British Glamour Photoshoot at Captain Joe’s

Here is Cynthia from Brazil posing on our docks. What blew me away was how right when she stepped up to where we were unloading bait she grabbed a stinky old herring as if it was a flower. No hesitation at all.

The crew for the photoshoot was like the League of Nations, some from South Africa, Great Britain, Ireland, LA, and Canada. All together on our little island to do a photoshoot for a magazine published in Britain.

Damon On Glamour Photo Shoot

The look on ol’ Damon’s face when Cyntia hopped aboard was priceless. He says it was because she so expertly knew how to board the dory off of the pier. I think it was something else, LOL!

Damon On Glamour Photo Shoot, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Cape Ann Farmers’ Market on Harbor Loop Coming July 10

Come check out this years version beginning this Thursday evening.

This is the scene from last year’s Farmer’s Market. Photo courtesy of Mark McDonough.

View Of The Helm of Clark Sandler’s Sea Farmer II

Here is a view inside the Pilot House of The Sea Farmer II, Clark Sandler’s Gloucester Dragger. Clark was featured on After The Catch series with the skippers of the boats on The Deadliest Catch such as Sig Hansen, John Hillstrand and Phil Harris. Video will be forthcoming.

Clark Sandler Aboard The Sea Farmer II

Clark was telling me how he does all the maintenance on his boat saving tens of thousands of dollars a year in painting costs alone. He painted the entire hull of the boat himself. That’s some work boy.

British Glamour Shooting at The Dock

This morning we had British Glamour shooting a spread at the dock. I managed to get Damon in a couple of shots. You should have seen the look on his face when the model hopped aboard his dory.

Market Basket 15 Check Out Lines Packed

I can’t believe how bad Market Basket is spanking our supermarkets’ asses. This place was jammed! I counted 15 check out lanes with their lights on and at least 3 people deep. when was the last time you saw that at one of our local super markets?

The fact that they don’t allow a Market Basket at The Drive-In location is like having an additional tax to our local residents. You easily save 25-30% on your groceries not to mention gas money if you had a Market Basket in Gloucester.