Lobsterman Truck Series -Donny Femino

Here is Donny Femino with his new navy blue Chevy Silverado.  This is the new design for the Silverado and Donny is the first of my lobstermen that have bought one of the redesigned ones.

You may recognize Donny if you went to Gloucester High School.  He was a business teacher there for 29 years until he retired in 1997.

Now Donny lobsters out of Beverly aboard the Lady Patricia (named after his lovely wife) and drives his catch down to us here at Captain Joe and Son’s.

Welcome To Beth Williams Studio Week

This is Beth Williams Studio Week.
If you recall, Beth was the winner of the Downtown Merchants GMG Flower Box Competition. For her participation and taking home first place she will be awarded a week long spread in these pages. A well deserved expose if you will.

Beth Williams Studio, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Marie Claire Update

The lovely Miss Jana Winter just called to inform me that she was not in fact “blowing smoke up may ass”

(apparently she has been following along the Marie Claire posting and comments from earlier today)

She went on further to say that she was going to do a positive story on Gloucester, not because it’s a noble thing to do or an act of kindness, but because as a journalist, it’s what she believes and what she gets paid to do-  To report on what she experiences.

And what she has experienced while she was here has been fantastic.

She went to Passports last night and got the lobster, BTW.

I mean how could you go wrong there, right?  Especially with Captain Joe & Sons lobster on your plate!

We Rock!

The Dress Code- Downtown Tomato Garden- Thinking Green!

There has been a trend that I’ve noticed since we did the Downtown Flower Box Competition.

That trend is of downtown stores and restaurants planting veggies and herbs.

Eric at Passports put up flower boxes after I gave himcrap about not having an entry in the Flower Box Competition and he decided to plant all kinds of herbs and hot peppers to use in the restaurant. That’s pretty damn cool!

The Topside Grill also has herbs that they plant in their Flower Boxes.

Now I found out Babara at The Dress Code has planted tomatos! I’ll be keeping track of the progress of the Dress Code Tomatos here on the blog. Here are the first pics-

Cruiseport Construction Update 7/19/08

There will be an ordering station where you place your order and then take your seat.  while you are ordering you will be able to see into the kitchen with the large opening.

Cape Ann Coffee New Outdoor Cafe Seating Area

While stopping in for my sausage egg and cheese on croissant sandwich at Cape Ann Coffee, I noticed they are building a cool new outdoor seating area.  It’s a great idea.

I wish our downtown restaurants put in those cool fold away windows on the front of their buildings so we could have al fresco semi outdoor dining like they do on Newbury Street and in South Boston.

Marie Claire

Jana Winter, a writer for Marie Claire magazine came down the dock yesterday wanting to talk about The Gloucester teen pregnancy story.

She asked me what I thought about the situation and I told her truthfully that I don’t know a single one of the girls or their names. Then I asked her a few leading questions.

The first question was how long she had been here in Gloucester. She answered 4 days.

Then I asked her if it was anything like she had imagined it to be from her research. She told me she just didn’t get it. She told me that she had read around 200 articles about Gloucester and the teen pregnancy story and every article started with adjectives like “down and out, depressed, dysfunctional” She has been nothing but blown away.

She kept saying over and over “I don’t get it, this place is incredible. I expected the worst. I don’t get it.”

Then I told her, “Well there is your story.”

The story isn’t about the 17 pregnant girls which isn’t out of line with the ratio of high school pregnancies around the country. The story is about the horrible job the media did repeating the same stereotypes of Gloucester as a hard luck town without actually spending a little time here.

I told her the story is how this is a town that cares about each other, a town that has incredible beaches, arts, dining, and community activities, a town where you know your neighbors.

The story is about how lazy reporters repeated the same copy from the same stories without coming here for themselves and seeing what a great place Gloucester is as opposed to the generic bedroom communities that are always touted as being such great places but don’t offer the soul one tenth of what Gloucester has to offer.

We will see how Jana writes her story. It will be in the October or November issue of Marie Claire, but unless she was just blowing smoke up my ass we should read about how the media was irresponsible in their lazy journalism.

We should read how fantastic a place Gloucester is. If the media that reported on the Gloucester would have spent just a little bit of time here like Jana, instead of rehashing stereotypes from behind a keyboard in Plaineville USA they would have got the right story instead of regurgitated misrepresentations.

Gloucester Harbor 4:55AM 7/18/08

I like how the boat is perfectly lined up in the moonlight glimmer off the water.  Click any photo and select “all sizes” to see the bigger version and in greater clarity.