Dark Secrets and Eat Me Chocolate Bars at the Black Swan

Who knew they were so naughty over at The Black Swan?

Dorthe Noonan’s Bad Ass Lobster Necklace

I promised Dorthe that I wasn’t taking a gratuitous shot of her boobs.

Here is Dorthe from Cape Ann Coffee who purchased this bad ass lobster necklace yesterday in Annisquam.

Wide Variety of Scooters at Try-Angle Sales

The red, blue and green ones are Sunny scooters and they cost $1100 at Try- Angle Motors.

You can check out the website here for more pics and Mass Moped Laws-

Boston Scooter

Thatcher Light Good Harbor Beach 4:55AM 7/11/08

Click any picture and then select “all sizes” to see any of the pictures on the blog in larger size and in greater clarity.

Cruiseport Construction Update 7/10/08

Looks like a staircase is being erected on the front side (facing the harbor) also some posts for what I assume will be a nice outside deck.