

*slurring* “Is that a rope dress you’re wearing?”

“This better not go on the blog!”

500 times- “What do you guys think about Abe & Louies?”

Bill Powell the Tomato at Moon Villa after stuffing down a dozen or so greasy chicken wings- In the deepest grunt possible “hhguuugh”

“I bet you can’t lift up Brian’s Porsche.”

“I’d like a Grey Goose with Grey Goose with a splash of Grey Goose please.”