Dave Changes Out New Tires at Bob and Dave’s On Bass Ave

The boys have some classic bikes that they have been restoring and selling. Swing by their funky Gloucester shop and check em out!

Dave Changes Out New Tires, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

John J. Ronan Writes About The Media Betrayal Of Gloucester

My buddy Janice forwarded this to me-

In Gloucester, poetic license or media lies?

Media’s coverage fishy in Gloucester

By John J. Ronan |   Sunday, July 13, 2008  |  http://www.bostonherald.com |  Op-Ed

Winslow Homer’s Gloucester is dynamic, hardworking and beautiful. In “Shipbuilding: Gloucester Harbor” and “Sailing Out of Gloucester,” he captured heritage and beauty at once. “Gloucester Houses” and “Prospect Street,” under the hammer of Edward Hopper’s light, portray a strong, stable Gloucester. In 2008, the city is still dynamic, hardworking, stable – and beautiful.

For those who know this, and love Gloucester because of it, the coverage of teen pregnancies here dismays. Not the factual coverage. It is tragic that so many girls, for the bleakest reasons, chose to become pregnant. The city is saddened by this and working to stop what has to be termed an epidemic.

The message is not the problem. Embarrassment is not a problem, either; no one I know is afraid of confronting a flawed civic self in the mirror. It’s the lie that’s a problem.

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Inside The Bass Rocks Golf Club 7/11/08

The best part is the incredible view. To view a slide show of the Bass Rocks Golf Club Construction project you can click this highlighted text.

Weddings- Oh The Hypocrisy

I’m sure many of you have seen the TV show Bridezillas.

Well I’d just like to reflect on the rampant hypocrisy I see most times when it comes to weddings.

It’s the bride’s day, right?


4 out of 5 bridesmaids will bitch about how much it costs to be a bridesmaid. Bridesmaids will bitch about how they would have picked out less expensive bridesmaid’s dresses and shoes. They will bitch about the pressure that the bride has put on them to throw the ultimate bachelorette party. They will bitch about the bride wanting them to do ridiculous amounts of preparation and how much the bridal shower cost them.

Then……………..These Same Bridesmaids………………Become…………….. Brides-To-Be.

And Guess what?

The Brides-to-be pick out expensive bridesmaid dresses and shoes for their friends to buy. They will pressure their bridesmaids to throw the ultimate bachelorette party. They will bitch about the bridesmaids not wanting to do ridiculous amounts of preparation for the wedding, and they will want a fancy expensive bridal shower.

Dont Be This Bride
Don't Be This Bride

So bridesmaids- either suck it up and be helpful and fun and enjoy the experience and honor of being selected as a bridesmaid or kindly say you’d rather be left out.

Brides- remember the amount of positive energy and effort you put forth for your friends or relatives weddings that you were part of and try not to be a huge pain in the ass.

Don’t be the person that bitches about having to travel for someone else’s wedding or pay a ton of money for all that goes along with being involved in a wedding and then when it’s your turn to get married make everyone else do exactly what you bitched about all those years.